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Thursday, December 21, 2006

HaShem Coordinates EVERYTHING

B'h, today, exactly a week after finding Kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h, I spoke with Ami. He told me more of what happened after we found the holy kever. The following morning, he went back to the kever and saw there were 3 candles lit on the kever, covered in a tin. He figured someone must have been at the Kever after we found it.

YES - I remembered. When he dropped me off at Koach junction, I was waiting for the never-coming bus. About 15 minutes later, a guy stops his car and offered me a ride. Reality sunk in. I don't know this guy and suddenly, was scared to get in the car with him. He sensed my fear and told me if I feel more comfortable, I can sit in the back. That was a decent offer and I accepted. He drove me to the central bus station in Acco.

On the way, we were talking and he told me that he is in the process of doing Teshuva. He has a wedding hall in Kiryat Shmone and about 3 years ago, was in a very deep depression. Being always a believer, he went to see Rav Dovid of Naharia Shlita (Baba Sali's, zs'l, grandson). He told the Rav he wants to stop running the wedding hall because it wasn't doing well financially and asked the Rav for suggestions for an income. The Rav said to him "How can you quit working at wedding halls? Your name is K'soso - Kol Sason vekol Simcha (sound of singing and happiness)". When he heard this, he decided there and then to buy Tfillin and of course, to continue running the wedding hall.

But he didn't have enough money to buy Tfillin. The following day, again he fell into depression, wanting to purchase Tfillin but not having the money for it. Later on that same day, while his wife was at work and kids at school, his mother-in-law shows up with a gift. She 'decided' to gift him with a new Tfillin.

"So, you see" he tell me, "I have so much Emunah and love for HaShem. It was a revealed miracle. I see now b'h much success in my wedding hall and I am able to bring home a nice income and ever since that day, the Tfillin goes with me where ever I go".

His story made a deep impression on me. I then told him of a recent miracle that just occured to me and how great and Merciful HaShem is, chasdei HaShem. After 2 hours of search in the dark, me and another person, Ami, found Devorah HaNevia's Kever.

He turns around, while driving, and starts reciting the whole Shira (song) of Prophet Devorah. When he finished, he says to me that he drives in this area for 30 years and NEVER knew that Devorah HaNevia is buried here. He wanted to know the exact location.

I asked him if he knows about Devorah HaNevia and he replied "Know her? It is in her merit that I am alive!". I didn't understand. He told me that when he was about 10 years old, in Morocco, the yeshiva he went to taught them Shirat Devorah HaNevia and they had to learn it by heart. Once, he fell into a pit and many hours passed and no one found him. He recited Shirat Devorah and 30 seconds after saying it, he managed to come out of the pit. Till today, he does not know what happened that helped him come out of the pit. Unfortunately, his Judaism decreased and got 'busy' with life and forgot about Shirat Devorah.

He told me that his name K'soso - Kol Sason vekol Simcha. He'll go to Kever Devorah Hanevia and SING to her the Shira that she composed to HKB'H.

When Ami told me about finding the candles, I knew it was Mr. K'soso whom probably got to the Kever early morning, on his way to work...

Ami told me that he announced in the shul about Kever Devorah HaNevia and has taken many people to her Kever, including older men who cannot get there on foot. Everyone in the Moshav is buzzing with excitement about this tremendous 'find'.

Ami is traditional but b'h, goes to shul for Shacharit minyan and never missed a Tefilla on Shabbat Kodesh. He told me that since finding her kever, he goes to 'visit' her every morning and says Shirat Devorah HaNevia right after Shacharit, before going to work. He said that he feels a spiritual Light that he has never felt before and b'h, will begin wearing Tzizit very soon...

I told him that my husband's brother who lives also in the North, is searching for the 'right' constructor to begin renovations. He started laughing and asked him why he's laughing? He said that this is what he does, together with his brother, for a living. They are constructors!!! And they already one step ahead of me and discussed how to renovate the kever for Prophet Devorah and will do ALL the work necessary.


I told him that b'h, many are donating for the renovation. He said that anyone that lives in Israel and wants to donate directly, to give out his home address and the money will go ONLY for material bought to renovate the Kever. He told me his plans which are beautiful. Him and his brother discussed building around the kever a big room with Jerusalem stones and on top, a large Kipa, in blue...

He told me that they cleaned up the area and he will send me more pictures. I asked him if there is an email address where I can write him and he said that he has internet but the computer is broken. I asked him to turn it on. Who knows? Maybe it will work...

Yes, chasdei HaShem, another revealed miracle. His computer works fine, b'h. I emailed him pictures of the messages Devorah HaNevia left in my home, while still on the phone with him. When he received the pictures (Thank You HaShem for the usage and wonders of technology!), he went into a silent shock. I asked him if he's ok and he asked me if I showed these to anyone besides him. I told him about Dreaming of Moshiach blog.

He asked that I show EVERYONE these pictures. I asked him why? He replied that it's a very big revealed miracle and after witnessing what we witnessed at her kever, the whistling song from shamayim and the falling stars, he's considering going to purchase Tzizit right away. He feels ready for this gigantic step.

So, at the request of Ami, here are the Prophet Devorah HaNevia, a'h, left in my home and in many other homes in the merit of singing Shirat Devorah. It's Not Too Late...

The number 4 is Dalet - Devorah
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