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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Secrets of Sending Away the Mother Bird

"...כי יקרא קן-צפור לפניך בדרך בכל עץ או על הארץ אפרוחים או ביצים והאם רובצת על האפרוחים ... שלח תשלח את האם" If, along the road, you chance upon a bird’s nest, in any tree or on the ground, with nestlings or eggs, and the mother is sitting over the nestlings or on the eggs, send away the mother bird..."

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, zs'kl, says in the Zohar HaKadosh Parshat "Ki Tetze" regarding sending away the mother bird, "This is one of the most concealed commandments in the Torah, and we have in the enigma Torah secrets of the paths and directions for the knowledgeable ones in the group."

Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai told his son Rav Elazar, zs'kl, "Elazar, at the time when Melech HaMoshiach will be aroused, miracles and signs will also be awakened in the world. Come and see: In the lower Gan Eden there is a place that is concealed and hidden and is unknown. It is embroidered in shades and inside are 1,000 Heichalot (halls) hidden and no one can enter them except the Moshiach.

Many chariots of Tzaddikim surround the entire Gan, and Moshiach stands on it. There are also multitudes and camps of Tzaddikim souls there, and on Roshei Chodashim, Chagim and Shabbats, the Moshiach enters this place to take pleasure in all the Heichalot (halls).

Inside the inner sanctum of all these Heichalot, there is one hidden and concealed place that is completely unknown and is called "Eden." No one can reach this place and Moshiach is hidden outside of it, around this place, till the "Ken Tzippor" is revealed to him. This is the place where the Tzippor awakens daily and announces in Gan Eden. This place is embroidered with the images of the rest of all the nations of the world that gather to war against Am Israel and terrorize them.

The Moshiach enters this place and sees the holy Forefathers entering to destructed Bayit of HaShem and sees Rochel Imenu, a'h, and tears are flowing on her cheeks. HKB'H comforts her but she refuses to be comforted, as it says, "מאנה להנחם על בניה". Then the Moshiach raises his voice and cries, causing the entire Gan Eden to shudder and quake. All the Tzaddikim in there bellow and cry together with him. He cries a second time and causes the heaven above Gan Eden to vibrate and tremble, including the 500,000 superior armies, till Moshiach reaches the Divine Throne. HKB'H hints to the Tzippor, and she enters her nest and sits next to Moshiach, and she reads what she reads and awakens what she awakens.

The Divine Holy Throne calls to the Ken HaTzippor and Moshiach three times, and all go up, and HKB'H swears to them to abolish the wicked kingdoms from the world thru Moshiach and revenge Am Israel's vengeance and shows them all the goodness that HKB'H will give Am Israel in the future. The Ken HaTzippor and Moshiach return to their place, and again, Moshiach is hidden in this place as before.

At the time HKB'H will arise to correct the world, His words will light in completeness, Yud in the Hey and Vav in the Hey, and it will be in one completeness. Then a Star will awaken in the center of the heaven, looking as Argaman (this is Moshiach ben Yosef), burning hot and sparkling in the daytime so the whole world can see it. A fire flame will stand on the North side inside the heaven (this is the S'M), and they will stand one against another for 40 days and all humankind will be frightened.

At the conclusion of the 40 days, the fire flame and the Star will provoke a war for everyone to observe, and the fire flame will spread in the North inside the Heaven and attempt to swallow the Star; the rulers, kings, and nations will be frightened of this. Then the Star will arise from the South (side of Chesed) and will seize control over the fire flame, and the fire flame will slowly be engulfed in heaven from the Star till it is no longer seen. Then the Star will track in the heaven for 12 days, and after the other 12 days, all people will be fiercely shocked and the sun will darken at midday, the same as it darkened on the day the Bet HaMikdash was destructed, until neither the heaven nor earth can be seen.

And a voice will be awakened in thunder and lightening, and the earth will be horrified from this voice, and armies and camps will die from it. And on that day a fire flame will awaken in the big city of Romi when it will hear the voice that awakened the earth, and the fire flame will burn skyscrapers and halls, and the skyscrapers will crumble and many princes and ministers will fall that day. No one from humanity will be able to be saved. From that day till 12 months, the kings will consult one another and they will place decrees to obliterate Am Israel and will succeed. And this is why they said,” Fortunate is the man that was there, and fortunate is the man that was not there." And the entire world will be gigantically confused.

At the end of the 12 months, a tribe of Israel will arise, this is Melech HaMoshiach (Ben David), and he will awaken inside Gan Eden and all the Tzaddikim will adorn him. A voice will explode within the branches of the trees in Gan Eden and will call out: "Awaken holy Kedoshim, arise in front of Moshiach. It is time for reuniting the woman with her Husband. The Husband wants to avenge for His wife against all the nations of the world and raise her from the dust." Then everyone will arise and will adorn a weapon belt on the Moshiach as previously done; Avraham Avinu on his right, Yitzchak Avinu on his left, Yaakov Avinu in front of him, and loyal shepherd Moshe Rabenu, a'h, will dance in Gan Eden above all the Tzaddikim.

Moshiach will be prepared by the Tzaddikim in Gan Eden in "Ken HaTzippor" and he will see the image of the destructed Bet HaMikdash and all the Tzaddikim that were murdered inside it. Moshiach will take 10 clothing named, "עשרת לבושי קנאה" and will hide for 40 days and will not be revealed in any way. At the end of the 40 days, one voice will be awaken and will call from the Divine Throne to the Ken HaTzippor with Melech HaMoshiach that hid inside it, and they will ascent upwards, and HKB'H will see the Melech HaMoshiach dressed in the retribution garments and girdled with weapons. HaShem will take him and kiss him on his head. Then, 390 heavens will tremble and shake and HKB'H will point to one heaven that was hidden since the 6 days of creation and will remove from inside one Heichal the engraved Crown with the holy names; the crown that HKB'H placed on Him to revenge Pharaoh and his chariots when Am Israel went thru the Red Sea. HaShem will place this crown on Melech HaMoshiach. Since all the Tikunim were corrected, HKB'H will again kiss Moshiach as before. Who will be able to view the holy chariots and upper camps? Those that constantly cry over the destruction of the Bet HaMikdash and they will give him a red cloak for retribution. Then HKB'H will hide Moshiach inside the Ken HaTzippor for 30 days.

After the 30 days that Moshiach was hiding in Ken HaTzippor, he will descent adorned with all the lower and higher Tikunim with holy camps surrounding him. The whole world will see one Light hanging from the earth to the heaven and it will stand for 7 days. All humanity will wonder and be terrified and will not understand these secrets, except for Chachamim, fortunate is their portion. During these 7 days the earth will be adorned in Ken HaTzippor. Where? This is the burial place of Rochel Imenu, a'h, that stands at the crossroad and he'll notify and console her, and she will accept the comfort and she''ll stand to kiss him.

After this, the Light will arise from this place and will be in Yericho (Jericho), the city of trees 'או על הארץ' or on the land, this is Yerushalayim. And the Light will be hidden in the Ken HaTzippor for 12 months. After the 12 months, the Light will stand between the heaven and the earth and will be in the land of the Galil because that's where the exile of Am Israel begun, and from there the Moshiach of the Light of Ken HaTzippor will be revealed, and he will return to his place.

And on that day, the entire world will be shaking and trembling as before, from one end of the earth to the end. And the entire world will see that Melech HaMoshiach is revealed in the land of the Galil, and those that toil in the Torah will gather to him, and it will be very few. And in the merit of Tinokot shel Bet Raban (children that did not sin) they will strengthen his force and he will triumph; this is the secret of the nestlings. And if there will not be any Tinokot shel Bet Raban, there will be the babies that nurse in the mother's arms, and this are the eggs; in their merit the Divine Spirit stays in the Galut with Am Israel because there will be very few Chachamim at that time. And the meaning of "and the mother is sitting over the nestlings or on the eggs," is that Moshiach will delay for another 12 months.

After this, her Husband will come and will rise Israel from the dust, as it says, 'אקים את סוכת דוד הנופלת' I will raise the falling Succat Dovid". On that day, Melech HaMoshiach will gather all the exiles from one end of the world till its end, as it says, 'אם יהיה נדחך בקצה השמים' וגו' If any of yours be driven out to the outmost parts of heaven, from there HaShem will gather you, and from there will He fetch you:

From that day on, all the miracles, powers, and signs that HKB'H displayed in Egypt, HKB'H will do the same to Israel, as it says, כימי צאתך מארץ מצרים אראנו נפלאות' As in the days when you came out from the land of Egypt, I will show you miracles"

ברוך ה' לעולם אמן ןאמן




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