Dreaming of Moshiach

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Moshiach Code


Things in Shamayim change. I was told that there was a decree that Moshiach's arrival will be delayed due to the need to purify Am Israel. Since that dream, I've not been told that the decree has been cancelled.

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and in the merit of all Tzaddik and Tzadkaniyot, we will all be zoche b'h, after 2,000 years of waiting, not just to see or hear Moshiach, but to live under Malchut Bet David HaMelech, Amen!

Shmuel Alef, Perek Vav, passuk Alef
ויהי ארון יהוה בשדה פלשתים, שבעה חדשים

First letter of each word, חשפובאי.
When scrambling the letters, - 'יחשף אב ו' - will be revealed Vav Av.
Scrambled again, אחוש בפי - I will hasten with my mouth (mochiach's arrival). I was told by the Malach in the dream that Moshiach's arrival will be achishena.

Scramble again, חשפו בא"י HaShem will reveal him in Eretz Yisrael

Scrambling 5 out of 7 words of the Passuk, abled me to decipher more secrets:
ארון - נאור
בשדה - הדבש
פלשתים - מ' שלפתי - Mem is 40 - גואל
שבעה - בשעה
חדשים - ד' -משיח
ויהי נאור ה', הדבש מ' שלפתי, בשעה ד' -משיח
שלפתי מ' הדבש - Hashem will reveal Moshiach – it will seem as extracting honey from bees.

ויהי ארון יהוה בשדה פלשתים, שבעה חדשים
Gematria of the passuk is 2224 - 2+2+2+4 =10 – yud.
Double Yud - HaShem's name.

ויהי נאור ה', הדבש מ' שלפתי, בשעה ד' -משיח
Scrambling the first lettters of the code's anagram, with adding an extra Yud from total Pasuk's Gematria:
ביום השני - on the Second day
Av Vav, 5766 (July 31, 2006) is ביום השני - on MONDAY.

At-Bash, the letters of חשפובאי is תשסובפמ
First 4 letters תשסו is the year 5766
Last 3 letters בפמ are: בִּפְנִים פרשת מפטיר - inside Parshat Maftir (That week's Parsha Maftir פרשת ואתחנן, נחמו speaking about Moshiach's arrival - Nachamu, Nachamu Ami...)

ויהי ארון יהוה בשדה פלשתים, שבעה חדשים
7 words in the passuk/ 31 letters.
Av Vav on the solar calendar in the year 5766 is 7/31
The Malach told me that Satan is weakened on the 31st day of the solar calendar (Lunar Calendar never has 31 days)
More Remazim:
This passuk is written in Perek Vav, Passuk Alef in Shmuel Alef.
Alef is for Av and Vav is the day.

Another clue that Moshiach will b’h come Av Vav is that both second letters of the Meshichim, Yosef and David, is the letter VAV.

2 Vavs in Gematria equals 12 plus the 2 Meshichim totals 14. The letters before the Vavim, is Yud and Daled – spelling Dai 14 – HaShem says ENOUGH to Am Israel's troubles. Our Father, the AV Hamalchut uses the next letters of MBD and MBY, the VAV to reveal the Meshichim for Am Israel complete redemption.

Av Vav can be read in full Hebrew spelling בוא - COME
אבינו contains Av Vav – Our Father in Heaven
(Rabbanim declared that we should say twice daily Avinu Malkenu during these hard times)

The root of the word Shushan is Shesh (six-vav) a reference to the Purim miracle's hidden face of HaShem. HaShem saved Am Israel from Iran with the power of Vav and HaShem will save Am Israel again with the Vav on Av Vav, b'h.

'יחשף אב ו'
And will be revealed Av Vav
ויהי נאור ה', הדבש מ' (משיח) שלפתי, בשעה ד
And the enlightment of HaShem will occur,
I'll extract M' (Moshiach), the honey
At the hour 4

אב ו', תשס"ו at 4 in Eretz Yisrael

Friday night, July 02, I was told the answer of my uncertainty about the hour of Moshiach Tzidkenu's arrival. I dreamed that on THE day of Moshiach's arrival, the clock hour of 4 will connect throughout the universe, it will the same time for every continent, country, city and state with Shamayim. Making the time of Moshiach's arrival universal - in all רקיעים firmaments all 4 directions.
שמע ישראל ה' אלקינו ה' אחד - ECHAD
Aleph - HaShem is ONE
Chet - The 7 רקיעים and the earth
Daled - the 4 directions, North South East West

ECHAD HASHEM, Melech Malchei Hamelachim, will unite the Chet and Daled of Moshiach's arrival day and time b'h.

ויהי ארון יהוה בשדה פלשתים, שבעה חדשים

The rest of the info, I looked it up on the internet to find more connections:
The Secret of the Vav in Hashem's Name

The Vav also corresponds with the 6th sefirah of yesod, the last of the hidden sefirot.

The four letters of Hashem's name YKVK.
Y = chochma
K = bina
V = six sefiros (chesed through yesod)
K = malchus

Yesod is associated with MBY.
Yaakov Avinu chose the letter vav as collateral that Eliayhu would finally come and make peace amongst us. The letter vav always joins two words, two phrases, or two thoughts together. The meaning of the word vav itself is "hook". Vavim are hooks that join together disparate objects. Clearly, if there is any letter in the Hebrew alphabet that symbolizes connection and togetherness, it is the letter vav.
Yaakov knew prophetically that there would be disputes before the coming of Moshiach. The only way for Moshiach to eventually come will be when peace is restored to the world. Symbolically, the letter of collateral that Yaakov took from Eliyahu was the "vav ha-Chibur (of joining). We need the vav ha-Chibur that connects and hooks people together to spread amongst us. (copied from Dov's blog)

אם כבנים רחמנו כרחם אב על בנים אם כעבדים עינינו לך תלויות עד שתחננו ותוציא כאור משפטנו
תלויות - vav ha-Chibur hooks (achdut) people together. The divine power of the letter vav is G-d’s name. Vav has the value of six, and vav repeating is 666666…. Achdut in Am Israel

In Parshat Shelach, it says Ish Echad twice (about the meraglim). The Ben Ish Chai a’h explains why it says twice. One is for MBD and the other is MBY. David Hamelech and Yosef Hatzadik will always be Av (Ben Ish Chai’s choice of word for father) of Moshiach.

ZOHAR Shemot 9b
Know that each day of creation alludes to a thousand years of our existence, and every little detail that occurred on these days will have its corresponding event happen at the proportionate time during its millennium. (Biur HaGra, Safra D’Tzniusa, Chapter Five) This is the meaning of the verse from Tehillim that says: For, a thousand years in Your eyes are but a bygone yesterday ... (Tehillim 90:4)

‘A mystery of mysteries has been revealed to them that are wise of heart. Ten tribes are a thousand years, two tribes are two hundred years. At the conclusion of the twelve tribes (twelve hundred years) the night will become dark over Israel, until the VAV shall arise at the time of sixty-six years.

After the “twelve tribes”, that is, after twelve hundred years of exile. And after the conclusion of the sixty-six years of the night-darkness, the words “And I shall remember my covenant with Jacob” (Lev. xxvi, 42) This refers to the awakening of the letter VAV which is the soul of Yaakov of the House of Yaakov. And this is the secret "All the souls that came to Yaakov in Mitzraim were...66. And this is VAV, the nefesh of the second Beit ha Mikdash, the secret of the lower HE. and this is the VAV, the secret of the sixty six. Sixty for the awakening of Yaakov and six for the awakening of Yosef....

In order for the day of REDEMPTION to arrive, "VeHoyoh HaShem Echod Ush'Mo Echad" -YKVK must be united.

When Adam HaRishon sinned, there was a Sheviras HaKeilim. YK remained together but the Vav (reflecting the 6 days of creation) remains apart. The final K represents the Shechinah. On that Holy and Awesome day when HaShem completes the Sh'leimus of His Great Name, the Vav, which is "trapped" in the klipos of the nations, will be freed, and take its place as the Vav HaChibur, uniting once again the YK with the Sh'chinah (the final K). Uniting again the YKVK completely and the world will not be guided by Midat HaDin of Elokim, it will be ruled by YKVK, the Divine Attribute of Mercy.

ויהי ארון יהוה בשדה פלשתים, שבעה חדשים
שנזכה כולנו לחזור בתשובה שלמה ונזכה לביאת המשיח במהרה בימינו. א מ ן




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו