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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Power of Teshuva

In the sefer Tomer Devorah: The Palm Tree of Deborah written by the great Kabbalist Rav Moshe Cordovero, zs'l, he explains the meaning of נושא עון "carrying the sin". He asks why does it say 'carrying the sin' instead of 'forgiving the sin'?

When a person sins, the sinner creates from the sin משחיתים demon destroyers. The will of the created demon is to kill the person that created him.

The law of creation is that a father must support his sons. The demons are considered the sons of the sinner because they were was created thru sins.

How does the father support his demon sons? Thru committing more sins. The demons feed off from additional sins of their parent. Every sin creates demons including speaking bad (Lashon Hara) about others, this sin creates many demons.

But when the parent does Teshuva and distances himself from sinning, the demon sons that were created from sins have no support from their parent and have nothing to feed off from. This causes the demons that were created from the sin to get angry at their father for not supporting them and they want to kill him.

HKB'H saves the parent from getting killed by his demon sons. How? HKB'H compensates the demon sons by allowing them to be supported thru their parent's merits. For example, if the parent did charity work, davened in a minyan, helped an old man, etc. his demon sons feed off from their father's Mitzvot. Unless the parent does complete Teshuva, the demons continue to feed off from his parent's merits. It's not bad enough that the sin creates demons and the demons are the person's son but if complete Teshuva is not done, the demon sons have the power to take away their parent's merits leaving the parent 'naked' on Day of Judgment.

This is the matter of נושא עון "carrying the sin". HKB'H carries and suffers the sins of Am Israel. This causes much pain to the שכינה Divine Spirit. It causes the Divine Spirit's abundance to go to the impurity and this is the meaning of שכינתא בגלותה The Divine Spirit in the Exile.

The Divine Spirit must go down to the Klipot (demons) and it must support the demons. This causes the Divine Spirit so much pain because the enemies of HaShem feed off from the holy Divine Spirit.

In the sefer "Chesed LeAvraham", written by the Mekubal Avraham Azoulai, zs'l, it says that since the destruction of the Holy Temple till today, the world falls daily further into the Klipot, together with the Divine Spirit, and the Klipot are in power.

Each day further from the day of the Holy Temple's destruction is more cursed than the previous day. Every day, the Divine Spirit falls further down into the Klipot and is in a lower level than the previous day.

This is why we pray that HaShem should raise the falling of Succat David סוכת דוד הנופלת because it's falling every day further into the klipot.

The end of the world is depended on the maximum level of the falling of the Divine Spirit. When the Divine Spirit can no longer fall because it's at its lowest level, she'll be immediately raised completely.

Tzaddikim that have an understanding of the levels of impurity know when the end will arrive. They know how many maximum levels the Divine Spirit can fall and therefore, they can count how many more days are left till the end. With this knowledge, they know the secret date of Moshiach's arrival.

This is why it's so important not to sin because first, it creates demons. Second, the demons feed off from his parent. Third, the demons feeds off from the Divine Spirit Holiness. Fourth, it causes so much pain to the Divine Spirit. Fifth, it gives power to the demons (klipot). Sixth, it causes the world to fall further inside the klipot. Seventh, it delays Moshiach's arrival.

Translated from the Sefer Pri Tevunot, written by Tzaddik Nistar Kadosh Elyon Yitzchak Moshe Cohen Shlita

To further understand the concept of demon sons created thru transgressions, read Ben Ish Chai's Verdict in Heaven: Return!

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