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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reincarnations and Tikkunim

Thanks to Yeranen Yaakov whom brought to our attention Shofar's Rav Amnon Yitzhak amazing Devar Torah about Pinchas, Zimri, Kazbi, and more, complete with Gilgulim and Tikunim. It is truly inspiring...

In Parshat Pinchas we find a remarkable thing, but it first begins in Sefer Bereshit when the prince Sh'chem ben Chamor kidnapps Dina bat Yaakov Avinu, a'h. When Dina's brothers, Shimon and Levi, zs'l, hear about her kidnapping, they come to Sh'chem and offer them to perform circumcision in exchange for marrying Jewish girls. Sh'chem very much wanted Dina and convinces all males of Sh'chem to perform circumcision. On the 3rd day after the males of Sh'chem performed the circumcision, Shimon and Levi kill 24,000 Sh'chem men. Shimon comes to rescue Dina but she refuses, unless Shimon marries her. Shimon agrees and from their union, Shaul ben HaCanaanit is born.

Midrash Tanchuma Pinchas says, "Zimri had 3 names: Zimri ben Salo, Shaul ben HaCanaanit, and Shlomiel ben Tzurishadai."
Shaul ben haKenaanit, the son of Shimon and Dina is Zimri, gilgul of Sh'chem ben Chamor. Sh'chem returned, via gilgul, as a son to Dina and Shimon. Later, he is incarnated and returns as Zimri, president of Shimon's tribe. Dina reincarnates as the princess Kazbi bat Tzur, daughter of Balak, King of Moav.

Balak realized that Bila'am is unable to curse Am Israel and Bila'am advises Balak to cause Am Israel to sin with the girls of Moav because HaShem hates lust. Balak offers his own daughter to seduce Moshe Rabbenu or Elazar the Cohen, zs'l.

Moav placed an old woman to stand outside the tent and inside the tent, a young girl was placed. When the Jewish women needed clothing, they would stand outside the tent to purchase from the old woman. The old woman would bargain with the Jewish women and would set a high price. Eventually, the Jewish women would enter the tent, and the young woman placed inside would lower the price. After a while, the Jewish women would go directly inside the tent to get the cheap price and would be tempted to drink wine. This is the beginning of how Am Israel were seduced. From this, Pinchas commanded that Jews are not allowed to drink from Goyim's wine.

The sinning of Moav and Midyan women caused a plague to break out and 24,000 men died, all from the tribe of Shimon. The survivors from Shimon's tribe came to their President, Zimri, (reincarnation of Sh'chem) and told him to do something. What did he do? He took the princess Kazbi, daughter of King Balak. She told him, "I'm a princess, and I deserve only a king - Moshe Rabenu". He replied, "I come before him, he's from the tribe of Levi and that's the 3rd in line. I am from Shimon, 2nd in line, born before Levi."

Zimri asked Moshe Rabenu if Midyanit girl is allowed and Moshe Rabenu answered that they serve idols and are prohibited. Zimri replied, "Who gave you permission to take the daughter of Yitro, from Midyan?." At that moment, HKB'H silenced Moshe Rabbenu and he was unable to answer Zimri. Why did HaShem do this? If Moshe Rabbenu would have killed Zimri, Rabbi Akiva, zs'l, would not have been born. Zimri reincarnated later into Rabbi Akiva. Whatever Moshe Rabbenu did, it was eternal. If he would have extracted Zimri from the world, Rabbi Akiva could not have been born. This is one of the reason that Moshe Rabbenu did not enter Eretz Israel because if he would have built the Bet HaMikdash, it would have been for eternity. And then, in HaShem's anger, HKB'H would have wiped out Am Israel, c'v, instead of the Bet HaMikdash.

Pinchas saw Zimri and Kazbi sinning and he took a spear, entered the tent, and thrusts it into both of them, picks them up with the spear and shows everyone. The 24,000 men that died from the plague were reincarnations of the 24,000 Sh'chemim that circumcised themselved. Even though they didn't circumcise themselves Leshem Shamayim, but since they did it, they had merits and that is why they reincarnated again.

There were 7 clouds that protected Am Israel. Am Israel was protected inside the 7 clouds and outside the 7 protection clouds were the Erev Rav. Because there were no more men in the tribe of Shimon, the women of Shimon's tribe married the Erev Rav. From this union, their sons sinned in Cannan and died.

Zimri, the reincarnation of Sh'chem, had to correct his past mistakes with Kazbi, the reincarnation of Dina. Zimri was 250 years old and he was one of the 70 people who went down to Eygpt with Yaakov Avinu. At 250 years old, one does not have lust but he did it to rebuke Moshe Rabbenu. He felt an indescribable inner urge to have relations with Kazbi. There is a tremendeous secret in this union. There are 10 levels of sin. The first level is easy when a person stands infront of a mirror and adorns oneself. In this situation, the Yetzer Hara says, "this person is mine!." The last level is when the person is very holy and has no temptations, he is holy and has no relations. But this kind of person can 'fall' instantly. Whom, for example? Yehudah and Tamar, a'h. Yehuda was very holy as was Tamar, and from the union of Tamar and her father in law, Yehudah, zs'l, brought forth Dovid HaMalech.

Another example is the daughters of Lot, the union of the daughters and their father brought forth Amon and Moav, even though it was Leshem Shamayim because they thought the world was destroyed when they run away from Sodom.

Another example is Dovid HaMelech, zs'l, the 4th leg of the Merkava, is it possible that he sinned with Bat Sheva, a'h? She was destined to unite with him from the 6 days of creation and the proof for this is that King Shlomo, zs'l, was born from their union, and he is the one who built the first Bet HaMikdash.

Why did all this happen? The Zohar HaKadosh, zs'l, explains it wonderously. Because the Melech Moshiach has to be born. The Yetzer Hara which is the Angel of Death - the Satan, is very afraid of Moshiach, because when Moshiach arrives, the Satan is cancelled. This is the reason that HKB'H brings Moshiach in secrecy, from a sin and in places the Satan would never imagine.
Yehuda and Tamar's union brings Peretz and from Peretz comes Moshiach.
Rut came from Moav and from her union with Boaz, zs'l, Oved is born. From Oved comes Yishai and from Yishai, Dovid HaMelech, a'h. From Dovid HaMelech comes Moshiach ben David.
Osnat comes from the union of Sh'chem ben Chamor and Dina bat Yaakov, she marries Yosef HaTzaddik, and from their union, Efraim is born, a'h. From this union, Moshiach ben Yosef is born.

Pinchas whom is Eliyahu HaNavi kills Zimri and Kazbi but they did not finish their tikun, yet. Zimri reincarnates into Rabbi Akiva and Kazbi bat Tzur reincarnates into the wife of Tornosropos.

Wicked Tornosropos hated Rabbi Akiva and when his beautiful wife asked him one day what is bothering him, he answered, "Rabbi Akiva!" She told him she'll take care of it because HaShem hates lust and her plan was to seduce him, exactly what Kazbi bat Tzur did to Zimri. She got dressed in seductive clothing and went to Rabbi Akiva. When Rabbi Akiva saw her, he spit, laughed and cried. She asked him why he did that and he told her that he spit because she is from a foul-smelling sperm drop. He cried because such beauty will be underground (when buried) and would not tell her why he laughed. It was because he saw in prophecy that she'll convert and he'll marry her. She persisted to know why he laughed and when he told her, she converted, married him and gave him all her money.

Rabbi Akiva and the wife of Tornosropos were reincarnated from Sh'chem ben Chamor and Dina bat Yaakov and also from Zimri and Kazbi bat Tzur.

How many students did Rabbi Akiva have? 24,000. They are the same 24,000 Sh'chem men that circumcised themselves and the same 24,000 men from the tribe of Shimon that sinned with the women of Midyan. They returned as the students of Rabbi Akiva to complete their tikun. The same 24,000 students died in a plague from Pesach for 50 days because they did not honor one another. Their final death finished their tikun.

How did Rabbi Akiva die? His skin was scoured with steel.
How did Sh'chem die? Thru a sword.
How did Zimri die? Thru a spear.

What was Rabbi Akiva's last words? Shema Israel. Zimri did a big chilul HaShem and when he reincarnated as Rabbi Akiva, he correct it by doing a tremendeous Kidush HaShem, saying Shema Israel while being burned alive.

Who killed Zimri? Pinchas.
Who is Pinchas? Eliyahu HaNavi.
When Rabbi Akiva was very poor and married with Rochel, daughter of Kalba Sabua, they used straw for a mattress. In order to help succeed in his tikun, Eliyahu HaNavi came to him as a poor man to ask him for straw for his wife who just gave birth...
Who buries Rabbi Akiva? Eliyahu HaNavi.
It is amazing - Eliyahu HaNavi took care of Rabbi Akiva from the beginning till the end.

Rabbi Akiva was Akiva, an unlearned man, till the age of 40. When Moshe Rabbenu travelled in time, he saw himself in the eighth row in the class of Rabbi Akiva, zs'l, but did not understand anything being said. One of the students asked Rabbi Akiva a question and Rabbi Akiva answered "The Halacha is from Moshe Rabbenu".
Moshe Rabbenu returns to HKB'H and asked, "How is it that You chose me to give the holy Torah when there is a bigger Talmid Chacham that is qualified to give the Torah?". HKB'H silenced Moshe Rabbenu. Moshe Rabenu asked "What is the reward for this Tzaddik?". HaShem told him to go forward in time and see. Moshe Rabbenu goes forward in time and sees that Rabbi Akiva's body is full of nails and his body is scoured with steel. While in great pain, Rabbi Akiva screams "SHEMA ISRAEL HASHEM ELOKENU, HASHEM ECHAD". Moshe Rabenu returns and asks HKB'H "Is the reward for the Tzaddik?"HaShem told him שתוק! כך עלה במחשבה לפני' Silence, this is what I thought to do."
כך (this) in Gematria is 40 - the 40 years that Rabbi Akiva was unlearned and Am Haaretz.
Who correct and completed Rabbi Akiva? The Ramchal - Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, zs'l.
How long did the Ramchal live? 40 years.
Where was he buried? In Tveria (same burial as Rabbi Akiva).
Which Torah did he renew? The Torah secrets from Rabbi Akiva.
The last sefer he wrote are the secrets of "Kriat Shema'. In this sefer, the Ramchal teaches that the meditation on being prepared to die for Kiddush Hashem (sanctification of The Name), if done with proper Kavannah (intention), is of the same merit as actually doing it...

Everything is stitched and is wonderously complete.
''מָה רַבּוּ מַעֲשֶׂיךָ ה' כֻּלָּם בְּחָכְמָה עָשִׂיתָ..'' ספר תהילים פרק קד
"How manifold are HaShem's works! In wisdom, Thou made them all..."




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו