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Monday, November 06, 2006

HaShem Warning Am Israel (Summary)

Gog U Magog - WE, the Jews have not pleased HaShem and there's a threat in shamayim that Gogumagog will happen. I was shown the horrors of gogumagog (HaShem should save us and you and all Klal Yisrael - amen) and this decree is very hard to change BUT POSSIBLE, B'H. There is nothing more frightening... the images I saw - it's too horrific... I was covered with sweat and tears... For 2 hours, I was begging to delay Moshiach - just not gogumagog. Rivers of blood... 7 minutes of horrific scenes of gogumagog, started at 3:44 till 3:51 am. 344 is Shmad (destroy) and 351 is Ashem האשמה (guilty).

Not much time left to do Tshuva - We abandonded HaShem, we thought we are in charge, the gov't does whatever it feels to do, HaShem ch'v does not exsist, Israel belongs to them and the nation is silent.

Klal Yisrael vs. the sun, stars, and galaxy - I asked the galaxy why they are conspiring and unifying against Eretz Israel? I asked the sun why is she impassioned and fiery?I asked the stars why they are comrades-in-arms? Why did you make darkness and fog in Eretz Israel?Their answer was that they want to punish Eretz Israel becuz judges are accepting bribes and are dishonest. The darkness of the fog was only a warning to do Tshuva. If they do Tshuva, Eretz Israel will not be punished.

FC with Amir about Redemption - Around the world it is dark now...don't know only see...simple darkness spreads very very quickly...all the time there are very very thick fogs.

Reading the Luchot in Shamayim - I said over 20 times over and over again “lamut al kiddush HaShem - do die sanctifying and glorifying HaShem's name".

The GD of the Jews - Gd of the Jews sent him as messenger to warn the Arabs and let them know that there is only ONE Gd - the Gd of the Jews and the world is coming to an end.

Tchiat Hametim - We knew that many Jews have died after the horrors of Gogumagog. There were thousands of Jews but we knew that a much greater number of Jews did not survive.

Gates of Tshuva - Sarah Imenu appeared and said that the last stages of Gogumagog will start very soon. There will be many and very loud thunders and this is the sign that the gates of Tshuva is almost shutting down. The judgement of Bnei Israel will begin at this time and Sarah Imenu said to tell the Jews, as many as possible, that once the process will begin by Hakadosh Baruch Hu, it will be very quick and sudden.

Erev Rav, Gog, and Rivers Overflowing - The ones who have reached enormous hight of power think that the sky is not the limit, and will do shameless things but eventually will fall very low. (משפיל גאים). It's all predestined.

Messages from Austistics - I'm so worried because there's a terrible g'zeirah (decree). We have to daven (pray) and do teshuvah (repent)! HaShem (G-d) is making an accounting, is giving us warnings. He who doesn't want to understand them will lose eternal life! The situation is difficult, and it will become much worse. HaShem is sending us all kinds of signs.

The Milkman - A week before the Six day war, the shoemaker, Reb Moshe Yaakov Ravikov zs'l passed away. He gave 4 envelopes, one to be opened right away and 3 in its due time. The 4th letter is with the milkman, the only one still alive. He refuses to reveal what it says, only hinted a great war and the Geulah.

OUR Merciful Father - Situation might be repeated some time in the FUTURE when the children of Israel left Egypt with complete faith in God, LEAVING BEHIND THEM THE FLESHPOT OF EGYPT AND THE FAT OF THE LAND, NOT EVEN TAKING PROVISION WITH THEM, BUT RELYING ENTIRELY ON G-D, and in this state of dedication to the truth they followed the Pillar of Light by day and by night - should these conditions be duplicated, or even approximated, then one may well expect a most radical change...

Time is Racing Very Fast Pace - In Egypt, only 20% of the Jews were redeemed, those who went on the side of the winner, Hashem's side. The same thing will happen soon. It will be devastating for whoever isn't on that side."

AM ISRAEL'S LAST OPPORTUNITY - Moshiach said that this postponment will be the end of all Tikkunim to purify Am Israel. He said that HaShem is angry at Am Israel and the parade of "shame" has angered HaShem even more. I told him that most Jews, including Goyim, don't want this parade and are fighting so hard against the Sitra Achra. Moshiach said that Admat Kodesh (Holy Land) is also crying.

Sign From HKB'H - ...HaShem showed me images of the world being destroyed. I look around and see roads opening its mouth and cars falling inside. I see the world breaking apart, only the Goyim... The Jews are safe. I am with HaShem and HaShem says to give a message to the Jews. "Tell the Jews to return - to do Tshuva. HaShem says to tell Am Israel צדקה תציל ממוות Charity saves from death".

HaShem's Lovers Will Survive - May destruction come on all your haters, HaShem; but let your lovers be like the sun going out in his strength. And for forty years the land will be peaceful.

End of Days Dreams - (My son's dream) There are 2 "rivers of water" and the Esavs will drown and the Jews are in the "pure" river, will survive. He said that the "Esavs" are those who pretend to be Jewish and some even wear Tzizit and Kipa but they hide the "dirt" (nk - impurities). They are fake Jews and behave like Esavs. Some Esavs at the last moment before drowing, turned to HaShem for help and they were saved.

Sincere Tshuva - Dream that I'm holding in my hand a Tzizit and its holy fringes, piece by piece, are tearing apart and falling, landing on the floor. Without holding the holy fringes, they continue by themselves to tear apart and fall on the floor. I place the Tzizit on the table and bend down to pick up the torn holy fringes of the Tzizit to kiss it and they fall again to the floor. (Comments on Tzizit Dream).

Life Will Never be the Same - Something gigantic is going to happen, bigger than the imagination; it will rotate our lives in this land like a cement mixer churning the cement...He continued and said that this war is like a match. The match will light up a cigarette, the cigarette will light up the room, the room will light up the apartment, the apartment will light up the building, etc. This is the end. The world will never return to what it used to be. A new world will be established wth totally new laws... Whomever will not prepare himself, will not be able to exist in it.

Wipe Out the Impurities - The Gzeira (decree) on Am Israel has not yet been cancelled. We must do anything and everything to cancel this decree.אלוקים באו גוים נחלתך טימאו את היכל קדשךThe stupid filthy disgusting dirty parade of shame is Bnei Israel's - our -TEST. If we succeed to cancel it completely - zachinu (we will merit) in an unimaginable Chasdei HaShem. WE daven that we succeed KILLING the Sitra Achra (satan) forever. This is the war of the Sitra Achra - Shaarei HaTumaa (gates of impurity). If chas vechalia (Gd forbid) Shaarei Hakdusha (gates of Holiness) lose this battle - the decree of gogumagog will wipe out 2/3 of the world's population.

Deciphering HaRav Tzadok's Dream - 5767 is before us like an exposed woman, what is not true of the seed concealed in the earth.

1. An "exposed woman" describes a "sotah" who was exposed at the door of the Bais HaMikdash - for all to see the shame. This refers to the 80% who will not survive. Second part of sentence refers to "Truth will arise from the Earth"... meaning Tzaddikim Yichyeh Be'emunosom'

2. The year is soon to be uncovered, but there will continue to be Hester Panim (HaShem's hidden "face"). Tests of complete Emunah which will be difficult because of the Hester Panim. Many will fail the tests and few will pass. Those who will survive, will merit to see the exposure of HaShem's greatness.

Mekubal Rav Menachem Menashe zs'l wrote in "Ahavat Chaim" much trouble will come. It speaks about 40 days and nights fire rain will fall in the Galil and a war against the Erev Rav (mixed multitude). The Jews will run into the Midbar (desert) for protection.

Baby Tzaddik Yosef - (Dream from my youngest son) The bad Jews and non-Jews told my son that they will not allow Moshiach to come. Some of the bad Jews and non-Jews died and others, did Tshuva.

Yaakov, Tzizit, Eagle - 600 to Geula - To get to the Geula, it is the fight between the pure and the impure. We will not be afraid of the Amalek, the Erev Rav ruling in Israel. We will re-capture Eretz Israel.

End is Near Dream: "Survival Kit" - In the dream, I was shaking and trembling in extreme fear. The end is extremely near, the final stage of Gog UMagog war will happen soon, and HaShem wants to send it with mercy. If a person does not hold on to the Torah and Mitzvot, nothing will protect him. The final hard tests will be arriving soon, will they glorify HaShem in the time of tests? Will they accept the suffering with understanding and complete love for HaShem?

Message from Sara Imenu, a'h - She said to have complete faith in HaShem, without a doubt. Trust HaShem even if we're thrown in to the fires, No matter what...

Esther HaMalka, a'h - The "time" of "lock down" is very close. (Who's Afraid of Weapons?).

Moshiach Answers and Explains - The children have innocence. The children have the power to open רקיעים heavens. A child that says Tehillim and prays has the power of בוקע רקיעים erupting heavens more than 1,000 men together learing Torah. If this generation would know the power of children, they would not place them in front of the TV, computers, video games. This generation is very weak. (Prayer for Children's Success)

Yom Kippur Dream - I asked HaKadosh Baruch Hu to sweeten the Judgment on Am Israel...open the 'Gates of Teshuva', keep it open for a little while longer. Judge us with Mercy. We LOVE you HaShem. I want to hug YOU HaShem, to love YOU completely. Open for us the 'Gates of Love' to love YOU, HaShem.

HaShem is my Shepherd - In this dream, I was told in the month of CHESHVAN will begin Gog Umagog and I saw many Jews running to the fields trying to save their lives. We were all very frightened. Not all the Jews survived, even the stage of running to the fields.

Secrets of Megillat Esther - In the dream, I was speaking with Malach Sadriel. He showed me the Sefer of Megillat Esther (a'h) and inside is hidden the War of Gog UMagog and its outcome; phase by phase what will happen thru the words of the Megilla. All I remember is that it needs to be read backwards and there are no gematriot to solve. (More Secrets from Megillat Esther)

Update on Cheshvan - I went to a (Tzaddik Nistar) Mekubal and asked him to bless Am Israel for protection. He told me not to be scared and everything HaShem does, is only for the good of Am Israel, even if we don't understand it.

WAKE UP - I was shown that many Jews are still asleep, r'l, and this causes HaShem ANGER. Many Jews, r'l, are not worshipping HaShem; many are worshipping, c'v, the Golden Calf. In the dream, the Tzaddikim are appeasing HaShem and said כי יגורתי מפני האף והחמה - HaShem is angry at Bnei Yisrael and 5 destructive angels are prosecuting Am Israel - the Tzaddikim are begging HaShem not to permit the destructive angels to destroy.

Cracking Combination Lock - In last nite's dream, a woman, a'h, (do not remember whom) told me "הבוטח בה' חסד יסובבנו Many sorrows shall be to the wicked; But he that trusts HaShem, lovingkindness shall compass him about".

"Code Red" Warning - The Malach said that if this parade will be rescheduled, c'v, and occur in HaShem's Holy Yerushalayim, heads will be decapitated (ראשים יערפו). The streets of the holy city Yerushalayim will be flowing with blood, r'l. And not only in Yerushalayim...

Dreams of WARNINGS - The Baba Sali, zs'l, came to a Rabbi about 2 months ago in a dream and said that if the Parade of the Proud will occur, the judgment on the Jews will be very difficult. Am Israel will need to accumulate food till Pesach. HaShem Yerachem.

For over 3 hours, from 1:45 am till 5:00 am straight I was begging in Shamayim not to harm Am Israel - it's a hard and very difficult defense. I was banging the walls, the bed, the floor and yelling for mercy. In shamayim, the prosecuters are getting the upper hand. It's going to be, HaShem protect us all, a bloodbath if not cancelled!!!

Fight for HaShem's Honor - Those that will fight for HaShem's honor will be as: מנשרים קלו מאריות גברו They were swifter than eagles, They were stronger than lions. Samuel II 1:23

The War Inside Ourselves - The Prophets state that HaShem first reveals secrets to this Olam thru dreams, autisitics, and Tzaddikim. The whole purpose is to warn the people, to do Teshuvah. Are the revelations that dreams and autistics relating to you terrifying? To those who trust in HaShem, the answer is obvious.

EMET (Truth) Messages of Dreams - Last nite it was told to me thru a dream that all visions/dreams given to are EMET and all these messages are from directly from HASHEM.

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