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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Code Red" Warning

Writing about the shame parade, triggered my mind to remember a dream I had several months ago that till now, was fogotten.

This dream was in June/July. I was speaking to the Malach and calling him Kvodo - His Honor. The Malach said that the gay parade will be cancelled and rescheduled.

This parade, if allowed to occur, cause much pain in Shamayim and angers HaShem. HKB'H gave us the option of choosing. We can choose to keep Shabbat, dress modestly, and we can choose to sin. But for His chosen nation to allow homosexuals and lesbians parading their sins in His holy Zion is just as, c'v, worshipping the gold calf.

I told Kvodo, the Malach, I'm willing to try to convince the ministers of the Knesset the danger outcome of this parade. BUT will they listen to me?. The corruption of Knesset members are too strong.

The Malach said that if this parade will be rescheduled, c'v, and occur in HaShem's Holy Yerushalayim, heads will be decapitated (ראשים יערפו). The streets of the holy city Yerushalayim will be flowing with blood, r'l. And not only in Yerushalayim...
End of dream.

Galia (autistic) said Iyar, 2002 אייר התשס''ב
There is one decree that keeps getting postponed. It is successfully postponed in the merit of the Tzaddikim that are amongst us and the Tefillot from all previous generations. They are begging and crying for Am Israel in Shamayim and are advocating for us. But if it shall happen, only the deserving will survive. It will be tremendous pain right before Gog uMagog and the final redemption.
אך יש גזירה קשה שאינה מתבטלת! כל הזמן מצליחים לדחות אותה עוד ועוד, בזכות הצדיקים החיים בתוכנו ובזכות תפילות כל הצדיקים מכל הדורות, המתחננים על ישראל בשמים ומסנגרים. אך לא ירחק היום וישארו רק הראויים להשאר, זה יהיה כאב גדול מאוד לפני גוג ומגוג שעדיין מצפה לנו והגאולה הקרובה שלנו

Autistics are unanimously saying "if the parade of the sins will materialize, c'v, it's severity is equal to the sin of creating the golden calf. Many Jews will die. The sin of the golden calf was caused by the Erev Rav (mixed multitude) and we kept silent. 2,000 years, till today, we are still suffering for our silence. We are paying for our silence with high interest!! History is being repeated, r'l, and the Erev Rav are again in control. Are we going to be silent again?
אם המצעד יעבור זה ישווה בחומרתו לחטא העגל ויפלו מישראל רבים ,חטא העגל נעשה על ידי הערב רב ואנחנו החרשנו .ועד היום אנחנו משלמים עליו בריבית לטוח ארוך. ההסטוריה חוזרת הערב רב עד הים כבעבר שולט בישראל .

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A segula (remedy) to annul decrees is to say (פרשת הקורבנות (פיטום הקטורת Parshat HaKorbanot (Pitom Haktoret).

The parade is called for NOVEMBER 10 - CHESHVAN 19.
In Gematria 19 is: טבח - slaughter; אויב - enemy
In the Friday nite dream I was told in the month of CHESHVAN will begin Gog Umagog

Right-wing and religious activists have submitted a request to march with dozens of cows, donkeys and horses on the same route where the pride parade will be held, while citing Tehillim and asking for atonement. “We want to parade beasts because these people’s acts are beastly,” explained the Yesha Council representative. Requests to hold the unusual parades have already been submitted to the police, which are examining it.

For those who cannot physically fight for HaShem's honor in Yerushalayim, we could fight with our mind and body spiritually. "כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה"Email sarahyy@earthlink.net or nava998@yahoo.com and add additional merits by encouraging others to be part of the Massive "Parade of Purity" .

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