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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Measure for Measure II

Guest post by Reb Kaplan, credited to Koneig's World Watch Daily
(Warning: Koneig's World is biblical news from a Christian perspective...)

Rice visits Jerusalem, 1/13-15; Ramallah, 1/14; Egypt 1/15; Saudi Arabia 1/15-16; Kuwait 1/16-17 and pitches President Bush's vision of "Israel and Palestine — living side by side in peace and security" in all the stops.

January 13-19: President Bush declares major FEMA disasters due to severe winter storms in Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas. The California freeze loss was over $1 billion — affecting a majority of the orange and lemon crops.

Rice visits Germany 1/17-18, and Great Britain 1/18-19 to give status reports.

January 17-18: Germany and Great Britain experienced record hurricane-force winds that shut down the train system in Germany, affected trains in Britain, forced the cancellation of most flights out of Frankfurt and London Heathrow's airports, and disrupted barge travel throughout northern Europe and left tremendous property damage.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice hosts the Quartet at the State Department in Washington, D.C. The meetings convened on Feb. 2 to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

"We have had very fruitful discussions about our desire to see an acceleration of progress toward the establishment of a Palestinian state in accordance with the roadmap".

Feb. 1-2, 2007: The same day, state of Florida had the second-deadliest series of tornadoes in state history.

Feb. 2: President Bush declared a major FEMA disaster from the effects of severe storms and tornadoes.

Rice visits Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, 3/25-27; Ramallah, 3/25.

SECRETARY RICE on 3/23: "But what I believe is very important is that all parties in the international community, and that includes the Arab states, should recognize in order to get to an Israeli-Palestinian state, an end to the — a Palestinian state and an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, you need the energy and the help of moving forward on the Arab-Israeli side not at the end of the process but earlier in the process."

March 23-24: President Bush declares major FEMA disasters for severe storms and tornados in New Mexico from .

President Bush gave Palestinian President Abbas $59 million. That was followed by Secretary of State Rice's extensive activity in Washington, D.C., regarding the land of Israel — and resultant meetings in Jerusalem between Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Apr. 15-16: President Bush declared major FEMA disasters for New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Kentucky for storms and flooding.

Rice visits Egypt from May 1-4.

Question of Rice: "Other than the meeting about Iraq, today there was a meeting of the Quartet with the Arab countries about the initiative, the Arab Initiative. With the Israeli problems, there is a deadlock now in this process. How do you view this in the light of visit to the area?"

SECRETARY RICE: "Well, the informal discussion that we are going to have will take place after this. And so we've not yet had that informal discussion. It's just an opportunity for the international Quartet to — we're taking advantage of the fact that we're all here for the international Quartet to hear from the Arab League committee that is going to be presenting in various quarters the Arab League Initiative, as was sent out of the Riyadh summit. So we've not yet had that discussion."

May 4-19 - President Bush declares major FEMA disasters for severe storms, tornadoes and flooding for Kansas, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska.

June 17-19: Olmert arrived in Washington June 17. In preparation for White House talks with President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney, Olmert met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley on June 18 to develop a joint strategy aimed at strengthening Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

June 16-18: President Bush declared major FEMA disasters for Texas' severe storms, tornadoes and flooding.

June 19: New York hit with severe storms and flooding.

The White House announced Olmert was to visit the White House on June 19. The Quartet met in Berlin on May 30 and agreed to meet in the region in June with the Israelis and Palestinians to review progress and discuss the way forward. Rice and the White House continued preparing for the June 18-19 meetings.

May 28-June 2: President Bush declared major FEMA disasters for Nebraska's severe storms and flooding;

June 2-18: North Dakota's severe storms and flooding;

June 10–July 25: Oklahoma's severe storms, flooding and tornadoes.

Rice Visits Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, 8/1-2; Ramallah, 8/2/07.

Aug. 1, Secretary of State Rice, in a visit to Jerusalem meeting with Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, Shimon Peres and Ehud Barak. She began laying the groundwork for a Mideast peace conference — hoping to push Israelis and Palestinians closer to renewing talks.

Aug. 1: A major bridge tragically collapsed in Minnesota congressional district. The bridge's construction was completed in 1967. The area it fell in is called the "west bank".

August 7-8: Under White House pressure, Olmert forced Jews out of homes in Hebron and declared that now is the time for a Palestinian state.

August 8: President Bush declared a major FEMA disaster for New York due to severe storms, flooding and tornadoes.

10/14-18: Rice visits Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, to push for her Middle East Summit at Annapolis — where there were discussions on the boundaries and timing of a Palestinian state, the forfeiture of Judea and Samaria, pressure to divide Jerusalem, and initial discussions on the sovereignty over the Temple Mount.

10/19 - 10/22: Santa Ana winds begin in Southern California; they become hurricane-force winds. The Southern California wildfires burned 518,066 acres, destroyed 3,097 structures, and damaged 509 structures.

10/21: President Bush declared a major FEMA disaster from Southern California's fires.

Rice leaves for Turkey and Israel, 11/1-2/. She arrives in Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, 11/3; Jerusalem, 11/4-5, Ramallah, 11/5. Leaves Jerusalem on 11/5.
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to discuss the future of Israel's land.

Friday, 11/2: Hurricane Noel churning toward Cape Cod and New England.

Saturday, 11/3: Sub-tropical storm Noel plows into Cape Cod and Maine.

Monday, 11/5: Bush Administration Markets fear banks have $1 trillion in toxic debt.

Tuesday, 11/6: Price of gas hits $97;
The US dollar shrank dramatically and hit all-time lows against every floating currency except the Mexican peso.

AMERICAN JEWS: Take shelter prior to the Annapolis Summit...




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