Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Never Give Up Hope

Racheli is a young mother of 2 children. For Racheli, the matter of modesty was never considered a central matter and it was a far matter from her heart... Till the tragic accident that happened to her, her husband, and her 2 precious young children.

7 months ago they were one their way to Eilat... Racheli, "We were all in the car including our children ages 3 and 18 months old, and were on our way to vacation in Eilat. I placed the babies in an alternative bed in the back of the car so they will be able to sleep comfortably during the car trip. I covered them with a blanket and I also fell asleep, while my husband was driving. He was the only one awake. Suddenly, I hear my husband yelling, "Racheli, we are flipping!". Till I regained my composure, I realized this is not some kind of a bad dream. The car drove thru security gates placed on the road and we fell 20 miles inside the abyss.

The windows of the car shattered and the babies flew out thru the broken windows, each baby to a different direction. I was also thrown out from the car thru a window and continued falling into the depth of the abyss. My husband remained in the car, and the car flipped 4 more times and fell... on me. I was confined under the car and lost consciousness. All I saw was black and I can't explain what I saw... I felt my soul wanting to leave my body and killing my physical body. I spoke to the Creator of the World and asked from Him, "Please don't take me now. I am not yet complete. Give me a little longer to live and then You can take me!".

I cannot describe if I actually said this words out loud or was subconsciously communicating, but this is what I asked. In this undescribable method of communication, I continued talking with the Creator of the World and promised Him that "My first step to complete myself, if my soul does not leave my body permenantly, I promise I'll cover my hair", something I never did or thought about before. Why I made this promise, I don't know. I never attended any Torah classes, never saw shiurim thru technology, never knew that covering the hair is a central bond between women and the Creator of the World. But it's a fact and this is the solemn swear (neder) that I offered.

Suddenly, I woke up. I heard my husband yelling, "What did I do? what did I do?". I heard him searching for the babies but was unable to find them. The 18 old month baby was further down in the abyss, far from us. I yelled to my husband, "Eli, come to save me. I am under the car," but he was very concerned for the children's welfare and didn't realize that my life was at risk.

I was confined under the car, the exhaust part of the car was pressuring on my back and I was in a situation of consciousness and unconsciousness, to a point that I could not feel the tremendeous intense pain. All I wanted was to be saved. Suddenly, from underneath the car, I saw my husband holding my 18 month old little baby, she was hemorrhaging and unconsciousness. I could not see where the blood was coming from and then, I heard my 3 year old son yelling...

I succeeded crying, a little, with the last drops of energy. I tried freeing myself but was unable to move. I was lying underneath the car and begging to be saved. My husband tried to calm me because there was no way he was able to raise the car by himself to release me. He told me that he is going up to the road to search for help. There were hardly any cars passing by and the few that passed by, no one stopped.

When he returned, I told him I love him very much and said farewell forever to him. I felt I was about to die and thought to myself that HaShem did accept my request. He tried calling on the cellular the police, ambulance, Magen David, anyone but there was no reception. The last breathe of air left me. That moment, with strength that human mind cannot fathom, my husband raised the car with one hand, and with the other hand, pulled me out...

I wanted to get up, to help my babies, but could not stand up. Suddenly, out of nowhere, policemen appeared with many other rescuers to release me. I was taken to the hospital, straight to the emergency room because my lung was hemorrhaging. My hip was smashed... The doctors told my husband that if I'd have arrived 1 minute later, I would have been dead. It was a miracle, a genuine miracle.

During my rehab, screws were inserted to correct the hip, the bleeding lung was healed, but I was suffering terribly from harsh burns in the back, results of the hot exhaust pipe pressing on me.

The children were very slightly injured, the doctors didn't believe it and had to admit that Angels protected them. It's not humanly possible to go thru such a harsh accident, to be thrown 20 miles down into the abyss and the children came out of it with only minor scrapes.

Miracle of miracles.

What about the head covering? It was very difficult for me to keep my promise which I swore to HKB'H. I was in a wheelchair for 2 months, and in a rehab in Ashdod. The evil inclination was very quick to visit me often and influence me. I told myself, "It's true that I promised to cover my hair, but it's very difficult to do it all at once. I will cover my hair gradually..."

3 months after the accident, we decided that we want to go out with the kids in my brother's car. Our car was totaled. My brother's car would not start so my husband took it to the mechanic. Meanwhile, I took the kids out for ice cream... I was sitting down and suddenly, I see my 3 year old son running and before I was able to scream, a car hit him and threw him into the air...

I was yelling terribly and the first thing that I thought, "God, what is going on here? In less than 3 months, another accident...". My baby got injured in the head, he fell atop the car and from the car, onto the street floor.

Any mother that witnesses such a tragic accident would go out of her mind. I thought I was going out of my mind. The ambulance arrived and while they were checking my baby, I said to myself, "There are 'deals' to make with the Creator of the World. No games. I said I'll cover my hair and I didn't do it. These are the results...".

B'H, nothing happened to my baby, but it was a warning for me. I made a promise and did not keep it. Ever since the second accident, I began covering my hair all the time.

I want to tell you, "I saw death but that's minimal in comparison to see the death of our children. They are the most precious thing in the world. Even when a sword is placed on a person's neck, one should not give up hope. There is always where to turn to and whom to cry to. It's only necessary to completely believe that the Creator of the World never sleeps. When we call to Him, or just speak with Him, He answers. He is always near us, no matter where and when. Always, the Creator of the World listens when one sincerely turns to Him."

Because of Racheli's moving miracle story, many women asked for a kerchief to cover their hair and upon covering their hair for the first time, said the blessing,
ברוך אתה ה', אלוהינו מלך העולם, שהחיינו וקיימנו והגיענו לזמן הזה
"Blessed art Thou, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who has kept us in life, and has preserved us, and has enabled us to reach this time".





והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו