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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She Wanted to Stay Modest

"I said to HKB'H, either take me also or give me strength"

HaRav Victor Attia, Shlita, Chabad Shliach in Hevron in a shuttering and rare interview about his daughter, Chaya Mushke, a'h, who was seven years old. My son told her, "Mushke, take off your dress so you will not get burned" and she answered him "I want to stay modest".[+/-] show/hide text

The 7 days of mourning ended and HaRav Attia gave http://www.shturem.net/index.php?section=news&id=8109&lang=hebrew an interview, to strengthen Am Israel with Emunah and trust HaShem.

How did you receive the news?
I was on a condolence call. The eldest son was murdered in Lebanon during the last war. I spoke with them about reincarnation, that we don't understand everything; Kiddush HaShem and eternal soul. I told them how sorry I am and feel their pain but we we must strengthen and understand that it's a test from HaShem. The father was in a difficult situation and told me that he feels anger at HaShem. I answered him that when we are in pain, we scream. He should scream. Probably from Shamayim they sent me a test, saying, "Let's see how you will handle this test".

I received a phone call from Rav Dani Cohen Shlita and he told me there's a fire next to my home. I told him I'm not in the city and he should call me if there is need. I felt uncomfortable and after a short time, I see my wife's phone number on my cell screen. I answered and she yelled "Victor, come home immediately. Mushke is burning".

I felt the sky falling on me. I cannot describe it to you, it's unimaginable. I collected my thoughts and commanded the brain to take charge of my heart. I was feeling agitated. I told the family I must leave because my daughter is fighting for her life.

On the drive home, I begged HaShem to give me strength and I kept thinking positive thoughts. I said Tehillim with my son, Shneor. We did not know at the time if we are saying Tehillim for her health or for her neshama.

I couldn't drive and gave the wheel to a friend who was in the car. I kept thinking, HaShem, give me a hint to understand what is going on. I had a Chitas in the car. I opened it randomely and the words on that page were - "Akiva ben Mehallel says, look at 3 things and you will not come into sinning", Pirkei Avot. I put my head down, I understood the answer.

When I arrived home, a friend was outside and I said to him "You didn't succeed saving her". He hugged me and said "Victor, Blessed is the True Judge".

The feeling that minute was extremely difficult. The hardest test, it is intolerable. I asked HaShem "Either You take me or give me strength to continue".

That same second, I felt HKB'H giving me strength that is indescribable. I am a very sensative person and extremely family-oriented. I don't let my children out of my sight and this test is not understandable. I understood that minute the words "HaShem gave, HaShem took" - HaShem gives strength.

The nite before Mushke was cleaning the house. My wife called me and told me "Victor, encourage Chaya Mushke, she did something remarkable today and extraordinary. She cleaned the whole first floor of the house. She sparkled the house". It's important to know that she has never done this before and when she was asked why she's cleaning, she answered, "I want Mommy to feel good. Tomorrow many people will be coming and it's important the house will be clean and neat".

My wife bought her school books and Chaya Mushke insisted not to cover the books with wrapping paper. Everyone tried to convince her otherwise but she insisted in an illogical manner. It was as if she felt that she will never use the books. And it turned out, we donated the books to another child.

If she decided something, there was no way anyone can convince her otherwise. She took upon herself to arrange Tehillim group on Shabbat. She would leave in the middle of Seudat Shabbat, and make sure everyone all the neighborhood kids say Tehillim.

She gave out everything she owned. We cleaned up her closet and found nothing of hers. She gave it all out. She was extremely careful saying Kriat Shema nightly only from a Siddur. Even she was so tired, she would never miss Kriat Shema from her Siddur.

She was always afraid of fire. Always. When she lit Shabbat candle, she would throw the match aside right away. I never understood why she was so frightened of fire. I don't know why she went into the backyard with her younger brother and lit a match. She must have been so frightened. My son threw sand on her and yelled "Muchke, the dress is burning, take it off and run". She answered, while fire is licking her whole body "I'll not be modest".

Family members have had many dreams after the tragedy. It made them realize that there was no way they could have annuled the decree. The sister in law had a dream and she saw the grandmother, a'h, holding Chaya Mushke, a'h, and saying "She is ours". My sister in law did not accept it and fought for Chaya Mushke and the grandmother wouldn't let go. This scene repeated a few times. In the end, the grandmother "won" and she said it was a decree and told her that Chaya Mushke chose to leave this Olam to annul a terrible decree.

Who knows the mysterious ways of Shamayim? The same day of the tragedy, we learned that a number of terrorists wanted to harm the kids of the neighborhood and the bombs they prepared exploded them instead, chasdei HaShem.

After her burial, the Hevre Kadishe told us that always after "Tahara", there is a terrible odor. But Chaya Mushke's body, although burned, smelled delicious.

Victor also dreamed and he saw Chaya Mushke and a big light around her. He called his Rabbi in the morning, HaRav Yekutiel Abuchasera Shlita (grandson of the Baba Sali, a'h), and the Rav told him that Chaya Mushke, a'h, is a tremendous special neshama.

HaRav Attia says that our generation is in a time of enigma and secrets. He is sure that the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'l, is pitying us and pouring strength on us in unnatural forms.

Chaya Mushke, a'h, was Kapara for Am Israel. May her merits save and protect us - Amen.



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