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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Nevuat HaYeled

Rabbi Avraham ben Eliezer Halevi interpretated and commented about the prophecies made by a child, Nachman Chatufa zs'l who born in the year 4,632. His father, Rabbi Pinchas zs'l was a Mekubal and knew HaShem's secret name (Shem HaMeforash), but never used it because of its danger.

He helped and blessed many barren couples to have children. He and his wife a'h did not have any children. When his wife would beseech him to pray for a child, he would ignore her.

One day, when Rabbi Pinchas was napping, she again begged him to ask our Merciful Father for a child. As always, he ignored her but when she fainted, his heart broke. For the first time, he spoke with her and called her "my dove". She begged him to pray for a child but her husband told her that it's better they don't have a child because if they do, the child will cause much sorrow and will be buried at an early age. The wife insisted that she wants a child. Her husband gave in and prayed to HKB'H. In the seventh month of her pregnancy, she gave birth to a son. As soon as he exited, he stood on his feet and bowed down to his mother and started speaking hidden secrets of Shamayim about the Merkava. Rabbi Pinchas slapped his mouth and the baby became mute.

They named him Nachman and he remained mute. The wife again begged her husband to pray that HaShem return the power of speech to their son. She had a big urge to hear him. The husband warned her that if he speaks, he'll die right afterwards. The mother said I'd rather have a speaking son for a few minutes than a mute son...

The Rav called Nachman and tenderly stroked his face and kissed him and he swore him not to say secrets of Shamayim. He blessed the child and Nachman's power of speech was permitted to return. He spoke of 5 prophecies in Aramaic about the Guela. Right afterwards, at the age of 12, he passed away, zs'l.

The following are some of the things the child prophecised about:

  • At the end of days, Turkey will rule over Eretz Israel;
  • Britian (Edom) will come and take power away from them;
  • In 1948, all nations will recognize Israel is ruled by Jews;
  • A ruler in Egypt (Nassar) will rule over arabs and will make pain for Israel. When he will die and no one will remember him;
  • Edom nation shocks the world and instigates wars;
  • The falling tower of Gadia is a sign of the end of time;
  • There will be great changes in the world and great sorrows in the land of Edom on the Western side, as the sea will come in and submerge some of the lands;
  • There will be two eclipses;
  • Troops will go forth from Israel to give the vengeance of Hashem in Edom;
  • The prophecy speaks of a war that will be between Yishmaelim and Edomim in the Holy Land;
  • A nation will come quickly to battle another nation who is shocking the world and will bring judgement on Edom;
  • Paras (Persia) brings hate to the world and cause much worry to the Edomim;
  • The Egyptians will come and make war and in a few days they will awaken a great evil that will leave people crushed and cut off due to the sorrows. This will occur in the land of Gerar, namely the land of the Philistines, meaning Gaza and Gath. And there will be lamentations and bitter crying from the wars and the killing and the pillaging;
  • Those who do not have love for anyone, are happy to kill people. They will wander the land to find people to rob and harm. Everyone hates them because they are evil to the whole world;
  • A city/people called Gadia built a city and a tower. The fall of the Yishmaelim will be in Gadia
  • Rome will fall at the hands of Paras (Persia/Iran);
  • When the avodah zara that is in Rodus (Statue of Liberty?) will be destroyed, shortly afterwards Rome will be destroyed;
  • Ten strong states will be destroyed;
  • Ten towers or fortresses will submerg and then we will see Eliyahu HaNavi, Zachur Letov;
  • When a king (leader) will write a letter and command to build a bridge in Sanbara /Sanvara, the LIGHT has come to Tzion;
  • When we see that Edom governs the land of Israel , we will believe that the last steps of redemption has begun;
  • A spark of fire will fall from the heavens onto the nations;

AND THEN, Moshiach ben Dovid will be revealed, Zchuto should protect us, AMEN.

Video of the Kever of Nachman Chatufa, zs'l - whom he is buried in Bara'am, child of prophecy and the holy Kever (grave) of Esther HaMalka, a'h, and Mordechai HaTzaddik, zs'l.
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