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Sunday, July 23, 2006

HaShem 1 Translation

Harav HaGaon HaMekubal Ben Zion Mutzfi Shlita said the following in regards to the war: These are signs of the Redemption, the Geula is very close.... Now we know that we are so close and HaShem wants to redeem us, let's not miss the opportunity. He warned that the situation is
deterioration, and we must accept to correct ourselves.

HaRav HaMekubal Daniel Zar Shlita said last Wednesday in regards to the on-going war.... These is is clear sign of Redemption. The name Yishmael is HaShem will listen to Am Israel in the time of trouble that Yishmael is doing to us, we will cry very lound to HaShem and as it says in Tehillim "HaShem will listen to our cries and respond" "ישמע אל ויענם" (תהלים נה and then HaShem will redeem us. The situation can deteriorate much more but all the decrees can be cancelled if we correct our doings.

The "parade of shame" has been CANCELLED. This announcement came from the parade organizers few minutes before Shabbat. This is their announcement: "The reason for its cancellation is because this parade needs much police power and security, and due to the war, it is not a time of celebration".

Chazal says that when the gay will be cancelled, so will the Iranians. Chazal brings the word "cancelled" - exactly what happened.

B'h, it should the Will of HaShem to cancel all decrees from Am Israel just like the Parade of Shame has been cancelled, amen.

Heat waves are hitting USA and Europe and has taken many tens of victims. Although this is not what Chazal said that in the future HaShem will take out the sun from her pouch, but keep an eye on the situation.

The feeling that the IDF is fighting against the Hizballa with full coordination not only with the USA, but is the initiative of the USA. This can explain why our Western "friends" together with Great Britain are against stopping the war. They are navigating this war. Knesset member Glaon said today "Israel must acts according to its interest and according to the USA and not to sacrifice our Jewish soldiers into President Bush's cannon fodder". This can explain how all this war is ground preparation to attack Iran.

This war was prophesized by the Midrash: Israel will be at that time with great fear, but at that time will be the time of redemption. Chazal and the Zohar HaKadosh say that the Galil (North) will be the place where many battles will begin before Moshiach's arrival. In many places of the Sfarim HaKdoshim say that Iran will arouse Israel and the whole world.

Although the big fear and more that is described in the Midrash has not yet actualized (It should be HaShem's Will that they never will, although in Ktuvim says very harsh things will happen, c'v, but we need to hope that the decree will be sweetened during our 2,000 years of Galut).

Whomever is not familiar about Moshiach, according to the Kabbalah, Moshiach is included with the souls of Am Israel, and when Hashem says to Moshiach, (the Chesed will overpower the Judgment), then Iran will be wiped off the face of the earth. What this means is that there is such a plan, to wipe out c'v all of Am Israel from the world in a second, but HaShem will cause all their plans to fail, and at the last minute, instead of wiping our Am Israel, the Redemption will arrive. We see this in Megillat Esther.

This decree can be annuled if we improve our actions (each one according to their ability, our doings, and do the will of HaShem. Truth is, since this war broke out we see an escalation in Achdut (unification), something that was missing in the previous years and surly, it can be said that Achdut of the hearts makes the decree sweeter.

According to the Maharal of Prague, Iran means Islam and not specifically Iran, and this fits the description of Gog UMagog war. Tzaddikim Mekuablim of our generation say that the sign of Moshiach is Gog UMagog is a war erupting with Iran.

ספר זרובבל, Zarubavel Sefer says that a very hard war will take place, 40 years after Jerusalem gets her independence (the year we are in 5766), it will produce a distress "that was never seen before in this world", and as a result many will run away to safe place to protect themselves. This can be the missiles and Kassamim causing many people to run away and stay in safe bunkers. We can even go back to last year when we disengaged from Gush Katif, that was the beginning because the IDF ran away from protecting this area.

All the Rabbanim Mekubalim that I've heard in the last few days say in unison, that the situation might deteriorate to a situation that is described in the Holy Sfarim - the war of Gug UMagog, and they stress that this extremely harsh decree can be annuled, if each one of us will get closer to HaShem. They all say that there is the last intensification to bring Moshiach Tziddkenu.

Moshiach Ben Yosef's name is נחמיה בן חושיאל Nechemia ben Chushi-El and Nechemia e hints HaShem will comfort Am Israel and Chushiel hints Achishena (HaShem will hasten).

Moshiach Ben David's name is מנחם בן עמיאל Menachem ben Ami-El. The name Menachem hints that it will be a continued comform and not in past tense. The name Amiel hints that if Am Israel is close to HaShem and does Tshuva, it will be a complete redemption.

http://hashem1.net/ speaks about Iran and then says that the war in the North is a direct connection to the "Parade of Shame". Rabbi Chanina says "MBD does not come till all uncouth are removed from Israel, as it says "and then I will remove the gay from you...."
אמר זעירי, אמר רבי חנינא: אין בן דוד בא עד שיכלו גסי הרוח מישראל, שנאמר "כי אז אסיר מקרבך עליזי גאוותך, ולא תוסיפי לגבהה עוד בהר קודשי" (צפניה ג)… אמר רב פפא: אי בטלי יהירי בטלי אמגושי* דכתיב: "ואשיבה ידי עלייך, ואצרוף כבור סיגיך ואסירה כל בדיליך" (ישעיה א)

The name of Nassrala is the same as Natsrella (previous President of Eygpt). It is known that the Iranians are not from Esav but like Romi, Europe and USA, like the Persians are all from Yefet. The strength of Esav is on his sword "על חרבך תחיה", and this how they show their strength and we come with HaShem's strength, as it says: אלה ברכב, ואלה בסוסים, ואנחנו בשם ה’ אלוקינו נזכיר.

Like always, to bring Moshiach, it's up to us. If we do what HaShem is asking from us, we will see that all bad prophecies can be cancelled and not one Jew will be harmed. If c'v we do not understand HaShem's clear messages, the situation might get worse and detioriate and then Gog Umagog will escalate also on Am Israel. The third option, the worst of all, the war will end without any benefits and spirituality will be gone. It is only up to us, our doings and our choices.

Torah codes what will happen in Av (Warning: not Jewish site): 1 2 3 4

NK's comments - I didn't translate word for word, midrashim, and all blogger's thoughts. I combined all 3 posts into one. (Feel free to translate missing items). The main idea and message was translated.
I was amazed at the similarities of many dreams that we had were written in the Midrashim. I really never knew a lot of these stuff before.



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