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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is Reb Shalom the Moshiach?!

Over a year ago, my husband dreamed that he saw Moshiach, which was transcribed in the post Dreaming of Moshiach & Geula. In both dreams the image of Moshiach looked the same.

"My husband dreamed that we were walking together on a road and he sees a car being driven by someone and inside is Moshiach, sitting in the back sit. He tells me "quick Nava, look at Moshiach". I turn to look and the car swished by and was only able to see a bit of Moshiach's profile and his back."

"My husband dreamed that Shamayim revealed to him who Moshiach is. Moshiach lives in Eretz Israel and comes to NY occassionally (it could be that he also travels to other countries). He is about 50 years old. His height is about 5'8"-5'10". He collects Tzadaka for the poor and yeshivot and does Kiruv work."

The second night of Rosh HaShana, after Arvit (Maariv), my husband and sons were getting ready to leave the shul when a man, that my husband didn't see during prayers, approached him. He told my husband that he wants to come to our home for the Rosh HaShana meal. My husband quickly agreed and sent our son home to let me know that we are having a 'special' guest. While I was preparing the table, my son is trying to talk to me but I wasn't really paying attention because I was busy preparing. When I finished, I sat down with my son and he tells me that he learned in Gemara that it says that one of the signs of recognizing Moshiach is thru his hands. The Gemara says that Moshiach's hands are larger than his face. I never knew this before and it was an interesting chidush for me...

My husband and the 'special' guest come home and my husband pulls me to the side and tells me, "Nava, this guest is not just a 'guest', he is the same person I saw twice in my dream - twice I was told that this person is the Moshiach!. You remembered how long we looked for him and never found him? Well, he approached me after prayers and asked to come to us for the Seuda of Rosh HaShana".

At this point, I was very excited because my husband is not one to have wild imaginations! He hardly even believes his own dreams, and even less believes my dreams. For him to be so excited, is really a first. I told my husband what our son told me about Moshiach's large hands and asked him if he said anything to him? My husband told me that all he said to our son is go home and tell Ima that a guest is coming.

Turns out our 'special' guest is from Israel, lives in Bnei Brak and occasionally travels to collect Tzadaka and does kiruv work! My husband asked him if he drives and he answered no, never had any interest. In the first dream, my husband saw him being driven while he was sitting in the back seat! Of course I check out the size of his hands and tell you the truth, it was very large hands, definitely larger than his face!

During the meal, he only looked at my husband and sons, never looking directly at me. He told us that he grew up in Acco and later moved to Bnei Brak. His Rosh Yeshiva lives in Bnei Brak and had a daughter and when she was 6 years old, a garbage truck drove over her and she instantly died. He said that her family is no longer Makpid (strict) on the little girl that was playing with her.

I started shaking and crying and he looked at my husband and says, "Don't cry, they forgive you and understand it's not your fault. They understand that it was a decree from Shamayim and accept it with total love for HKB'H".

It was I who was playing with the little girl, we were playing ball and the ball rolled into the street and I sent her to retrieve the ball... She never returned. My father took her to the hospital and there was a lot of blood in the car but I didn't understand, I was only 6 years old. I didn't understand why she didn't return with the ball so we could continue to play... I didn't understand why my father is carrying a lifeless body and crying... I didn't understand why her family is so angry at me... I didn't understand why she never came again to play with me... I didn't understand why her family never let me ever visit their home again... I didn't understand... 2 years later, during the Yom Kippur war, while sirens were blasting, telling everyone to go to the bomb shelter, I was on the street and saw her sister and mother. When they saw me, they yelled at me that it was my fault that she died and why wasn't I the one who retrieved the ball?... I came to my father crying, looking for comfort, but he wasn't home, he was on his way to the war...

But this 'special' guest said that they forgave me. I don't know why he spoke about it and how he knew, but this was the message from Shamayim on Rosh HaShana. I was finally forgiven...

He then asked if he can say a Dvar Torah and my husband told me to pay attention very close because it's probably another message... He chose to speak about Shiluach HaKen, (Sending the Mother Bird and Ken HaTzippor). This is a very special topic because it's very connected to the Secret of Moshiach Ben Yosef Tzipor.

He later told us that the year of TaSHSaCH 5768 is the tikun of the anger. We are not sure exactly what he meant...

My husband asked him to talk about Moshiach and he jokingly said, Moshiach will need to pass thru a certain street (when he said the name of the street, we laughed because he said the name of the street where we live...). Later, we were even more surprised that he knew the name of our street because after the Seuda, he needed to go somewhere and had no clue the name of its street...

After the Seuda (meal), my husband came to the conclusion that he might be the Moshiach but he doesn't even know it yet. He has all the signs because it says that Moshiach suffers physically a lot, very poor, and ill. This person fits the description perfectly. Also, he is a very spiritual man and loves HaShem unconditionally, as well as Am Israel. He is extremely humble, refused to be called Kvodo (His Honor) or Rav. He refused to sit at the head of the table, and showered the kids with a lot of attention. He told us some remarkable things that there was no way he could have known. We never met him ever before and we never told him that my husband dreamed about him... He also can 'see' things. At one point, my husband asked for a bracha (blessing) from him for success to build the Tzion for Devorah HaNevia, a'h, and he inquired how we got involved in this project. When we told him the dream/story, I added towards the end that Moshiach will not arrive till Devorah HaNevia's Tzion is built. He told my husband if this is something I added from my mind and it's not from a dream! We were shocked that he KNEW this. He told us that we should not make such assumptions!

After the Seuda which ended about midnight, my husband escorted him. My husband invited him again but he declined, saying that he can only come to us once in 120 years. When my husband returned home, he asked me for my opinion on this person - if I think that it is possible that this is the Moshiach?! I said I don't know and my husband also said that he doesn't know. One thing he's sure about though is that if he's the Moshiach, he is in Chezkat Moshiach but doesn't even know it yet! I'm sure that most of you want some information about him.

He's 52 years old, 5'10", weighs about 175 lbs. and has a beard, wears glasses. He wrote a sefer, married with 8 children, b'h, and lives in Bnei Brak. His name is Reb Shalom Biton and is Sephardic. One more VERY important thing - on his forehead, there is a clear 'image' of the Menorah!

We went to sleep and that night, 2nd night of Rosh HaShana, and I had a dream...

In the dream, I saw Baalei Aliya sitting around our table and this person (Reb Shalom Biton) was also sitting in the same place he chose to sit during the Rosh HaShana Seuda. It was definitely a weekday because I remember the phone ringing. The Bnei Aliya are Tzaddikim that are alive and living in this world. What surprised me was that HaRav Amnon Yitzchak Shlita was one of the Baalei Aliya. He was the only one I recognized . They were questioning this person (Moshiach?!) about his mission, determining if he is indeed Moshiach Tzidkenu... He was so humble, he answered all their questions while his eyes were downwards. He never looked up, never raised his eyes even once...

LeIluy Nishmat Rivka'le, zichrona livracha; the little girl who got killed when she was only 6 years old.

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