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Monday, September 25, 2006

Esther HaMalka, a'h

Rosh HaShana 5767 Friday nite was the first time Esther HaMalka came to speak with me. I say this like I was "expecting" her "visit" and in a way, I was. In the past few years, I feel very connected to Esther HaMalka, a'h, for personal reasons and have searched many sefarim (books) about Queen Esther. One thing that I was never able to find out was the date when she passed away. My husband and I have asked many Rabbanim and Mekubalim but no one seems to know.

I read that she was one of the most 7 physically beautiful women HaShem created but seeing her in the dream, her inner beauty was so pure that I cannot remember her physical beauty. We were discussing Moshiach's arrival. I begged her [+/-] show/hide text
to ask HaShem's permission to resurrect now as Queen Esther, before Moshiach's arrival.

She knew why I'm asking for her to return and she was in full agreement with me. There are many who have not yet done Teshuva and the "time" of "lock down" is very close. If she were to resurrect as Malka Esther and people would believe right away because HaShem would cause for people to have no doubt, they would be frightened and do sincere Teshuva.

She did not explain this to me in the dream, I knew this from reading about the many secrets of the Megillat Esther. Esther means "hidden".
What would cause them the fear? She would tell how it was in Shushan and the ruling of 127 states during Achashverosh's kingdom. How the Jews rebelled against HaShem and when the decree of Haman to kill, destroy, wipe the Jews frightened them. All the Jews of that time united, FROM FEAR, to do Teshuva. There was not one person, Rav, Mekubal, scholar who "predicted"that the decree will be annulled. They feared the decree and therefore, united, did Teshuva and begged HaShem to annul the decree.

Many did not understand why she invited Haman to her private party with her "husband". She did this so the Jews would not count on her to bring them the redemption. They thought that they had a life-link to safety thru Esther but it was not so when she a second time invited Haman, Imach Shemo, to her party. They didn't understand what she was doing. How can she be making parties at a time like this? Therefore, they united as one and did complete Teshuva and could not rely on her as a life-link. When their Teshuva was accepted, HaShem annulled the decree and on that day, Am Israel as one, accepted the Torah, from love.

In the dream, we were more than friends, we were like sisters. I know it sounds weird but the reason I'm revealing it has to do with the dream. We were laughing at world leaders who think they have the best weapons, jet fighters, guns, bombs etc. She said that as much as all of them currently have combined, Haman had even more. And Haman, 2nd in command, had permission to wipe out the Jews in 127 states of the world. It was a "job" that would take less than a day and the Jews had nowhere to run. Wherever they went, it was Achashvrosh's property.

These leaders are nothing in comparison to the "power" Achashverosh had, which was given by HaShem. Although they think they have powerful weapons, and it can destroy the world - it cannot be done without HaShem's permission. America boasts of its power to anyone who would listen - but what happened during Katrina's rage? Or when one Yemenite shook the world with fear till today with 9/11? Esther HaMalka said that this is proof to laugh at the weapons and a wake-up call to do Teshuva because only Teshuva will save the person.

I told her that all the great Rabbanim said, even 1,000 years ago that the Generation of the Moshiach will almost impossible to wake up the Jews to do Teshuva. That's why it's so vital that she gets permission from HKB'H to resurrect and tell the Jews not to be frightened of weapons and bombs but to help them unite to do Teshuva and return to HaShem.

She said just although she sacrificied her life and her will to do Avodat HaShem by marrying a Rasha (wicked) goy, she never lost her sense of direction and continued serving HaShem. They lived with the Goyim but did not let their impurity effect them. And the Jews did real Teshuva even after they mingled with the Goyim and ate the same food as them. As soon as Achashverosh died, she and her real husband, Mordechai continued to serve HaShem and lived as husband and wife.

I told her that this generation is so low in comparison to her generation. How can one who is so surrounded by impurity realize and wake up? She must come and wake them up. She must. Only she can do it because she can tell people the way it was. I begged her. I told her that all 3 Galuyot were in the merit of women. She said the 4th and final Geula will also be in the merit of the women בית יעקב לכו ונלכה

I persistently begged her again that she must help our brothers and sisters. I told her that today is Rosh HaShana and HaShem gave her permission on the Day of Judgment to tell "secrets", for sure HaShem will allow her to resurrect to help Am Israel.

In your mind, if Esther HaMalka resurrected, would it shake you to do authentic Teshuva? If the answer is yes, ask HaShem for this. Don't let there be a doubt in your mind that it cannot be a possibility. If you believe any of the dreams I ever transcribed, such as the Redemption process will begin in Gaza (part 2), loud thunders , the alarm clock, war in Israel, Teshuva, HaShem "collecting" Tzaddikim (story #5), rain in Lisbon, Portugal, the Holy Land of Eretz Israel will suffer, postponing of Moshiach to do more Teshuva, etc. know that the possiblity is more than real. I tell you the truth and Rosh HaShana 5767 is my witness!!!

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