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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Yaakov, Tzizit, Eagle - 600 to Geula

Last nite, 20 Elul I was speaking with the Malach (angel) about the Geula. There was no sense of fear or anxiety towards the Malach. It seems like a delicious conversation between 2 friends over a cup of coffee, with laughter and extreme joy.

I'm not physically capable of posting the whole conversation because it would take too long, and I don't remember or understand all of it. We all know and feel that the "footsteps" of Moshiach is here [+/-] show/hide text
but feel that the complete redemption is way overdue and there's a tremendous need for us to know why the delay, why the delay? How much longer must we wait? What must be done so the "list" is complete? What is causing this frustrating and nerve-wrecking delay?

We are now in the stage of "בית יעקב לכו ונלכה Family of Jacob, come and let us go" and we need to reach the 'באור ה The light of HaShem. What does this mean? Time is limited and we need to hurry to choose Torat HaShem and His commandments because the End of Days are quickly approaching its end.

Yaakov is spelled יעקב Gematria 594. When we reach the complete Tikun, the missing VAV will be added to יעקוב Yaakov, Gematria 600, same as ציצית Tzizit. Tzizit in Gematria 600 same as eagles נשרים, Gematria 600.

How will we add on the Vav for the complete Tikun? בית יעקב - these are the WOMEN. בני ישראל - these are the MEN. It is the women's "job" to quicken the Redemption process. (The man is the head, but the woman is the neck...). Women are faster and have the inner strength to build a kosher home, educating children to be Bnei Torah, encouraging the husband to invest time in learning, etc.

During the conversation, I said the pasuk כי עמך מקור חיים, באורך נראה אור
“For with You is the source of life; in Your light shall we see light.” and I was getting very excited and was laughing with pure joy.

Yerushalayim will be the Light for all the nations of the world. The Torah is called מקור חיים, source of life. What does באורך נראה אור? This is Moshiach's light, as it says וירא אלהים את האור כי טוב And HaShem saw the light and it was good.

HaShem created Moshiach's light during the 6 days of creation and hid it under His Heavenly Throne. Upon the completion of the Vav, HKB'H will light Melech HaMoshiach's light and all will come towards the LIGHT as it says והלכו גוים לאורך ומלכים לנוגה זרחך... The Goyim who served false gods will fall on their faces, and will lick the sand underneath Melech HaMoshiach's feet, as it says ועפר רגליך ילחכו and all will fall on their faces before the Moshiach and will beg "We will be your and your nation's servants and maids. And each Jew will have 1,000 servants. And the small will be big, as it says "הקטן יהיה לאלף והצעיר לגוי".

Bnei Yisrael, who reached their spiritual high at Mount Sinai, were brought tumbling down as a result of the sin of the Meraglim who spoke badly of Israel. After the great spiritual uplifting that took 600,000 people from the 49 gates of impurity and brought them to the peak of holiness through the building and inaugiration of the Mishkan, comes this terrible fall, this national tragedy. After the Meraglim described what they saw in Israel Bnei-Yisrael felt disappointment and despair.

To get to the Geula, it is the fight between the pure and the impure, the dust to the מקור החיים. We are now in the last days of the Tikun of Meraglim and golden calf. I told the Malach we'll עלה נעלה go up and upward to complete the Tikun. The sins was a step downwards for the purpose of going upwards, purification and purity.

We will not be afraid of the Amalek, the Erev Rav ruling in Israel. We will re-capture Eretz Israel, not with weapons and not with an army, but in the way of Shalom. We will do so because we believe in HaShem and therefore, can. As it says עלה נעלה וירשנו אותה כי יכול נוכל לה

באורך נראה אור - Roshei Tevot BANA and E'VEN - build and stone. By doing Mitzva, it is building the Bet HaMikdash and adds an additional stone.

And the Malach said כי נר מצווה ותורה אור - A Mitzvah has the power to lead to another Mitzvah, as it says מצווה גוררת מצווה. Each Mitzvah is like a candle and just as a candle can light other candles without extinguishing, so can a Mitzvah. By doing a Mitzvah, it is like lighting a candle and this gives HKB'H much joy, as it says נר ה' נשמת אדם.

When will Moshiach arrive? Very very soon. Do you feel the excitement? Do you feel the joy? Last Call for Flight Geula 613 - grab another Mitzvah, join to increase the power of Tehillim (top left button).

HaShem is blessing us, opening the gates of Tshuva, Mercy and Redemption, and the Malach said that this is the time of " ...קומו לכו מתוך עמי"

The Torah is full of candles/Mitzvot, and that is why it is called תורה אור The Torah of Light. When all the light of the candles (Am Israel) unite as one, בית יעקב Bnei Israel will become the תורה אור, Torah is one, Am Israel will be as one.

Torah in Gematria is 611, same as וכל העם יראו ויראו and then the whole nation will see and understand. Torah תורה - 600 of Am Israel, the 10 Commandments and the 1 HASHEM.

And then the Family of Jacob יעקוב will fly on the Tzizit, which are the wings of the Eagle, to Eretz Israel to the גאולה Geula, as it says, "ואשא אתכם על כנפי נשרים I will carry you, on the eagles' wings".

אני יהוה בעתה אחישנה - I Am Hashem, in its time, I will hasten
ברוך ה' לעולם אמן ואמן - Bless HaShem forever, Amen Ve'Amen!!!

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והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו