Dreaming of Moshiach

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dreaming of Moshiach & Geula

It was about a month before Israel elections and I dreamed that the Lubavitch Rebbe, zs'l, told me to tell the Agudat Lubavitch of Crown Heights or Israel to spread the word to vote for Moshiach. I asked the Rebbe who the candidates are and the Rebbe answered Moshe Rabbeinu, a'h, and Adam HaRishon, a'h.

2-3 days before Election Day in Israel, I dreamed that it is sealed in blood by HKB'H. Till today, I do not know what was sealed in blood but at the time, a Mekubal in Tzfat told my husband that it probably means the "winner" of elections. After many weeks and dreams later, I'm not sure if that's the connection.

My husband dreamed that I'm telling him that Moshiach is right in front of him and to look. He kept telling me he cannot see Moshiach and where is he. I kept repeating, Moshiach is right in front of you - LOOK!! During sleep, my husband sat up and asked frustrated "WHERE?" and while I was sleeping, I answered him "Moshiach will disappear in 2 seconds, look, he is right here, in front of us!!!".

My husband dreamed that we were walking together on a road and he sees a car being driven by someone and inside is Moshiach, sitting in the back sit. He tells me "quick Nava, look at Moshiach". I turn to look and the car swished by and was only able to see a bit of Moshiach's profile and his back.

I dreamed that beginning of Pesach Tashsa (5765), HaShem will start "collecting" Tzaddikim from Olam Hashefel and Klal Israel will be like sheep without a shepard. I was told the number of Tzaddikim that will be "collected" but cannot recall. After the neshamot of the Tzaddkim that Hashem "collected", Moshiach will arrive. The first Kadosh Elyon that HaShem "selected" is HaRav Shlomo Wolbe - Zecher Kadosh VeTzaddik Livracha.
("דודי ירד לגנו, לערוגות הבושם, לרעות בגנים וללקוט שושנים" (שיר השירים ו ב

My youngest son dreamed this past Pesach that he was in a big house with many Jews and the house was shaking unbearably. There was a lion in the house and the Jews were petrified. A BIG tzaddik entered and "punched" the lion, saving the Jews. The house stopped shaking and Moshiach descended from Heaven with Pesach Matza and gave the Jews to eat the Matza.
(I showed my son pictures of Gdolim from this and past generations. He was looking thru the booklet and pointed on Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, Saraf HaShem. He said this was the BIG Tzaddik that "punched" the lion)

My husband dreamed that Shamayim revealed to him who Moshiach is. Moshiach lives in Eretz Israel and comes to NY occassionally (it could be that he also travels to other countries). He is about 40 years old. His height is about 5'8"-5'10". He collects Tzadaka for the poor and yeshivot and does Kiruv work.

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Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

I have a "flat file" of the old forum, and with a little effort I sometimes find things.

Here are some of your references:

At 3:07 am I woke up due to a very exciting dream:
I dreamed that the Rebbe is saying that elections are coming. And I should tell EVERYONE that we must vote for Moshiach. I asked who are the candidates? And the Rebbe told me Adam Harishon and Moshe Rabbeinu a'h. I asked which we should vote for - the Rebbe said Moshiach!!!!'),

In any case, I had another dream but it was not clear. I didn't see the Rebbe zs'l or if I did, I don't remember. It was more of a message in connection to Vote for Moshiach. I don't know what it means if it's good news or not but the message was
úçúåí áãí - to sign in blood
(My husband just called me he is at work already and said that while I was sleeping, I said a passuk from Parshat Haazinu but he cannot remember which pasuk)
When I received this message, I understood that it's not just to vote but to sign in blood Moshiach
I just returned from 770.
I asked
1, what does Tichtom BeDam mean
2. What is it connected to
3. Does the Rebbe Hakadosh agree to open a website called VoteMoshiach or is there something else to be done or do?
answer sefer 15 page 307 (maybe also 306)
My husband remembered the Pasuk that I said during sleeping (any connection?)
Perek 32 pasuk 32 in Haazinu
(פסוק לב) כי מגפן סדם גפנם, [ר] ומשדמת עמרה: [ס] ענבמו ענבי רוש, [ר] אשכלת מררת למו. [ס]

My 6 year old son told me that Thurs. nite, Motzei Pesach he had a dream. \r\nHe was in a place full of strangers and they went upstairs and the stairs were shaking. When they got to the 2nd floor, he saw a lion and a big Rebbi with a very bright face. He also saw the Matza of Moshiach. The Rebbi punched the lion and "broke" him. The Rebbi got the Matza of Moshiach. People were coughing and there was much smoke. The Rebbi went up to Shamayim and then Moshiach came. I asked him who this Rebbi is and he ran to his bedroom and took his brother's Gdolim Collection Book. His brother has 2 and he knew which one to choose. He turned a few pages and pointed to the Ben Ish Chai and said that for sure it was this Rebbi becuz of the special turban and the light of his face. What astonished me about this dream was that he dreamed something so powerful about Moshiach. There is something about Moshiach\'s Matza but cannot find a source for it and the same nite Thursday nite, I had a dream and was told in Shamayim how many Tzaddikim will be niftar as kapara for Am Israel before Moshiach arrives. I asked in shamayim when did the histalkut of the Tzaddikim start and was told from Pesach 5765.

The following morning I read that the head Rabbi of Chachamei Tunisia, Harav Bogid Saadon Hazaken was niftar, z'sl äøá áåâéã ñòãåï æ÷ï çëîé úåðéñéä åâøáä, ðôèø. æö"ì

Blogger Yaakov Nathan said...

Some time ago Eli's brothers had dreams about a lion:

The 3-year old has been having a dream(s?) about a big black lion who he describes as "evil"; the lion bites him on his toe, but then Moshiach comes and kills the lion but the lion doesn't die rather he becomes good.

The 4 and a half year old tells of a dream of a black lion (heard about his brother's dream, perhaps?) but in his dream there are good Jews and bad Jews because the lion is making those Jews bad. But then Moshiach comes and makes the Jews good again.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read with Awe your post on your blog. That you and your husband and son are zoiche to gilui Nistorim is absolutely a gift from HaShem. In the zechus of your intense devotion to HaShem and Klall Yisroel, May we ALL be zoiche to be mekabel p'nei Moshiach bekorov mammash. Amein Ve'Omein!

Blogger nava said...

Apologies to The Tzaddik The Ben Ish Chai - I didn't remember whom my son said.This is great that YN has a record of Le'David Forum. I wish I could see it becuz I posted some dreams under various names such as Esther or Chana Rivka (I don't remember). The reason I posted the dreams under different names was because I was "embarrased" that I was having many dreams about Moshiach and some posters complained that they never have such dreams - it made me to feel guilty. About the lion - Mazal Aryeh as Gershon suggested.

All 3 boys dream scenerios of the lion that match:
"The Rebbi punched the lion and "broke" him"
"big black lion who he describes as "evil"
"the lion is making those Jews bad"

After the lion scenerio, all 3 boys say they saw Moshiach!!!
"The Rebbi went up to Shamayim and then Moshiach came"
"Moshiach comes and kills the lion"
"Moshiach comes and makes the Jews good again


והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו