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Monday, August 13, 2007

Understanding Tikunim and Gilgulim

What is the purpose of our lives? We are made of 5 parts, NaRaNCHaY: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Chaya, and Yechida.
The Nefesh is placed in the כָּבֵד liver
The Ruach is placed in the לב heart
The Neshama is placed in the brain
The Chaya is the halo that encircles the body
The Yechida is the halo that encircles the head of the person.
The goal is to gain all 5 parts.

There is only one Neshama in the world - Adam HaRishon, a'h. Men are from Adam HaRishon and women are from Chava, a'h. During the sin of Adam HaRishon, 3 things happened:
1. High Neshamot were not included in the sin of Adam HaRishon. These neshamot stopped being reincarnated at the time of the first Bet HaMikdash.
2. All the neshamot that are living today are neshamot that sinned with Adam HaRishon.
3. Some neshamot fell deep into the sin (klipot); such people are usually criminals and are not able to overcome the klipot to fix their neshama, and continue making the wrong choices.

The AriZal and Vilna Gaon, zs'l, say that today, we are all reincarnations and no new neshamot are brought into this Olam. How can one know how many times he reincarnated? Thru the 'bracelets' on the palm. Look at your hand that you do not write with, the number of 'bracelets' on the palm will tell you how many times you were reincarnated. It's not possible to find a palm without at least a couple of 'bracelets' and this is proof that we are all reincarnations. (This is according to the Kabbalah of Rashbi and Arizal, zs'l).

The common thing that all neshamot have, including converts, is to complete themselves into NaRaNCHaY. A person that has tremendeous evil inclination does not mean that he is not from a high neshama, it means that it's difficult for this person to overpower his yetzer hara.

How can a person complete the NaRaNCHaY? The roshei tevot of ADaM are:
א - אלף Train, learn
ד - דיבור Speech
מ - מעשה Doing, when a person corrects its doing, he corrects his Nefesh. The Nefesh which is in the כָּבֵד liver is the hardest to correct because the Nefesh are the lusts and wants. The word כָּבֵדcomes from the word כבוד, respect, the ego. כָּבֵד also means heavy - pulling us heavily downwards to fullfil our lusts.

When a person corrects its Nefesh, he then needs to correct the Ruach. The Ruach is corrected thru good deeds, happy for others, judging others favorably, not hating anyone in the heart, etc.

How can one know what he needs to correct? The Baal Shem Tov, zs'l, says that if an item breaks (monetary damage) or a person gets ill (physical damage), HKB'H is speaking directly to the person telling him that there is damage in his Nefesh that needs to be corrected.

If a person is publicly humiliated, husband/wife yells at their partner, many people talk bad about this person, HaShem is directly telling the person that there is damage in the Ruach and he needs to correct the Ruach.

If a person's children are damaged, r'l, and they turn away from the path of Yiddishkeit, HaShem is directly telling the person that there is damage in the person's neshama and needs to correct it. The Neshama of a person is directly responsible for the children.

Why are there bad people in the world? To give the person the freedom to make choices and to choose to become above the badness.

What is reincarnation? There are 2 options to correct the deeds of a person.
1. After a person passes away, the person can correct the light errors in Shamayim in a special place, built especailly for this purpose.
Life is like a puzzle that we try to piece together, and we cannot see clearly the whole picture till we pass away. When we pass away and go to Shamayim, the whole picture comes together and only then, can a person sees clearly what errors he has committed.
2. But there are heavy errors of the NaRaNCHaY that were not corrected and then this person is reincarnated to correct it.

A person can be reincarnated into 4 things:
1. Person
2. Animal
3. Plant
4. Inanimate

Rabbi Yehudah Pattaya, zs'l, writes in his sefer, Neshamot Medabrot (souls speak) about a Yemenite woman who made the blessing of Boreh Pri Adama on a fig. The blessing on a fig is Boreh Pri HaEtz (it grows on a tree). That night, she had a dream and her uncle that passed away a long time ago appeared to her and said to her, "I will never forgive you". She asked him what did she do? He told her that he was reincarnated in the fig she ate but because she said the wrong blessing on it, he lost his opportunity for his neshama to be corrected.

The Adama (earth) brings forth the neshamot to be corrected. By saying a blessing that contains HaShem's name of YKV'K, the neshamot that are reincarnated from the earth, are corrected and the blessing lifts it to the spiritual world.

What is the hardest reincarnation of the 4? Chachamei HaKabbalah say that the hardest reincarnation is reincarnation of a person. The reincarnation of the other 3 is easier because a person does not have freedom of choice and therefore, it's almost guaranteed that he'll correct. But a person has choices and it's so much harder to choose to correct.

What is Kosher food? Animals are also reincarnations and one of the signs of a kosher animal are Animals that chew their cuds, מעלת גרה.
מעלת גרה means raising the dwellling; the dwelling of the neshama in a kosher animals is raised thru our blessings and eating it.

Tzaddikim are reincarnated in fish as it says כל האוכל דג ביום 'דג' ניצל מד"ג
Fish דג is 7 in gematria value. Anyone who eats fish on the 7th day (Shabbat), will be rescued from Gehenom (ד"ג is Roshei Tevot Judgement of Gehenom - דין גיהנום).

If a person eats non-Kosher food, he becomes very hard and wicked because wicked people are reincarnated in non-Kosher food. Thru eating non-Kosher food, the souls of the wicked neshamot enter this person's neshama.

Why is there death? The skin עור of the body is the carrier of the powers of impurity. עור also means blind. To separate from the bad, a person must separate from the skin and this is death.

Zohar HaKadosh, zs'l, says that a person needs to find a mate and marry because one of the purposes of life is to multiply. If a person did not merit to marry and have children, he should give charity, do good deeds and these become his spiritual children. Sometimes, not both partners come down to the world. If the woman finished her tikun and the man didn't, he will not need to get married in this reincarnation because it could be that this was not his tikun because that part of the NaRaNCHaY was already corrected. The same thing with children, if a couple cannot bring children, they should know that this part of the tikun in this reincarnation is not necessary. A woman is much more spiritual than a man and most women reincarnate only to help the man to finish his tikun.

An autistic 4 year old girl was asked thru FC why she was reincarnated in such terrible suffering as an autistic. She said that in her previous reincarnation, she was a young woman and right before the holocaust, she wanted to avoid being killed so she married a German who became an SS officer. Eventually, the Germans found out she was a Jewess and killed her. She was asked why was she reincarnated if she already died as a Jewess? She answered that because she could have given other Jewish women chizuk in death camps but chose not to and she ran away from this responsibility, she was punished measure for measure. She returned as an autistic and cannot verbally communicate.

Rav Desler, zs'l, explains in his sefer, Michtav LeEliyahu, that the brain of a person censures the knowledge of the spiritual neshama, but by autistics, their brain does not filter out the spiritual neshama's knowledge.

How can a person know what he needs to correct? The Torah is made of PaRDesS - pshat, remez, Derash and sod. Which ever one he is most attracted to from the four, this is his tikun.

There are 3 parts of Tchiat HaMetim (resurrection).
The Zohar HaKadosh says that resurrection will take 210 years and be complete before the year 6,000.
1. First resurrection will take place in Eretz Israel (in the year 2,030)
2. In the diaspora
3. The non-Jews that kept 7 Mitzvot of Bnei Noach and those that did good deeds to the Jews.

Which body will we be resurrected in? The physical body that corrected the NaRaNCHaY. The Arizal says that minimum, a person is reincarnated 3 times. If a person continues trying to correct but fails, this person can reincarnate even 1,000 times.

What is the purpose of our being, the תכלית? Rashbi says when we remove the first and last letters if the word תכלית, we are left with כלי, tool. The purpose of our being is to use the tool כליto complete the purpose תכלית. What is the כלי?
כ - Cohen
ל - Levi
י - Israel
Therefore, it order to complete our tikun, we must use the tool and reincarnate minimum 3 times, Cohen, Levi, and Israel.

Rashbi says that a person can know his previous reincarnations through his name. Take the name Moshe Rabenu, zs'l, משה when read backwards, it's השם.
מ - Moshe in this gilgul
ש - Shet (3rd sons of Noach, a'h)
ה - Hevel (son of Adam HaRishon)

Lavan לבן, was the opposite of Moshe. Reading his name backwards is נבל (same meaning and spelling in English; villain)
ל - Lavan in this gilgul
ב - Bilaam
נ - Naval HaCarmeli

אמת - truth. The first 2 letters are אמ, mother and this is where the neshama comes from. Where does the neshama go at the end? The last 2 letters are מת, death.

If a person corrects 20% of his neshama, this 20% stays in Shamayim forever, never reincarnates again. The remaining 80% of this neshama reincarnates and corrects another 30%. Total correction of this neshama is 50% and it stays in Shamayim forever. The 3rd reincarnation corrects an additional 10% bringing the total of 60% that this neshama is corrected. When resurrection comes, who will be resurrected from the 3 parts of the reincarnation? All 3 parts of the neshama will resurrect. Who do we say Kaddish for when a person was reincarnated 2 times previously, we say it for the body of the person we knew.

Why some people merit to have a good life and others, a bad life? 2 answers.
1. AriZal says that all the neshamot were on the same level when we received the Torah in Har Sinai. Over 3,000 years passed since and some neshamot became wicked and some neshamot became better. Each neshama gets what it deserves.
2. To have equality in this Olam, a person is placed in situations to have the freedom to make choices.

Why some people are born to poor families and others, to rich families? Shlomo HaMelech, zs'l, had a ring and on it was engraved 3 words, גם זה יעבור, this too shall pass. Life will pass, regardless if one is rich or poor. If a person is rich and died a sinner, will he return as a rich or poor person? He'll return as a rich person in order to correct what he sinned with because of money.

Most people in this Olam are not rich, but rather struggling. It's easier to correct the neshama as a struggling person.

AriZal says in his sefer Shaar Gilgulim that there are 4 times that spiritually effects how a child is conceived after the woman returns from the Mikvah:
1. Friday night after midnight; is the holiest neshamot and these neshamot comes from Olam Ha'atzilut. Highest neshamot are conceived at that time, like the Baba Sali, Rashbi, zs'l.
2. Before midnight Friday night; these neshamot are from Olam HaBriya (very smart beings).
3. During weekdays after midnight; these neshamot are from Olam HaYetzira (from Malachim); (very rational beings) and
4. During weekdays before midnight; these neshamot are regular beings.

BUT, if a baby was conceived after midnight Friday night but the parents had impure thoughts when this neshama was conceived, this child will turn out to have character of a gambler (or will be a gambler), never feeling satisfaction and constanly feel something missing.

If a baby was conceived in level 4, during weekdays before midnight, but the parents had pure thoughts, the child will turn out with lower IQ, and his potential to be spiritually high is harder to achieve. But this child is a good child, always holding a sidur and wanting to pray, he'll talk nice to his parents, etc.

The Chazon Ish said that 100% of success to bring children from Olam Ha'atzilut, with the parents having pure thoughts can only be merited thru prayers.

Parent cannot change the child's destiny but a child can change a parent's destiny and bring them into higher spirituality.
There was a secular Israeli couple that had 2 children. The father died and the wife started looking for answers. She found the answers in Judaism and decided to place her children in a religious school. One day, her son comes home and tells his mom that tomorrow, he has a test in Baba Kama and needs help. The mother told him that she cannot help him but she'll write the Rebbe a note that her son is an orphan and there is no one to help him learn for the test. That night, the son had a dream and saw his father with a Kipa and a small beard. He remembered that his father never wore a Kipa and didn't grow a beard. He asked his father the meaning of this and his father told him, whatever his son is being taught in the lower world, he gets taught in Shamayim. The father told him that he learned in Shamayim this Baba Kama because his son learned it in school. In the dream, the father taught his son the Baba Kama for the test. The next day, the boy told this dream to his Rebbe and the Rebbe told him that if he scores high on the test, he will believe the dream. The boy didn't just bring a high score on the test, he got 100! The Rebbe took the child to Rabbanim and they confirmed that this dream was real from the holy side.
The Zohar Hakadosh says, ברא מזכה אבא a child merits the father.

How can we know that we married our real mates/spouse? If there is a calmness between the couple, and there are common goals and understanding, this is a solid proof that the couple's match is real, from the 6 days of creation.

What is each person's correction in this Olam? The thing that he has the hardest time to overcome. If a person constantly fails in eating non-Kosher food, this is his tikun. A person must correct his biggest failure.

As a whole unity of Jews, we must work on ourselves to have innocent belief in HKB'H. An example of this are the parents of Nachshon Waxman, hi'd, zs'l. They accepted the decree without questioning HKB'H. Another example is David Hatuel.

We are the last generation and we must quickly correct our tikunnim, before Moshiach's arrival.

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והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו