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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Measure for Measure

Guest post by Reb Eliezer, Daniel's father.

I recently came across some information regarding American-Israeli relations that I thought was worth sharing. I am not exactly sure what it all means, but I have learned enough in my life to know that there is no such thing as coincidences.

The following is just a sampling…with the real kicker at the end.

October 30, 1991:
President Bush (1st one) opened the Madrid Conference, the intended purpose of which was to strip Israel of its land in exchange for "peace" with the Palestinian Arabs.

ON THAT VERY DAY, an extremely rare storm formed on the coast of Nova Scotia, a storm later named "The Perfect Storm" (which the book and movie were about), and record-setting waves pounded the New England coast – causing heavy damage to the President's home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

August 23, 1992:
The Madrid Conference moved to Washington, D.C. with the same agenda of attempting to wrest land from a sovereign country. That, of course, would create a state of homelessness for thousands of Jews.

ON THAT VERY DAY, Hurricane Andrews produced an estimated $30 billion in damage, leaving 180,000 Floridians homeless. It was the worst natural disaster to ever hit America – at least up to that time.

January 16, 1994:
President Clinton meets with the Syrian President in order to develop a strategy that would force Israel to give up the Golan Heights.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS LATER, a powerful 6.9 earthquake rocks southern California, leaving countless Americans homeless.

March 1, 1997:
Arafat begins a one-month tour of America and President Clinton publicly rebukes Israel for not surrendering land for peace.

ON THAT VERY DAY, that Arafat lands in America, powerful tornadoes devastate huge sections of the country while ripping across Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Days later, as Arafat is still touring, storms hit the Dakotas, causing the worst flooding of the century.
Weeks of storms rage throughout the Midwest until Arafat completes his tour. The day he leaves the U.S., the storms "suddenly" begin to settle down, and end within a few days.

January 21, 1998:
Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with Clinton and is coldly received as President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeline Albright refuse to lunch with him.

ON THAT VERY DAY, just hours later, the Monica Lewinski scandal erupts and will consume the major portion of Clinton's time for the remainder of his tenure.

Others include…

The World Trade Center Bombing of 1993, on the day that Secretary Albright leaves on a trip to visit 8 Arab/Muslim countries to develop a strategy against Israel.

The Northridge Earthquake in 1994, on the day that President Clinton and Syrian President Assad demand that Israel turn the Golan Heights over to Syria.

Ravaging tornadoes hit the Mid-West on the day in 2002 that Bush negotiates Arafat's release from Israeli capture.

Hurricane Lili hitting the U.S. the same time in 2002 that Bush refuses to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem and refuses to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital.

But here, ladies and gents, is the kicker.

August of 2005 was the month when Sharon expelled the Jews of Gaza from their homes. Just about 10,000 Jews were made homeless, in accordance with the demands of the American President and his Secretary of State. The operation was being concluded on August 29.

ON THAT VERY DAY, America was hit by THE WORST natural disaster to have ever occurred in America. Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans area and just about 500,000 people were made homeless.

10,000 Jews out of a population of 6 million is a percentage of .00167.
500,000 Americans out of a population of 300 million is a percentage of .00167.

Like I said, I don't believe in coincidences. All I can say is that the next time this government comes down hard on our brethren over there, we all might want to duck for cover.

by: Rabbi Baruch Meir Clein




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