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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

HaShem is Watching Over Gilad Shalit

I saw last nite Gilad Shalit in my dream and we spoke to one another verbally. I was standing - there was no chair or mattress to sit on. He is in a room, alone, he is so skinney and he has a beard growing. He is wearing different clothing - not the IDF uniform. It's dirty, unfitted, dusty, torn clothing. HE IS ALIVE!!!!!!!!!! Gilad Shalit is ALIVE - HE IS ALIVE!!!!!!! [+/-] show/hide text
I kept asking him if he's ok - Gilad, what's wrong? Gilad, what's going on in your mind??? Are they feeding you, Gilad??? Are you eating??? Are you thirsty? Gilad - what happened to you???? What are they doing to you????? He is in Gaza, in a room with no windows. He told me exactly where he can be found - I can't remember. He is sitting on a chair by the corner and he looks so hopeless. Gilad, say Tehillim with me - Shir Lamaalot - Gilad, repeat after me, please Gilad. He wants to know if anyone is looking for him. Gilad, aba'le, HaShem is watching over you. You are a special Neshama - it will all be in your Zchut. Gilad, say Tehillim with me - please. What's wrong Gilad? Why are you not eating? Are they hurting you? What's wrong Gilad
I kept asking him, he wouldn't answer ???מה יש לך

He is sitting on a chair made of straw - an old chair that brings no comfort. There is no mattress in the room.

The room he is in is not connected to any house. It's a shack or bunker made of stones because there is not much light entering the room. It is not underground. He told me that 1 of them identified himself as Abdul. His name is Abdul. He mostly is in charge.

He wanted a cigarette and I told him he can smoke. (I must have given him the cigarette) I don't even know if he smokes or not. Gilad, mamush, everybody is looking for you, praying for you. Please say with me a small Perek of Tehillim. Shir Lamalot. Nava - run, Abdul is coming, he is coming

Gilad Shalit is thinking about my safety at a time like this. He is worried for me. Gilad, b'h if HaShem will let, I will come back to visit you. Please HaShem, watch over Gilad and keep him safe.- AMEN

I felt that he doesn't know HASHEM, he never learned anything concrete about Yahadut. He used to like sports but now doesn't like anything. He doesn't know who HASHEM is - nobody ever taught him. He doesn't know about Yiddishkeit - it's not his fault. He was never taught. He never hurt anybody but he doesn't know HaShem. That's the only reason why he didn't say Tehillim with me, he doesn't know if it's connected to his return home safely. NO ONE EVER TAUGHT HIM THE EMET!!! He doesn't know. He is tinok shenishba. The zionists brainwashed him in school that we exist thru evolution. HE DOESN'T KNOW THE EMET.

gad yegud yegudeh vehu yagud akeiv, akeiv yagud vehu yegudenu g'dud gad
"גד גדוד יגודנו והוא יגוד עקב עקב יגוד והוא יגודנו גדוד גד"
בראשית פרק מט

ומכאן ממשיך יעקב לברכת גד – "גד גדוד יגודנו והוא יגוד עקב" – לאמר מי שעתיד לבשר את ישועת ה', יהיה איש מזרע גד, ומי הוא? הוי אומר זה אליהו הנביא, אליהו הגלעדי, הבא מגלעד, נחלת גד

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a dream...
Gilad knows the Creator, who is everywhere, even in things that Gilad likes to do sports or whatever.... The Universal Teaching is all around us since we are born untill the moment we die.

Blogger nava said...

The feeling I got was Gilad was never taught and never learned Yahadut. He was brought up disconnected from Judaism. He might know that there is Shabbat and Chagim but there's no holy connection. He doesn't know its meaning and its value. He was never taught anything concrete related to Judaism. It's not his fault!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know what you mean with taught, but holy connection is inside him and doens't mean just to be pushed from outside from other people...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am just saying this from my experience. I knew about the Creator before I knew about the Religion, its books and ceremonies.

When I knew about Religion and religious people, I understood that Creator energy is inside us alive, holy, more than in things like some written papers or statues or stones .... old or new.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Israeli soldier kept in Gaza bunker: report

That was close what Nava dreamed

Anonymous Anonymous said...

GS is a high neshoma that has grown up in a very chiloni anti-religious atmosphere. As a captive, he's forced to get to know Hashem. Your dream is therefore on the money

Blogger nava said...

it could be a bunker. I'm not sure. It's dark and small very little sunlight enters. It's not made out of wood. There are no windows.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i've been tortured thinking about him and feeling
him there all alone and
him not knowing that we're all davening for him
and crying for him and
begging hashem to deliver him home safe. i felt
his desolation at not
knowing and how, if he only knew he'd at least
have that encouragement
and feel that love and support.

on monday, when i said perek shira, i
specifically said it in the merit
that gilad would know and feel our togetherness
with him.

and yesterday you reported that dream!

and i feel he had a similar experience to yours,
so your dream was also
his dream or sense of things and that you
delivered to him this message
for klal yisroel!!!


now we have to get him home.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

GS is a Tinok SheNishbah. He doesn't KNOW HOW to turn to HaShem. And Certainly, HaShem knows this because He knows ALL his children. I davvened "Lamenatzeich Bi'Niginos" 7x from a Shiviti in GS' zchus. May HKB"H have Rachamim on Alll His children.


והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו