Dreaming of Moshiach

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Results of Selling a Sin

In Austria, there were 2 Jewish business partners whom bought and sold clothing material for a living. When they heard that a princess in Poland received a large quantity of clothing material made of very high quality, they decided to go to the princess and purchase it from her since she didn't know the worth of these clothing materials. When they arrived, the guard at the palace told them to wait and when the message was sent to the princess that 2 Jews are waiting by the gate, she got very frightened. She never saw Jews in her life and was taught that Jews had horns and felt frightened to see them. But she also wanted to get rid of the clothing material, so she sent her secretary to negotiate and sell it to them.

When the secretary returned, he handed to her the money from the purchase and the princess investigated her secretary about the Jews. She told her secretary that she learned that the Jews killed their Messiah, and all Jews are liars, robbers, cheaters, and full of trickery.

"Tell me the truth, do Jews look like all people?", inquired the princess from the secretary, "I am frightened of them." The secretary replied, "You were taught wrong. The Jews look like all people and some are very righteous and honest and some are wicked. But most often, they are honest in negotiations and have very strong belief in God."

When the princess heard this, she had an urge to see the Jews and looked out her window. She was very surprised that one of the partners was a very handsome, tall, and attractive man. She called to the partner and they spoke and the princess felt she was falling in love with him.

The partners did not have enough wagons to carry all the clothing material and it was decided that one of them will go to the nearest town to puchase more wagons and the handsome partner will stay behind. When the princess heard that the handsome Jew was staying in town alone for a few days, she called for him to come to the palace. She revealed to him that she has fallen in love with him and willing to do anything for him. She gave him back the money that was paid for the clothing materials and told him to keep it as a gift, on the condition that he fulfill her request. The handsome Jew, unable to fight the Yetzer Hara, took the money and fulfilled the princess' request...

In the morning, his partner returned and they packed everything onto the wagons and travelled home. One the way home, the handsome man remembered what occurred during the night and felt much regret and from time to time would say, oy to me, oy to me, what did I do? His partner didn't understand and insisted that he reveal to him what is bothering him. The handsome partner revealed everything that happened during the night with the princess and showed him the money she gave back for the purchase.

He tried comforting him but the handsome partner would not be consoled and continued regretting and crying. Finally, his partner said to him, "I am ready to purchase the sin you committed with the princess, but how much are you willing to pay for it?." Without a second's hesitation, the handsome partner said, "Take all the money, plus 1/2 of the stock, and you go your way and I'll go mine." They made the deal and shook hands.

After this, the handsome man was happy again and when they returned home, they said goodbye to one another. The man who purchased the sin became very rich within a short time. A few years later, he died and it was time to face heaven's court. When the court mentioned the sin of uniting with the non-Jewish woman, the partner denied this charge and claimed that he never did such a thing. The court told him that since he purchased the sin of his business partner, it is considered that it was him who transgressed this sin. The partner said, "I only purchased the sin but never did it, why should I get punished for something I never did?." After much argument, the Bet Din of Shamayim agreed to give him permission to bring his partner to Heaven's court and after hearing both sides, Heaven's court will decide.

The dead man appeared to his partner in a dream and told him that he must come to Heaven's court. The partner was very frightened and did not know what to respond. The dream recurred nightly, demanding that he appear in Heaven's court to be judged. The partner begged to be left alone but his dead partner would not stop demanding till he agrees to join him in Heaven's court.

After many sleepless nights, he became very ill. He asked his family to take him on his sick bed to the Gaon Maharsha, zs'l, to help him. He told the Rav everything that happened, from beginning to end and asked him to advise him how to win in Heaven's court.

The Rav told him, "Don't be frightened, you will not die. Return home and if the dead partner returns again demanding your appearance in Heaven's court, tell him he must come to Bet Din of the Lower World and if he doesn't agree, he must leave you alone."

That night, the dead man returned again and the partner told him what the Rav said. The dead man disappered but after a few days, he returned and said that he agrees to be judged in the Bet Din of the lower world by the holy Maharsha. It was agreed to meet in the Bet Din in one month and in the meantime, the dead man promised not to appear anymore in dreams.

The Kadosh Elyon Maharsha called on all Jews of the city to witness this case, to help them learn to do Teshuva. When it was time, the Rav's helper went to the cemetery and said to the dead man's grave that it's time to appear in Bet Din of Lower World.

The court took place in the Bet HaMidrash and in the corner, a curtain was placed for the dead man. The dayanim (judges) were all present and the Rav Maharsha, whom was Av Bet Din (head of court) sat at the head of the table.

The living partner stood infront of the judge's table and claimed, "Right after the sin with the princess, I regreted the sin I committed and cried so much in agony and if you, my partner, would not have purchased the sin, I would have seeked a Tikun to do complete Teshuva. When you took the money from my hand and half of the stock, you purchased the sin and cleared my mind of this sin. Why do you come to prosecute me now?."

From behind the curtain, the dead man's voice was heard, "My intention was pure. I purchased your sin to help you clear your mind and minimize your pain. I always planned to return the money back to you, with all its profits, but I died before having a chance to do so. Now I owe you money but I don't have to suffer for the sin that you committed. They want to punish me for something I never did or enjoyed. Is this fair judgment, that you sin and I'll get beaten up for it?."

All the people in the Bet HaMidrash heard and recognized the dead man's voice but were not able to see him. When the dead man finished speaking, the dead man burst out crying in a frightening voice and said, "Oy to the person that imagines that he'll rest after death without searching for sins he committed in the Lower World. His end will be so bitter."

The court proceeding continued, and both, the dead man and the living man, continued claiming their innocence while the judges and Av Bet Din listened to every word. When the arguments ended, the holy Maharsha stood up and said, "The living man's claim is more righteous than the dead man because when the partner purchased the sin, he withheld his partner from doing Teshuva. The purchase was authentic and they shook hands. A fool remains a fool, because instead of thanking HKB'H that he did not fall into this trap, he purchases more sins in addition to the sins he already committed."

When the verdict was heard, the dead man burst out crying and in a unhuman weeping voice said, "Oy to me. I waited that justice will find me innocent but now, I was found guilty. My previous partner is still alive and has the opportunity to do Teshuva but I am dead, and cannot. What is going to happen to me? Oy to me. I'll not be given permission to appeal this judgment and will be removed from the court. Oy to me, what did I do?."

The holy Maharsha comforted the dead man and condolenced him, "Even though justice is with the living man and the verdict is in his favor, I will search a tikun for your neshama that will help relief you from your punishment."

Right after the Rav finished saying this, again a loud scary crying noise was heard from the dead man. A large smoke was seen coming from the corner behind the curtain and at that moment, the dead man was removed from the Bet Din of the Lower World.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו