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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Serenity of the Righteous

This morning, while driving alone to the Ohel of the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'l, the weirdest thing happened. I started thinking about Devorah HaNevia, a'h, and I got so emotional, tears were flowing. Why would thinking about Devorah HaNevia cause tears? By now, I was bawling. I was on the Belt Parkway when I hit bumper to bumper traffic and I suddenly felt an urgent urge to remove everything from the passenger chair. I look at the passenger chair and I feel Devorah HaNevia is sitting here - inside my car, on the passenger side, next to me.

I freaked out. Is it my imagination or reality? B'h, the traffic was so congested, we were hardly moving and didn't need to concentrate on the road. I hear inside my head the sweetest voice "nava, nava". I instictly turned my head to the right but don't see anyone. I decided to turn up the music and the words of the song hit me like lightening; Yaakov Schwekey's CD, song #6 'Moshiach' and the words in the song are are Uri Uri Ki Ba Orech - the same exact words as said in Shirat Devorah HaNevia, עוּרִי עוּרִי.

By now, my whole being was shaking and I quickly lowered the volume. I again instictly turn to my right to look at Devorah HaNevia, because I felt her presence so strong but see NOTHING. While tears are freely flowing down my face, I say in Hebrew (to her), please reveal yourself or show me a sign you are here. There was no verbal answer, but I got the answer telepathically and Devorah HaNevia answered that she's here inside the car.

At that point, I called my husband on the cell while crying hysterically, "Is it possible? Tell me if it's possible. When you told me to stop 'speaking' with Gilad Shalit, I stopped. Is it happening again but now with Devorah HaNevia, a'h - Aleha HaShalom."

My husband told me to stop driving and park the car on the side. I did as he told me. He told me that after dreaming that HaShem is Watching Over Gilad Shalit, that's when I started having conversations with him. The same thing happened last nite. I spoke in my sleep and dreamed about Devorah HaNevia. He asked me if I remember anything. I did not remember. When he told me some of the dream, I remembered.

In the dream of 27-28 Kislev, I was very excited. I saw Tzaddikim jumping from place to place in this Olam. The Tzaddikim who help Jews while they were alive (like Lubavitch Rebbe, Baba Sali, Rav Kaduri, Rochel Imenu, Devorah HaNevia, etc. zs'l) have permission to come to this Olam and appear to people, either in dreams and/or physically.

I saw Devorah HaNevia in the dream and because we care so much to give her proper and respectful burial, in Shamayim, she has menucha (rest). We have been able to give Devorah HaNevia Aliyat Nishma (elevating her soul) in Shamayim. I saw the Malachim dancing around her and place a crown on her head and Tzaddikim and Tzaddkaniot were singing for her לעת כזאת הגעת למלכות - You have attained royalty at this time".

In the dream, I was so excited and overwhelmed with happiness for her. Devorah HaNevia finally gets the great recognition she so much deserves.

I calmed down and restarted the drive towards the Ohel. (When I got to the Ohel, the first time ever, I merited to witness a Brit Milah in the Ohel of the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'l). I was so excited remembering this beautiful dream, but more than anything, for witnessing the pure joy for Devorah HaNevia.

Once again, without thinking, I turned my head towards the right and looked at the passenger chair. I heard the most pleasant sweetest whisper in my mind, and this time, there was no doubt!! It was Devorah HaNevia. She said 'מגלגלים זכות על ידי זכאי megalgelim z'chut al yedei zakai Good deeds are rolled through innocent people. Now I can have מנוחת ישרים ...'

NK's comment: Devorah HaNevia, a'h, is very humble. Thank you all for your wonderful and thoughtful donations for Kever Devorah HaNevia. For those who have not yet donated, please also be מגלגלים זכות על ידי זכאי and donate for the Renovations of Kever Devorah Hanevia, a'h. I also didn't donate yet...

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