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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

More "Conversations" With Gilad

I was saying Tehillim and right before saying Shir Lama'alot, I called for Gilad and we had permission from HaShem to speak again.

He is feeling hopeless again. He needed more spiritual "push".[+/-] show/hide text

He is crying inside so much and I told him to take that energy and turn it to Aba and to beg Aba to save him. We sat in the kitchen crying crying crying for his pain. He remembers his Pasuk and told me that he says it over and over and over again. We said Shir Lamaalot a few times over - crying - we both became so weak.

I told him that he's a high neshama and today is the hillula (yartzeit) of the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh (he doesn't know who he is). I told him to ask the Tzaddikim, in their zchut, to go to Kise HaKavod, Aba, on his behalf and all his tfilot will reach directly to HaShem's without any klipot detouring his tfilla. I told him that his neshama is gigantic and HaShem is Av Rachman (merciful) is protecting him. He calmed down a little but asked him to cry more and to use this energy to cry to Aba.

I asked him to pray for Am Israel to be zoche to do Tshuva and Moshiach will come with mercy.

He knows Moshiach - he heard it before. He said that he will do it.

I told him I don't know if HaShem will permit me to come again but chasdei HaShem, Aba gave us permission today to speak about the greatness of HaShem - on the hillula of the Ohr HaChaim HaKodosh.

He didn't talk much, just crying and crying and crying. He asked how long will this last and I said that the moment he will feel true love and realization for Aba/HaShem, his "mission" is completed.

He asked to say Shir Lamaalot again.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

with all respect Nava... I think these conversations are in your mind, rather than actually taking place. I would like to believe it is true, but honestly... unless you have the ability to leave your body and travel to Gilad... as an out of body experience.... which I doubt.... I just can't get my mind around these "conversations".
It's also pretty upsetting. I hope his family don't read your blog.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had a gnawing feeling in my heart that GS was depressed. Hodu LaShem Ki Tov Ki Leolam Chasdo. That you were able to give him chizuk and direct his machshovoh to Abba, Ovinu ShBashamayim MUST be a sign that HKB"H WANTS you to help him. That in the zechus of Nashim Tzidkoniyos like you, GS will live free and serve HaShem.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

OUAHHH...Nava , I am so happy you were given permission to talk to him again and help him to
overcome his test and turn to Hashem.
I feel sad he feels so lonely and hopeless. You gave him the right answer , I think , about his
mission: GO BACK TO HASHEM !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you were able to connect with Gilad Ben Aviva. When one Jew suffers, it is a personal tragedy for all of
us. Let's pray for his
immediate and safe release home. Amen.

Blogger nava said...

Answer to Anonymous #1:
You know what, reading this, totally agree with you and say this is CRAZY!!!! It is "crazy" and it is beyond human understanding and even my husband has a hard time understanding this. How could he, if I myself don't understand this!!!
I said to myself it's my imagination and leave it at that. On Motzei Shabbat, I went to Sara's Fabrangin of 12 Tammuz and we asked thru Igrat Kodesh what can we do to help Gilad? The Rebbe zs'l thru Igrat Kodesh.
The Rebbe's answer:
it's not his fault he doesn't know HaShem. They teach in schools "bibles" and not Torah and it only causes confusion and "dislike” to the truth - Yahadut. The Rebbe added that we should pray for the "student" (Gilad Shalit) and he will realize that only HaShem can help him and he will turn to HaShem for help.

The Rebbe's answer is the same as Gilad "told" me last week in the dram and "conversations".

Where would I know these details from? There were 3 other girls with me who saw this answer. They can vouch that this was the answer we got!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the anonymous sceptical who find hard to believe
that Nava could have this " experience " , I ask : < if
she sleeps it 's seems more acceptable to you ? and if yes , why ?
I guess perhaps you don't believe it either...
My concern is , if you can't believe it , because it make no sens to you , how will do with the events and wonders that will come with Mashiah arrival ....knowing
that you will NOT understand it either....
To conclude , I hope that gilat shalit' s family read this
site , 'cause it will make them feel better , to know that at least, he is talking to someone......
.........................even in his head !


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think Nava is having out of body experiences.

Maybe it's a lie that people say they had out of body experiences. What is the difference between out of body and speaking to someone thru ESP or telethapy??
I don't understand any of these unnatural experiences.
I never dreamed about Moshiach but know it's a possibility and others have. So either I choose to believe or not.

She posted in June about a dream that she was pushing people spiritualy to do Tshuva. Now it is happening. She could have never known that it would happen. She posted also that it will all start in Gaza - how could she have known that?
It makes too much sense to deny.
I am choosing to believe

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to tell you after thought i had, you are right, after my expirience in the israeli army, even mosad can not help, even if they know where is he, to bring him back safe
only HASHEM.

Blogger nava said...

Dekeyah said...

is that you - dekelya? I don't have your email. Please email me at nava998@yahoo.com

BTW, only HASHEM!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HOT conversation for a very important thing. I like to believe and I know that even a dream is conected somehow with the energies that are around the reality, but the fact that Nava is so far from the "Student" and Israel and her dream are so often conected with what is going on ...that is very interesting. I dont think that Nava wants just to keep the blog busy with her posts and dreams, but this is something unusuall...

Soon we will knoww about the fate of the Student and we will understand more what we read now about him. One thing is not clear to me; how Rebbe speaks to Nava and say thiss and that?

Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

All Jews are connected spiritually, which is completely above time and space. It is only the obstructions of this world which prevent Jews from communicating with each other in a perfectly natural manner which is unlimited by distance.

See this translation of a the Rebbe's discourse "Amar Rav Oshiya" for more insights: http://yiddishkeit.org/Amar_Rav_Oshaya.htm

Blogger nava said...

how Rebbe speaks to Nava and say thiss and that?

To answer your question.

I write my question in hebrew but I'm sure that Brazilians write in Portugese. So any language that is easiest to express your question. Take any of the many volumes of Igrat Kodesh Sefer. Put your piece of paper with the question inside, in between the pages of the sefer and open the sefer and read the Rebbe's letter. Not always though is there an answer. I do it in the Ohel cuz I don't have the Sfarim at home.

If you have anymore questions, please ask. BTW, it's similar to Goral Igra.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am the anonymous skeptic. After reding all these comments, and esp. the answer fromthe Igrot (which I do believe).... I can come to some sort of conclusion that you are indeed communicating to Gilad (and I hope you are!)
Last night I prayed to Hashem and asked for an answer in a dream.... I had never asked this particular question before... and guess what? I dreamt my answer.

I also believe that Gilad is connected to us all, because when I see his photo I feel a total connection although I have never met him.

I was not trying to ridiculue you, Nava, G-d forbid, I was just trying to understand how you do this.
Tonight I will also try to "connect" with Gilad and pray to Hashem for a connection before I go to sleep.
yasher koach to everyone,
because your faith is incredible.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okey Nava. Thank you for the answer about the Rebbe, but one thing must be explained now; how can happen so often, that you or others in USA, can conect with people or things that happen in the other half,part of the globe?

Edgar Case, the "Sleeping Prophet" has done this, and the whole world knew him for what he was doing.We believe him.We believe the people who help the police in their cases in these abilities to dream or think what others can not...

Did you Nava had these experiences before or they just happen in the last years, months or so?

Blogger nava said...

how can happen so often, that you or others in USA, can conect with people or things that happen in the other half,part of the globe?

This never happened to me before - tell you the truth - there are a few people I'd like to give them a "piece of my mind" and not have to see them :)

If I connect it all - it would be the dream of Aron HaShem in Gaza, http://dreamingofmoshiach.blogspot.com/2006/07/blog-post.html

2 nites later I dream of Gilad http://dreamingofmoshiach.blogspot.com/2006/07/hashem-is-watching-over-gilad-shalit.html.

Wed. and Thurs. I am having "conversations" with him
Sat. nite at a "farbrangin", the Rebbe answers to help Gilad (student) turn to HaShem

And today - 1 dream, 3 conversations.
Maybe he is Aron HaShem that needs to be returned safely from GAZA???? (I should have asked that during the Fabragin but didn't occur to me).

About Sleeping Prophet - I don't know it and to say it politely, not interested. It takes a lot of energy out of me to have even 1 of these conversations becuz my mind is in control and I don't know if it's my mind or not. It's very confusing.

Dreaming is much easier. You see a vision, there's a message and voila. For real.

I'm not complaining chas vechalila just trying to understand all this.

Blogger nava said...

To anonymous skeptic:
Thank you for your note. I'm going a little nuts myself with this and you know what? I myself am not sure if it's real or not.

I really don't know but he tells me stuff I'd never think of if my mind alone was involved. It's mindboggling. Why would I want to stay in the kitchen, say Shir Lamaalot about 15 times out loud and so slow and I'm crying hysterically? I don't get it. And another thing, I cover my head with my hand when I say it "with him" without realizing. I don't need to cover my head - men do.

And just when I think it's my imagination, he wants to say Shir Lamaalot again (and I really don't want) and I feel pushed to say it loud and slow - feeling every word like it's the first time I ever said it.

It's weird - And I feel I wanna run out of the kitchen and leave the weirdness of this behind but my muscles are not listening to the brain.

Someone emailed me this morning the following - this is part of his email:

Good Morning Nava!
I just arived at the office. Yes, I know... it's 7:37 am, I get here at about 7:25 every morning. Believe me.. I will NOT miss this when Moshiach arrives...
....I'm sorry that I'm so down... I went to sleep thinking of Gilad, and I awoke thinking of Gilad. My heart tells me that he is in a deep depression and needs chizuk

A little later, Gilad is telling me he is depressed and sad.

Before posting about Gilad today, I get another email from the same person saying that he never wakes up depressed and sad and he is not sure but thinks he "felt" Gilad transferring these feelings of how sad and depressed he is feeling.

IT'S OVERWHELMING - I hope he comes and speaks with you tonite or tomorrow. He loves saying Shir Lamaalot - I don't know if he speaks English.
Our "conversations" are in Hebrew.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

a must read

navas experiences, especially those of late, are a genuine indication of how close we are to geula!

Blogger nava said...

thank you all so much - from your words of chizzuk, I'm almost convinced it is real.

HaShem, Your children are so worried about our brother, Giladi. TODA HaShem for giving us a vessel to connect with GS and to help him to believe in You and to love and trust YOU!!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may have an answer for you regarding this.
When a person is in jail, specifically in solitary confinement (as I am sure Gilad is)... and they are traumatised... their soul can travel and search for family, friends etc. It is a desperation thing... and something they would not do if they were living normally.
Maybe his soul found your soul, because you are very open to this kind of thing.

Blogger nava said...

לפי דיווח בעיתון 'אל חיאת' שוביו של שליט מחזיקים אותו בבידוד מוחלט.
, כאשר גם שומריו אינם מתקשרים עם החוץ, פרט למקרי חירום, שאז הם מתקשרים באופן אישי ולא בטלפון. הם נמצאים במקום מבודד ללא טלפונים סלולריים

According to an Arab London newspaper, Shalit is being held completely isolated and even his guards have no phone contact, except for emergencies. They are in a place that is isolated without cell phones.


I saw him all alone in a shack or bunker but his eyes are not blindfolded.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the soul of an isolated person can travel or maybe there are other souls around, what we call angels, that connect people, help them to think and sent the messages to each other; agents working for transmiting people's thoughts,felling; energies, but still the big distance is really something unusual in this case...


והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו