Dreaming of Moshiach

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Apologizing to the Rain

Last week, my kids were playing outside and my youngest created a new game - "Kicking the Tree". I asked him to stop and inquired why he feels the need to kick a tree that never harmed him. I explained to him that the tree is a living entity, created by HaShem, and needs water and love to grow healthy.

After explaining to my son the beauty of trees, grass, flowers, etc., I wondered in my mind - since when did I start caring about trees? Does a tree have feelings? Can a tree feel emotional hurt when being kicked? I came to the conclusion that the "mercy" I felt for the tree was influenced by reading Mystical Paths's article about a cedar tree that saved a Tzfat neighborhood during Lebanon War II. (I also read once that for every grass blade, a Malach (Angel) is responsible for it and if someone tears off even one grass blade, it causes pain to the soul of the grass).

Arriving to a conclusion with justified answers that kicking a tree is wrong, I felt a "spiritual high" that trees are living souls and should not be kicked.

Last nite, my husband and I were watching a clip of the massive rain that Eretz Israel accumilated over the past few days, causing damage in some areas. I asked my husband if this is Blessed rain (gishmei Bracha) or not? My husband answered that the rain helped the Kineret rise 3.5 cm, so it is blessed rain. I argued that in some parts of Israel, the excess amount of rain caused road damage and the rain turned the streets into mini-rivers, is this also a blessing? And my husband said that too much of anything, including rain, might not be a blessing. I came to the conclusion that overall, this rain was not Blessed rain.

I WAS WRONG!!! During the nite, 6 Cheshvan, the angel of rain (Sar HaGeshem) told me that the rain in Israel is Gishmei Bracha and I was wrong to doubt HaShem's merciful rain water. I asked the Malach to forgive me. In the dream, I apologized in Hebrew and in English because I verbalized the WRONG conclusion in Hebrew and thought it in English.

I apologize to Sar HaGeshem; Slicha U'Mechila. I was wrong and thank you for the tremendous chesed to "wake up" and realize HaShem's merciful rain.

We begin praying for rain the day after Hoshana Rabbah, on Shimini Atzeret. (Rosh HaShanah 10b-11b) and on Succoth the world is judged how much rain each land will get. Lazer Beams wrote an article "...After a Succoth of clear blue skies, today, the clouds poured out a lovely inch (25 mm) of life-giving rain here in Ashdod. This is a remarkable sign of love from Hashem - as soon as we dismantled our Succas, the heavens literally opened up. The air here has an indescribable fragrance of ocean breeze and wet sycamore - if one could bottle the fragrance, it would be an exquisite perfume".

During Shabbat, we were discussing Parshat Noach and the Passuk כי מלאה הארץ חמס, מפניהם; והנני משחיתם, את הארץ - The earth is full of their violent doings, and now I will put an end to them with the earth" and connected it to the Pasuk "המעשים המתועבים שבגינם הארץ מקיאה את יושביה Because of revolting behavior, the Holy land vomits her dwellers".

The Holy Land can see and judge the revolting acts and has permission to "vomit' revolting dwellers. If the Holy Land is given such tremendous powers, how much more so can be seen from Shamayim???

Although we live in America, 10,000 km away from the Holy Land, everything said and thought is heard in Shamayim. I cannot imagine what will happen if c'v the Shame Parade doesn't get cancelled in the Holy Land - in the holiest city - Yerushalayim. We must fight the impurity and get involved in the Massive "Parade of Purity - everything we do (and don't do) is recorded in Shamayim.

This dream is a tremendous chesed. We need to wake up and if we cannot physically fight, at least we will spiritually fight the "shame parade". If one keeps quiet and doesn't concern himself with the shame it causes, it might cause for even a harsher judgment, c'v.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו