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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Zohar HaKadosh: Romi is NYC

The fourth and last exile in which we are living in is called Galut Edom. In order to completely understand what is Edom, we must go back in history.

The ascent of the Roman empire began slowly as it assumed the rulership from the Greek empire. The Roman empire sprawled from England, including all of Europe, till North Africa, as well as the Middle East and of course, Israel. That's how powerful she was at her peak. Most of the Edom nations are descendants of wicked Esav.

After the disintegration and fall of the Roman Empire, the nations branched out under different rulership or kingdom. In every era, there was one country that was considered powerful, once it was Russia, Spain, Great Britian, France, Germany, etc. Many countries, each with different cultures, but all with the same denominator - the character of Edom and the features of their forefather, Esav.

At some point in history many Europeans immigrated to the new country - America. They are the descendants of Esav in different bodies. The same culture, same character, same traits, and the same Edom ancient ideology. Although the world is much more advanced today, one can clearly see that in our generation, America is the most powerful country - Edom.

יתחזי בקרתא חדא דרומא. וההוא יומא ינפלון ג’ שורין עלאין מההיא קרתא דרומי והיכלא רברבא ינפול
The Zohar HaKadosh (זוהר שמות ח, א-ב) write that a big event will take place in a central city, Roma, and 3 towers will collapse on the very same day in Romi.

...יזדעזעון כל בני עלמא, ויתחשך שמשא בפלגות יומא, כמא דאתחשך יומא דאתחרב בי מקדשא, עד דלא יתחזון שמיא וארעא. ויתער חד קלא ברעם וזיקין ויתחלחל ארעא מההוא קלא וכמה חילין ומשריין ימותון מניה. וההוא יומא ממש יתער בקרתא רבתא חד שלהובא דאשא בההוא קלא דיתער בכל עלמא. ויוקיד כמה מגדלין וכמה היכלין וכמה מגדלין יפלון.. וכמה פרדשכי יפלון בההוא יומא. וכלהו יתכנשון עליה לביש. וכל בני עלמא לא יכלין לאשתזבא.
These towers are located in a city, in a predominantly xtian country. The collapse of the tall towers will be accompanied by a thunder-like sound and tremendeous fire. The fall will be so massive and it will darken the entire area before noon, and daytime will be transformed into night and nothing will be visible. The loss of life will be enormous and people from all walks of life will perish. People will believe that they will never survive the imminent disasters.

Now we can understand that the central city Romi that RaSHBi, zs'kl, is referring to is NYC and the 3 towers are the twin towers plus WTC Building #7 .

2,000 years ago, Roma was the central city of the Edom empire. She reincarnated and today, it's not difficult to identify that the central city Roma is New York City in America.

Now that we understand that Roma is NYC, where the UN building is located, we can understand the following Zohar:

כל מלכי עלמא יתכנשון לגו קרתא רבתא דרומי
All the kings of the world shall assemble in the great city of Rome (in the UN).

וקודשא בריך הוא יתער עלייהו אשא וברדא ואבני אלגביש
And the Holy One, blessed be He, will shower fire and hail and meteoric stones upon them, until they are wiped out from the world.

ויתאבדון מעלמא בר אינון מלכין דלא ימטון לתמן ויהדרון לאגחא קרבין אחרנין
All the kings of the world will die except for 3 kings who did not go to the assembly in Rome and they will remain alive. They shall return and wage other wars.

ומההוא זמנא מלכא משיחא יתער בכל עלמא
During this time, the King Mashiach will declare himself throughout the whole world, and many nations will gather around him together with many armies from all corners of the world.

ויתחשך שמשא בפלגות יומא כמה דאתחשך יומא דאתחרב בי מקדשא, עד דלא יתחזון שמיא וארעא, ויתער חד קלא ברעם וזיקין, ואתחלחלא ארעא מההוא קלא…
Astroids will hide the sun and the world will be darkened and the flame will spread into fires, just like it was the day the Bet HaMidash was destroyed, and the sky and earth will not be seen, and a loud thunderous voice will awaken (nuclear bomb) and the earth will shake from its noise.

Sa'ada describes a vision she saw 4 days before the twin towers fell but didn't know where in the world it will happen ... till it happened. Sa'ada also speaks about a future prophetic vision she saw and gives detailed chilling descriptions of her vision (very similar to the dream America Burning but much more detailed) just as the Zohar Hakadosh says will happen to Edom...

So the remaining questions are ...are you ready to make an Aliya yet? Are you ready to leave Edom? Now that you know what is coming ... it's time to pack up while you still can...

ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות
Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds




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והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו