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Friday, October 24, 2008

American Dream Now a Nightmare

Everyone knows about the American Dream... Mansions with Lincoln Expeditions and SUVs in the four-car garage, right next to the ATVs and jet skis. The dream of children who go to the most elite schools and wear designer clothing. For a lot of Americans, that’s where the dream lies: in large-screen televisions and elite schools, in built-in swimming pools and first-class plane tickets.

Masechet Brachot [3b] says:
A handful cannot satisfy a lion, nor can a pit be filled up with its own earth.

In other words, the American dream has become a nightmare.

The logic reason behind American economy collapse is very simple... Americans spend a lot more than they earn. American are known for living on credit. The daily offerings of credit cards and loans, along with a barrage of advertisements and the media’s push are just part of what has gotten Americans to this point. America doesn’t have enough money to pay for all this spending, so they borrow from foreigners to make up the difference. They keep piling on foreign debt and today owe more than $54 Trillion dollars!!!

The spiritual reason for the American and global economy collapse is because of Nisosot Kedusha sparks of holiness. What are the holy sparks? The AriZal explains that HaShem created the world by forming vessels to hold the Divine Light. This Divine Light was meant to radiate out but as HaShem poured the Light into the vessels, the light was so powerful that the vessels couldn’t contain it and with a huge explosion, they shattered and sparks of this Divine Light became imbedded into the world of matter. These sparks of the Divine were trapped in the material world and it became our task to free the holy sparks.

Until recently, the vast majority of Jews lived in America and the Nisosot Kedusha (spiritual energy) provided America with materialistic abundance and power. So what caused the American and global economy to collapse? The answer is the process of separating and elevating the sparks of holiness in the United States and the world is completing and the holy sparks are restoring to its original source.

In other words, ALIYA! The vast majority of holy sparks are now in Israel. The number of Jews living in America has shrunk to 5.2 million and for the first time in two thousand years, Eretz Israel is home to more Jews than anywhere in the world, approximately 6 million Jews.

History teaches us that this answer applies to all previous magnificent empires such as Spain, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Persia, Babylon, Rome, Egypt, etc. As soon as the Jews left these countries or were expelled, the empires fell apart and collapsed.

The rule is that once an empire collapses, it can never rise again (including America!).

The Midrash says a day will come when people will say, קח את רומי בשקל take Romi for a Shekel and the person will reply לא נחוצה לי I don't need it.

Economic history teach us that when the country's financial institutions collapse and is faced with depression/recession, the only solution is a war. The reason for this is because people look whom to blame and thus, begins a war. As evil as a war is, it is the only solution to resolve the economic collapse. Here are some examples of the relationship between financial collapse and war:

Panic of 1857:
Over 5,000 businesses failed within the first year of the Panic, and unemployment was accompanied in urban areas.
The American Civil War 1861-1865

Panic of 1893:
Stock market and banking collapse.
Spanish-American War 1898.

October 1929: The Great Depression
World War II September 1939 (The end to the Great Depression came about 1941 with America's entry into World War II)

Recession of 1957:
The Vietnam War 1957-1975

October 1987: Black Monday
August 1990 Gulf War and October 2001 War in Afghanistan

2008 - Global Financial Tsunami
The world is facing the last war, aka Gog UMagog.

WAKE UP!!! The American dream is over...
The borders in the United States and the world are still open, choose to join the majority of holy sparks and the Divine Spirit.
Come home to Eretz Israel!




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