Dreaming of Moshiach

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Deciphering HaRav Tzadok's Dream

2 individuals attempted deciphering HaRav Tzadok's dream; they did not discuss the dream or its message with one another. Number 1 is deciphered by HL and number 2 by NB. They both arrive to a very similar conclusion, as follows:[+/-] show/hide text

"They" are coming and will soon be here, indeed many of "them" are here already. Fear not, for this is all part of the plan. Everything that transpires is necessary and is for the higher good.
1. I see these as the Malachei Chaboloh (Malachim -Tzevaos of Moshiach) who are coming to mete out justice to the nations of the world. Therefore he says, "Fear not, for this is all part of the plan. Everything that transpires is necessary and is for the higher good. "

2. Nation of the world troops arriving at the border of Lebanon - HKB'H bringing them for the retribution - It's payback time. והתגדלתי והתקדשתי לעיני גויים רבים

5767 is before us like an exposed woman, what is not true of the seed concealed in the earth.
1. An "exposed woman" describes a "sotah" who was exposed at the door of the Bais HaMikdash - for all to see the shame. This refers to the 80% who will not survive. Second part of sentence refers to "Truth will arise from the Earth"... meaning Tzaddikim Yichyeh Be'emunosom'

2. The year is soon to be uncovered, but there will continue to be Hester Panim (HaShem's hidden "face"). Tests of complete Emunah which will be difficult because of the Hester Panim. Many will fail the tests and few will pass. Those who will survive, will merit to see the exposure of HaShem's greatness.

5768 there is no mediator, for Benjamin is the son of Rachel, not Leah, pay attention to that which is close.
1. ---
2. Am Israel's survivors will be independant of all nations of the world, relying only on HaShem. It will be the time of the war. ואיש ישראל התפקדו, לבד מבנימן, ארבע מאות אלף איש, שלף חרב: כל זה, איש מלחמה. Families will not be able to hang on to eachother's merits to survive. Each will be judged on own merits.

5769 the kingdom of Edom is the brother of Israel, as it is written (Malakhi 1:2), "is not Esav Ya'akov's brother.
1. This was said in a context of reproach, that even though Esav was Ya’akov’s brother, I CHOSE to love Ya’akov, not Esav. I think this means that HaShem chose US because of our commitment to Torah. This has obvious implications.

2. אהבתי אתכם, אמר יהוה, ואמרתם, במה אהבתנו; הלוא אח עשו ליעקב, נאם יהוה, ואהב, את יעקב.
(Ovadia's prophecy) Nations of the world will proclaim war against Edom. Because of Edom's arrogance it will eventually suffer humiliation, as Hashem will humble Edom. Eventually Edom's enemies will deceive her, plunder her and rob her. It will be trapped into going to war, which it will lose. Edom's land will become desolate, because she opposed Jacob. Edom mistreats its brother nation, Israel. Due to Edom's sins its ultimate punishment will be retribution. Edom will be repaid measure for measure for tormenting Israel. Finally the Jewish nation will be redeemed. Israel's exiles will return and its' future borders will be restored. Hashem's Kingdom will be established forever.

5770 it is concealed within the letters, and it is asked why are they not obligated in all the mitzvot.
1. The letter “Tes” means “Good”. A woman is not obligated in all the mitzvos because she bears the womb which carries the inherent “good” that is hidden in her for “Tes” – nine months. A woman is not mechuyav in mitzvos sheHazeman geramah because a woman’s neshomoh is “Lema’aleh min HaZeman”, and on a higher level than a man’s. A woman’s neshomoh does not need to reincarnate. Perhaps by 5770 we will ALL be “Lema’aleh min HaZeman”.

2. תש''ע- Number 9, the letter ט asked "HKBH, please place me at the head in the creation of the world; since through me Thou art called "Tov" . HaShem said : "I will not create the world through Tet; as the goodness which Tet representest is hidden and concealed withing thyself, but will, in the world to come". Olam Haba! Many Mitzvot will be taught (korbanot, etc.) to us and many will be cancelled (9 av, etc.)

3rd opinion: 9 months of difficult pregnancy (birthpangs) and it's time for birth - Moshiach. When Moshiach arrives, he will teach us Torah - we'll realize that many Mitzvot kept in the Galut were not properly followed and some were kept warped. It could be also that in the Geula, we will be like newborns.

5771 He is in Mashiah, because he enters first into the Garden of Eden, and he recognizes the fragrance of the Garden.
1 and 2. Adam HaRishon is in Moshiach's neshama - It will be the time of Tchiat HaMetim

5772 Bakhor (firstborn), same letters as Barukh (blessed), also the G-d of Ya'akov is numerically equal to Barukh.
1. In the Third Bas HaMikdash, the Bechorim will serve alongside the Kohanim, for it was originally the Bechorim that were meant to serve at the Mizbeiach. That only changed because of Chait Ha’Egel. Now, all will be restored to the way it should be.

2. Gematria 228 - אלהי יעקב The firstborns will serve in the Bet HaMikdash. We'll all bless HaShem - Baruch Ata HaShem.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו