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Friday, October 12, 2007

Awaken, Akwaken Devorah

כח 28 Tishrei (10/10), I dreamed that my husband and I, along with thousands of people, are in Tel Kadesh standing in front of Devorah HaNevia's kever and singing Shirat Devorah HaNevia, a'h, with tremendeous devotion. In the dream, it felt like a tremendeous miracle just occurred to us and we were praising and thanking HKB'H.

Suddenly, Devorah HaNevia's coffin, a very large stone with half of it buried in the ground, lifted itself into mid-air and floated towards us. Everyone quickly moved to the side to allow the floating coffin pass by. While it was floating in mid-air, people looked inside the large stone to see if it's possible to get a glimpse of Devorah Hanevia.

Although she was buried over 3,000 years ago, her flesh did not decompose and she looked alive, as if she was 'taking a nap'. (Even though, b'h, I merited to dream about her numberous times and received from Shamayim a picture of her, I never actually saw her. This time, although I was unable to see her face, I was able to see that her skin was light-colored with blond complexion).

We all got extremely excited and simoutaneously began chanting loudly, "URI URI DEVORH URI URI". (Awaken, Akwaken Devorah..)

When I woke up, I remembered that the day before Reb Asher sent me several photos from Tel Kadesh and in one of the pictures was a large stone but since he didn't offer any explanation, I didn't bother to ask him the meaning of this large stone.

Very excited, I quickly emailed him and asked him to explain the stone in the picture. He replied that this stone marks the spot where Devorah HaNevia is buried.

Feeling very skeptical that this is the spot where Devorah HaNevia is buried, I decided to ask HaRav Israel Herzberg Shlita since he has original documents from the Arizal stating the exact location where Devorah HaNevia is buried. Additionaly, he is very involved in this project. It is thru him that we are getting the necessary permits to Build for Devorah HaNevia, a'h.

"Dear HaRav Israel Herzberg Shlita,
During the Chagim, Asher was in Tel Kadesh praying by Kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h. He took a picture of what he claims is the burial spot of Devorah HaNevia, see attached picture. Can you confirm that is the Kever of Devorah HaNevia?".

The following is his answer:
אכן זהו הקבר
אך זה מבנה ענק שצריך לבנותו זוהי אחת האבנים מהמבנה הגדול
"Indeed, this is the Kever.
However, it is a tremendeous structure that needs to be built. This is one of the rocks from the large structure."

Reb Asher told me that he knew that this is the spot because when he came to Tel Kadesh the first time, he noticed a small bird on a tree above Devorah HaNevia's kever, and the bird flew to the lowest branch and kept staring at him. After he prayed, he yelled "URI URI DEVORH URI URI". (Awaken, Akwaken Devorah..), and felt a light wind. He again yelled it and the wind got stronger. (Wind in August is a very strange phenomenon in Israel). This continued 7 times, and each time he said Awaken Akawen Devorah, the wind would get stronger to a point that it blew out all the candles he lit.

Reb Asher found the exact spot where Devorah HaNevia is buried!!!

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