Dreaming of Moshiach

Monday, October 23, 2006


In the post Update on Cheshvan , I wrote about Sara - Gilgul from Bet HaMikdash. I had the most interesting conversation with her and she revealed to us what HaShem revealed to her, as follows:[+/-] show/hide text

HaShem created suffering for the Tikun of the soul and also, to merit others to help each other. Also Drs. and such were created to merit in the Mitzvah of helping.

Saying the prayer of Korbanot daily is very powerful and in itself, can save one thru the hardest times. It is a promise from HaShem that one that says it daily, it will be his protection.

The cause of earthquake and floods punishments are because of unclean sexual transgressions.

She had seen Dovid HaMelech zs'l Chai Ve'Kayam many times in her dreams but not as he looked in Olam Haze (this world), as he looks in Olam Haba; humble, beautiful, wonderful, always smiling, good hearted, warmhearted, good heart, truthful, honest, and decent. He looks Sephardic with dark hair and brown or black color eyes and is appx. 5'8". He has the same facial features as the Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson, zs'l.

The Lubavitch Rebbe zs'l, is the soul root of Dovid HaMelech.

In the past life, when she lived as Teshuvah Shashi, the Bet HaMikdash was destroyed because of Sinaat Chinam. Each person/family took care only of themselves and were egostical. I asked her if, in her opinion in this generation, we have improved this mida? She said "Yes, it's better than what it was. Now there's Gmilut Chasaddim, Hatzalah and many organizations that help Jews. BUT they don't do it Leshem Shamayim..."

Boys/men go to Yeshiva also after marriage but they don't learn Torah Leshem Shamayim, they do it to pass the time and wait monthly for the Kollel/Yeshiva income to transfer into their bank account.

There was no decree in Shamayim for the Israeli Jews to be so poor but because of our sins, the angel prosecuter had permission to pass this terrible decree. When the time arrives, in Shamayim, Binyamin Netanyahu's judgement will be very harsh because he caused many families and Yeshivot to be poor. He also caused divorces, fights and ... (HaShem Ishmor).

Menachem Begin, zs'l, was judged in Shamayim and was announced a Tzaddik. Even though it was a mistake to give Sinai to the Egyptians, he was very humble all his life and especially during his reign as Prime Minister. The Gov't of Israel offered to purchase for him and his wife, Aliza, a'h, a fancy house and he refused. He preferred to live in his humble home where his children grew up.

The PA does not want Eretz Israel land. They want to kill the Jews. They are not educated to respect others and are only taught hatred and we see the results of bad education.

I asked her about the Egyptians and she said "they are snakes". After Menachem Begin, zs'l, gave Sinai to them, the then-President of Egypt, Anwar Sadaat called him a "sly fox".

Rabbi Yaakov Abuchatzeira, z'sl was the gilgul of Yaakov Avinu, zs'l.

Anyone, a Jew or a non-Jew, can ask HaShem/God for anything and eventually, they will receive what they ask for. She told me that her secular neighbor was in love with a guy who didn't even like her. She would cry to HaShem that she wants to marry ONLY this man and after 2 years, they got married, even though they are not a couple matched in heaven.

The Kineret has caused HaShem much sadness from the filth and scum that is thrown in the holy waters of Miriam's well. The immodest swimming in the Kineret causes further sadness to HaShem.

I asked her if she knows when is שעת רצון/a time of Will (Moshiach Answers and Explains) and she said during candle lighting time.

Eretz Israel is placed on the highest land and underneath it, are waters.

Everything HaShem created in the world, from the 6 day of creation, is in couples.

She remembers when she was created with her mate and she saw this Olam/world from the above atmospheres. She said that outside Garden of Eden, the ground was burning hot.

During the time of the Bet HaMikdash, there was no separations of Sephardic or Ashkenaz Jews. Bnei Israel were all called Yelidei Canaan/Israel and the language spoken was Hebrew. It sounds like the same Hebrew spoken today, but was a much higher vocabulary (more like in the Tanach). I asked her which Taamim of Hebrew was spoken and she said very similar to the Sephardim's prayers.

For her tikun, she was reborn in this generation to an Ashkenaz family.

She said that Madonna, yes, the famous singer Madonna, loves doing Mitzvot, helping people and giving charity. She helps many people secretly and this is the secret of her success. She especially likes to help the elders.

This World will come to an end. Moshiach will arrive soon, b'h and we will continue to live in this world. But at some point, when all the Tikunim are finished, this Olam will be closed and we will go to Olam Haba. It may take over 1,000 years till all the Tikunim will be completed.

She saw Moshiach in her dreams and describes him as a man in his 30's. He's about 5'9, 180 lbs., very physically strong and handsome. He is not dark but has dark hair and eyes. She is very sure he is Sephardic.

She saw the Bet HaMikdash in Shamayim that HaShem built. It is made of pure gold and is very big, much bigger than before. She was shown the Menorah as well. She said, when the time arrives, and it will arrive, HaShem will bring the Bet HaMikdash to the earth, to the Holy Land, Yerushalayim, with His Hands which will seem like pillars of fire. (She expained that it looks like the fire produced by the NASA spaceship engines when it takes off for the moon).

She was shown that in Shamayim HaRav Kaduri zs'l is writing a Sefer Torah.

HaShem promised her that anyone who will say the whole Tehillim (150 chapters) in less than 3 hours with pure thoughts, can ask Him anything, even to save ALL of Am Israel and will receive - it is a promise!!! She said that she was said it several times and it takes her less than 2 hours. (I told her it takes me 3 days...)

Tehillim is very powerful and helps to bring salvations and comforts.

Our Heavenly Father loves when we do Mitzvot and help each other. It brings Him much comfort and sweetens the judgments.

I told her that tomorrow is Rosh Chodesh Chesvan and if she has time, she should go to a Kever of a Tzaddik and pray for Am Israel and in her zchut, because of her pure innocence, HaShem will save Am Israel. She told me she cannot. I was surprised to hear her answer. She told me that she hasn't taken a bus in over a year because she doesn't have money. I didn't comprehend what she was saying. She lives in Bat Yam so I told her if she can go to Bnei Brak (not too far) and pray by the Kever of the Chazon Ish, zs'l. She said that she hasn't been to Yerushalayim in 10 years because she can't afford the bus fare.
I asked her if she has enough food for her and her 10 year old son, Eliyahu. She told me that he sometimes brings her food from school...

I asked her if she works and she said that she's an assistant Kindergarten teacher and the pay barely covers their necessary expenses. I asked her why is it that HaShem made her so poor (I know it sounds ignorant and an insensitive questions but judge me with lenientcy. We are both Israelis and if you know Sabras, we "shoot" our questions without the American sensitivity and there is an unspoken language between Israelis that does not need cordial fake preambles. She, too, answered in the most sincere, truthful and innocence). She said it is because HaShem wants that Jews should help one another and to merit in many Mitzvot.

If anyone wants to donate to Sarah and her son Eliyahu, please do so. You can email me nava998@yahoo.com to donate to her or send your donations thru paypal.





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