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Friday, June 30, 2006

Erev Rav, Gog, and Rivers Overflowing

We were eating dinner tonight and I was telling my husband the posts I wrote today, about the Erev Rav, America planning a war on Israel, and rivers rising above ground. This triggered his memory and he remembered that I said Pesukim last night during sleep, (Tammuz 3). But could not remember which ones. He registered in his mind to remember Rosh Chodesh in connection to the Pesukim. He looked up Hallel to see if anything that says there will remind him the Pesukim but didn't find it. He then remembered in Maariv, there is a section that is said prior to Maariv Erev Rosh Chodesh. He looked it up and found it.[+/-] show/hide text

"תהום כלבוש כסיתו על הרים יעמדו מים; מן גערתך ינוסון מן קול רעמך יחפזון; יעלו הרים ירדו בקעות אל מקום זה יסדת להם גבול שמת בל יעבורון, בל ישובון לכסות הארץ מעיינים, בנחלים; בין הרים, יהלכון. בתהילים ק"ד

He connected all 3 posts of today to these 5 Pesukim.

תהום כלבוש כסיתו
The deep like a garment is its clothing: the waters stood above the mountains
A cunning person commits his actions by keeping quiet or in darkness. We cannot see it because it's concealed well. This is the Erev Rav (Israel Government)

על הרים
On the mountains
The most powerful (like a high mountain) - Gog W. Bush

יעמדו מים
The waters will stand still
The Jewish people are compared to water ( הוי כמעיין המתגבר) and the cunning Jews behave as soldiers of Gog Bush. In the Midbar, the Jews followed the Erev Rav and built the golden calf and also today, the Jews fall in the trap of the Erev Rav. When Mr. Gog gives an order - the Erev Rav listens and follows orders (it's all about the power of money)

יעלו הרים ירדו בקעות אל מקום זה יסדת להם
The mountains rised and the valleys sank to the place which You had assigned to them
The ones who have reached enormous hight of power think that the sky is not the limit, and will do shameless things but eventually will fall very low. (משפיל גאים). It's all predestined.

גבול שמת בל יעבורון, בל ישובון לכסות הארץ
You made a limit that cannon be passed; the earth would never again be covered by them
HaShem is running the world and HaShem created limits. Once this powerful man passes the limits, which could possibly be a desire to capture Yerushalayim, he will fall so low and never return.

המשלח מעיינים, בנחלים; בין הרים, יהלכון
You sent the springs thru the streams; They flow between the mountains
HaShem sends anonymous people that have no knowledge to give advise to the powerful (as in the case of the Iraqi taxi driver who told the White House about chemical warheads that Saddam has and Gog decided to capture the country of Iraq). The hunger of power is infinite (as in the case of not finding any chemical warheads and keeping troops in Iraq for no logic reason). The powerful lose sense of humanity. (When Hurricane Katrina hit, Gog did not end his vacation till 3 days later or when Gog was told that the Twin Towers have been hit, he continues reading a book to school children).

Let's stop and think about all this enormous power this man has. It's unimaginable that he would plan in secrecy and encourage Palestinians to kidnap and murder Jews, even though he gave the "order" to give them guns. Or that he would tell the Israeli Govenment to create a bogus war on Gaza, aka Summer Rains.

Makes you wonder why 200,000 Americans were ordered to evacuate due to floods. Could it possibly have any connection like Gush Katif Evacuation and Hurricane Katrina???

This man is so powerful, he can do what he wants and when he wants, and people listen. When does it all stop???

But hey, I just had a thought (actually, it's my husband's). When Mr. George is driving and sees a red traffic light, does he stop? Probably yes. With all his power, but yet, he stops at a red traffic light. Makes me wonder who is more powerful, the red traffic light or Mr. Gog? Where did all his power disappear to? But hey, in reality, he is the same as everybody, we all stop at a red traffic light.

This is a tremendous lesson for us.

We all observe traffic red lights religiously; why don't we (lehavdil) all observe religiously HaShem's commandments???




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