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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

More Messages from Austistics

9 Tammuz 5766

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"... I want to reiterate: there is no time, no time. The world as you know it, the materialistic world as you know it, is crumbling...".[+/-] show/hide text

From Galia Gad
The Yeshua (Redemption) is coming! Mother, I'm so worried because there's a terrible g'zeirah (decree). We have to daven (pray) and do teshuvah (repent)! HaShem (G-d) is making an accounting, is giving us warnings. He who doesn't want to understand them will lose eternal life! Mother, the situation is difficult, and it will become much worse. I feel a terrible danger is coming to the frum Jews [in particular]. The ones who believe, the servants of HaShem, they will be examined first. HaShem is sending us all kinds of signs, but we're not taking upon ourselves the Yoke of Heaven. We have to meet Moshiach soon!

Mother, I feel terrible fear for the Jews, terrible fear for us! The ones who believe will survive, but those who are masquerading as believers won't survive. The blind Jews don't see the truth, that the Al-mighty makes the decisions, not the Arabs, not the Jews in the government, just HaKodosh Baruch Hu! This generation, confused with falsehood, doesn't understand the truth. Mother, there's no question we are now in the midst of a great era for Am Yisroel and all humanity. We are about to witness great and earth-shattering revelations in our generation! People feel it in their souls that something is about to happen.

No one knows when will be the End of Time, only HaKodosh Boruch Hu (G- d) will decide. It is obvious that we have the z'chus (merit) to live in this very fateful period for Am Yisroel, and all mankind, whoever does tshuvah now, will be saved in this world and the next. When Moshiach will be revealed, no baalei tshuvah (repenters) will be accepted. Now is the last opportunity for these who haven't done tshuvah yet. Mother, when Moshiach Messiah) comes the gates of tshuvah (repentance) will be closed. Whoever does tshuvah now will be saved from annihilation.

For all of these, we need to cry a great deal that Hashem should forgive and pardon all our sins, and even this will only help if we sincerely repent! Make meetings to arouse everyone. Meetings which people will leave having repented! Only if we return in repentance on a massive scale, and accept to do what Hashem demands of us and accept Hashem as King over us, only then will we be able to prevent the difficult fate that awaits us

From Ben Golden
So how can we save ourselves? I'll tell you. Fellow Jews! Join together and throw out from your communities all foreign matter. Those Jews who refuse to abandon their god's will end up having to leave their community. Only those who desire the truth will remain. Clean out your head and your hearts, your homes, your streets, your cities. Clear out the falsehoods and the idols. Throw them out! Burn them!

First throw out your rebellions against the Torah: All foreign reading material. All the videos, television, movies, computers with CD-rom or internet. Throw out all the toys that have no place in a Jewish home like Barbie dolls, etc. Throw out all the violent games, and all the foolish and unbefitting games that only damage the minds of Jewish children.

Throw out from your hearts any desire to live life like other nations. Instead, sit together and say Tehillim with tears over the very grave danger we are all in. Remove from your hearts any longing for foolishness and vain pursuits. Sit on the ground dressed in sackcloth and plead with Hashem to save us. There is no future for us if we don't do this now, if we don't purify ourselves like we did in the desert.

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Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

"The white is black and the black is white"

Like the novi says, "they will call truth falsehood". Anton, go back to the xtian sites and leave the Jews alone.


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