Dreaming of Moshiach

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dreaming of Moshiach

The LIGHT of Moshiach is getting stronger and many have began feeling it. I thought to bring the beautiful dreams of Moshiach, Tchiat HaMetim (resurrection), and Olam Haba that will very soon materialize, Amen...

Galut to Geula on Eagle's back
...out of nowhere, we heard a loud voice saying "Jews of America, the time has arrived. Come to the seaport and HaShem will take you to Eretz Israel. Do not pack or bring passports". The voice seemed to be from a speaker and it was so clear, as if coming from inside our home....

...We saw hundreds of thousands (revavot) of Jews. A gigantic eagle that was 1/2 the size of Yerushalayim had his tail on the "landing" and Jews climbed aboard. The Eagle boarded 20,000 Jews at a time and within seconds, he waved his wings and disappeared. The eagle returned in less than 5 minutes to pick up more Jews. He waved his gigantic wings 3 times and we arrived in the holy land - Eretz Israel... There were 5 eagles total. Each Eagle was assigned a continent to bring Jews - America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa....Moshiach was sitting on the Eagle's head.

Humbled ones, Geula Arrived
The request of the many people was a success and Moshiach arrived said to all those that cried for him to come,
'ענוים הגיע זמן גאולתכם, ואם אין אתם מאמינים ראו באורי שזרח עליכם שנאמר: 'קומי אורי כי בא אורך וכבוד ה' עליך זרח
Humbled ones, the time of the Geula has arrived. If you don't believe look at the light that is shining on you.
We were in a hall in Shamayim and all the neshamot that were there were silence and not moving. The Kavod came into the hall and covered all the neshamot with HaShem's light that is unexplainable.

Ben David is Ben Dod
Moshiach Ben David בן דוד can also be called Ben Dod בן דוד - same spelling, different meaning. Ben - Son / Dod - Uncle. (Yosef Hatzadik, zs'l, is David Hamelech's Uncle).
Moshiach is in Eretz Israel and the Malach said that this is the secret of Ben David - Ben Dod.

The GD of the Jews
The young man is not scared of anyone - only of the Gd of the Jews. He is always smiling and content. Although he is a kid, he acts like an experienced man that has seen many wars.... In the dream, he is preaching to his arab guests that the Moshiach of the Yehud (Jews) is coming very soon and nothing they do can stop it...Gd of the Jews sent him as messenger to warn the Arabs that the world is coming to an end.

Tchiat Hametim
There were no materialistic things around us. No trees, flowers, grass, houses, cars, etc. It seems like we are standing on sand and all we can see is the ocean and the sky, matching in color. The sand was very soft and comfortable. We all stood united (complete Achdut) and full of thanks to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. We did not talk amongst ourselves, only davened to HaShem....

...We saw Tzaddikim that we daven about them daily, Kodshei Elyon. They appeared out of nowhere standing across us. Our eyesight was perfect. We were able to see their facial features from afar and know whom each Tzaddik was. They did not have "name tags" but we knew who they are. They were dressed in different clothing than we were. We were trembling with excitment. We were tremendously overwhelmed that we are zoche (merit) to see these Tzaddikim.

Bet Hamikdash
...Bet Hamikdash in Shamayim is ready in all its glory. It was "built" by Hakadosh Baruch Hu. ...it is made of pure gold and very shiny - no words can really describe it. No human eye ever saw such beauty and spirituality. The Tzaddikim and Tzaddkaniyot are eager for Tchiat Hametim to serve HaShem - the Kings of all Kings.

Shlomo HaMelech, zs'l, built the Bet Hamikdash in the place where his father, Daveed Hamelech, zs'l, told him. In this holy place, Adam Harishon, zs'l, was created, Avraham Avinu, zs'l, did Akeidat Yitzchok, Noach HaTzaddik, zs'l, built the ark, Cain and Hevel gave the mizbe'ach (sacrifice) to HaShem, Yaakov Avinu had the dream, and where the 12 Shvatim, zs'l, mourned for their father, Yaakov Avinu, zs'l.

HaShem will bring down the Bet Hamikdash with pillars of fire to גרן האטד - In Har Hamoriya, that was previously called גורן ארוונה, and originally called גרן האטד.

Shevi's Dream of Bet HaMikdash
She was extremely excited because two new items had just arrived for the Bet HaMikdash...I was able to see 3/4 of the back corner of the left side of the Bet HaMikdash. But yet at the same time, miraculously , I was also able to see the front of the Bet HaMikdash. I saw this at nighttime, and was surprised at the size of the Bet HaMikdash... We knew that Moshiach would arrive as soon as these two items were delivered. Although I didn't know what the missing 2 items were, I knew that all Jews are involved producing them.

Dreams of Judah Hakohain
I was standing in the rebuilt Beis Hamikdash in the Ezras Kohanim. I was filled with a spirit of love and peace. Crying, I dropped to the marble floor and prostrated myself before the Holy Paroches. I bowed as I wept and thanked Hashem for rebuilding His house... I stood up and behold, I saw a Torah scroll unrolled before me. Another Kohain came over and said that it is Parshas V’Zos HaBrachoh and Parshas Bo.

Aaron HaShem Dream Translation
I felt the Kavod of HaShem surrounding the room so strong and I would die if I raise my body from bowing down. Staying in bowing down position, I heard a "voice" saying in the most gentlest, sweetest, caressing sound. ...Moshiach's arrival will be in every sense "extracting honey from the bees".

FC with Amir about Redemption
There is smoke everywhere because of fires in the mosques. Also, a lot of fear among the goyim, because they know that this is the end of them. We finally merit the redemption of Am Yisroel.

I saw many synagogues flying in the air to Israel. A stunning spectacle of their beauty. Every synagogue flying in the air towards Yerushalayim.

He is dressed in gold. His beauty turns the heart. On his head is a gold king's crown. Very beautiful eyes. I don't see the color [of his eyes]. They are always changing. I simply love him so so so much. He is loking at Yisroel with an extraordinary love. He is standing ready to descend to us.

A great night descends to Eretz Yisroel. No one can see anything. Only Yisroel sees. A very, very, very thick fog. ...Resurrection of the dead together with the redemption...A strong light of Shabbos descends on Yisroel. The light of the original Shabbos Bereishis for Yisroel. ...I see the Bet HaMikdash coming down very, very fast.

...A very great palace...I don't know what it is. Hashem teaches Torah...to Yisroel. Moshiach is also there. ...I see Moshiach learning with Hashem....We don't work anymore. We only enjoy Hashem. ...We are the children of Hashem.

......dress in white...receive Moshiach now because there isn't any more time at all. Another moment those who rest in the dust will come. Hashem is obligated to release Moshiach now. Happy are we that we merited!

Sara's Dreams of Redemption
In Shamayim it was declared "עוד יוסף חי" Yosef HaTzadik is alive. B'h, when Moshiach will appear, Moshiach will be a combination of Moshiach Ben Dovid and Moshiach Ben Yosef and the secret Vav will combine between them.

In the time of Moshiach, people will look 20 years old and there are no elders. It will be like the time of Avraham Avinu, a'h, before he asked from HaShem that there should be aging in the world to be able to tell the difference between young and old. ...People will raise with the light of Mitzvot that they have done in this Olam. The people who lived in the last generation of Galut and merit to enter into the final Geula will be included without concealment, by the Light of their Mitzvot.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, zs'l
The underground cave where Rashbi is buried will break "open" and Rashbi will "emerge" thru the underground tunnels to above-ground, accompanied by Eliyahu Hanavi, announcing Moshiach's arrival.

Am Israel Offering Korbanot
The Bet HaMikdash "landed" in Yerushalayim in all its glory. I asked how long would it take for the Kohanim and Leviim to be "certified" as Kohanim Meyuchasim and how long will it be till they start serving in the Bet HaMikdash? All these questions led to the most important question that I wanted to know, when can Bnei Israel finally begin offering Korbanot to HaKadosh Baruch Hu?

SJW's Dreams of Moshiach
A beautiful woman in a long yellow dress was moving among the guests with a small knife, cutting their shirts as one does for Kriah. She looked at me and smiled. ..."Why are you cutting people's shirts?" I asked. "Mashiach is here", she answered, "he cannot be revealed until Am yisrael has a bit more Tsaar over the destruction of Beit Hamikdash."

...I was walking outside when I met my neighbors and they told me Moshiach has arrived. When I asked what his name was, they told me to look up at the sky. The stars above clearly formed the word "Menachem" in Hebrew.

...They saw a man who was wrapped in a Talit walking across the plain. He was glowing with light and was carrying a staff in his hand.

...He looked at me and said: "Mashiach will come this year!" "How do you know?" I asked. "Because I am Yosef!" he answered. After he said this, a glowing light started streaming from his fingertips, filling the room.

MBY: The Last Birur
Moshiach ben Yosef in the room with millions of men; old, young, middle age, children. He lines up all the men and begins checking man after man, child after child, teenager after teenager. He is mevarer (selecting) each person's forehead about his Holy Brit sign of the Holy Yesod - He examines who has a Brit Milah and who does not - who protected the Holy Brit and who did not protect the holy Covenant of Avraham Avinu.

...Moshiach ben Yosef separating the men into two camps and took with him all the Jews that guarded and protected the Brit HaKodesh

Shoshana's Dreams
It was morning and suddenly I am hearing loud piercing noises, I can't figure out what it is. I stand still and listen - a shofar? what? it's not time for the shofar... then I realize! I drop the glass in my hands and let out a groan/scream (like birth). I run outside with the other women and we are dancing and hugging each other. Moshiach is here....

Greatest Heavenly Celebration
He went inside the shul and I continued observing him through the windows of the door. He put on T’fillin and Talit and began davening. He has some kind of a spiritual power that makes a person want to pick up a Siddur and REALLY daven to HaShem. Each word, each nekuda, each letter seemed so powerful. I saw some kind of a spiritual light around him when he prayed and felt so envious of him. He was davening in a way I've never seen before. He seemed to be so close and respectful to HaShem - like friends, so to speak.
While watching him daven, it was revealed to me that this man is Moshiach Ben Dovid

...What simcha it was in the dream when we realized and believed that our 2,000 years of dreams has finally transpired. People were shocked and overwhelmed - we were all in Eretz Israel and there was music, people dancing, singing and hugging one another in the streets.It was the greatest, most supreme, cheerful, heavenly celebration of our Final Redemption, in honor of Moshiach's arrival. We are finally redeemed...

There was a long trail of iron rails and thousands and thousands of people waiting on the line to get "inside" the "hall" to be part of the biggest celebration. There was only one very very long line of people but without pushing, without security guards, without "bad" people and no complaints. Everyone was extremely excited and some were saying Tehillim. They were all waiting to enter the "hall" and be part of the greatest heavenly celebration...

...Many many Jews entered the "hall", and were chanting "HASHEM HU HA'ELOKIM" (HaShem He is THE King) but yet, so many more were still outside, on line to get inside. My husband was also eager to get all the Jews inside the "hall" because only then, Moshiach will appear and announce the Geula - Final Redemption.

Olam Haba Dream
...There were no old people, babies, handicap, or strollers - there was nothing but us. I don't remember seeing houses, cars, stores, trees. I remember seeing only people, many people. We were all standing on "nothing". There seemed to be nothing underneath our feet. I don't even remember that I was wearing shoes or physical clothing. The sky was above us - the clearest color of "beauty". Never saw such skies in Galut life....

...We understood with a new mind why things happened the way it happened and why we chose to be in Bnei Brak. We all felt such tremendous love for our Father and the urge to worship HaShem with great gratitude; it was an overpowering feeling of pure love and gratefulness to our Father, the Almighty Creator....

...There was a tremendous light coming from the "sky" and coming towards us in slow-motion. We knew it was the Sh'china (Divine spirit) and we were no longer in our physical bodies. We were like Malachim (angels). Millions of Yehudim became one; one mind, one mouth, one unit separated into millions of people. We all thought alike and each Yehudi was totally connected with HaShem as a "team"....

...We were like Malachim, and although millions of Yehudim, we all felt equal as one. In total unison and harmony, we said "ה' הוא האלוקים" (HaShem is GOD). The Light of the Divine Spirit YKV'K came closer to us and in perfect synchronization, we said לעולם ה' דברך ניצב בשמיים (Eternally HaShem, Your Word Firmly Stands in Heaven). We said it 12 times and as we were saying it, the Sh'china embraced us with affection, pure love, and tenderness.

Moshiach Answers and Explains
I asked him which cave he is in and he said on Mount Carmel, inside the cave of Eliyahu HaNavi. Moshiach said I can ask him questions and he'll answer

Question: Are you always in the cave of Eliyahu HaNavi?
Answer: No. I come and go.
Question: Why are you in the cave of Eliyahu HaNavi?
Answer: It's something I'm forced to do. I'm occupied by him.
Question: Did you ever come before?
Answer: 6 times. 60 years ago, 250 years ago. Tzaddikim השביעו me and did יחודים. I cannot tell you the other 4 times....

Various Dreams of Geula
...I saw the most beautiful crown with the rarest red-colored stone. Sunshine and holy fire was coming from the crown and even more from the stone. Because of my sins, I could not bare to look at the crown - the holiness fire was too powerful for my physical eyes. It made me feels ashamed of my sins and I felt an urgent urge to do real Teshuva.In the dream I asked to whom the crown belongs to and was told that HaShem designed it and kept it stored for Melech HaMoshiach and very soon, Moshiach will be crowned

Rivers of Gold; 2 Parts
We are in Yerushalayim looking at the most unique river that splits into 2 long and beautiful rivers, right outside the Holy City of Yerushalayim, flowing into the sea. Both rivers are 3 dimensional and extremely shiny. I tell my husband "My eyes are hurting from the shine of the rivers. Are the rivers made of gold or is the sun shining from the rivers?". My husband stares at the rivers in wonderment and turns to me and says that his eyes are also hurting him from the shininess of the rivers.... Looking at the rivers was like looking at a big and cleanest diamond thru the sun, it pains the eyes but the beauty of it urges to continue looking at its beauty in wonderment of HaShem."The world is so beautiful now that Moshiach is here....

...And Moshiach Appeared
All Mitzvot, since the beginning of the world, was gathered up by HaShem into "power". This 'power' was used to save Jews that are not religious but did some Mitzvot...
The God-fearing genuine Tzaddikim saw in heaven 2 gigantic half circles attached on the top, shining very strong with white lights and coming downwards. As the 2 halves were descending, it reconnected and formed into 1 gigantic circle, like the sun, encirling the world. When it reached the earth, Moshiach appeared.

Light of Magen David
In the dream, Yaacov Avinu, zs'l, and Yosef Hatzaddik, zs'l, were able to see the Light. It is the internal hidden Shabbat Light and will soon be accessable to all who love Hashem, and we will be able to see and feel the Light.

Redemption Very Soon
...The Malach said
והוא יושיענו ויגאלנו שנית וישמיענו ברחמיו שנית לעיני כל חי לאמר. הן גאלתי אתכם אחרית כראשית להיות לכם לאלקיםHe is our G-d, He is Our Father, He is Our King, He is Our Savior, and He will save and redeem us a second time and will tell us in His mercy for all to see: “I have redeemed you at the end (of time) as at the beginning, to be to you for a G-d.”
There is no doubt that those who want to be redeemed, will. Because internally, we are pure and there is no fear, only fear of HaShem.

Reunion of 12 Shvatim & Moshiach
Our holy job was to position the 12 shevatim in a certain position that the grand LIGHT of Elokim of all Olamot (worlds) will be seen and felt in all 4 directions of the North-East-West-South....
...After all 12 shevaim were in position, we also stood in a unique position and together with Bnei Yisrael we were ready and in position.
Together with the 12 Shevatim, we said with ultimate unification, in ONE VOICE:"כבוד המשיח אנחנו מוכנים Honored Moshiach, we are ready..."

In Shamayim, THERE IS MUCH excited that it's the TIME for Prophet Devorah HaNevia, a'h, .... I saw the Malachim dancing around her and placing the gorgeous crown on her, sunshine and holy fire was coming from the crown. All Tzaddikim the Malachim were singing לעת כזאת הגעת למלכות - It is the time YOU attain royalty", and were dancing for her...


כן יאבדו כל אויביך ה' ואוהביו כצאת השמש בגבורתו
"Those who love Him shall be as the sun when it comes out it its might,” refers to the reward of those who rejoice in their afflictions and is found worthy of seeing “the sun emerging in its might” in the World to Come. The “sun” will emerge from the “sheath” and be revealed.

שאו שערים ראשיכם ,ושאו פתחי עולם . ויבוא מלך הכבוד, מי הוא זה מלך הכבוד ה' צבאות הוא מלך הכבוד סלה




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו