Dreaming of Moshiach

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wake Up, Devorah, Wake Up

2 nites ago, I was dreaming that I'm searching for Kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h, and the dream seemed to be a replay of the actual search of her resting place. In the dream, I was yelling URI URI Devorah, URI URI...

Last nite, my husband and I were trying to figure out why Devorah HaNevia, a'h, said in her song URI URI Devorah URI URI (wake up) 4 times. There are other questions, such as:
Why is she saying 'wake up' in future pretense?
When will she wake up?
What did she mean when she said 'wake up'?
Why does she need to wake up?
Why does she say 4 times'wake up'?

We looked in the sefer of the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, zs'l, and he brings in the name of the Chida HaKadosh, zs'l, that when HaShem does a miracle for a person and this person is thankful to HKB'H, HaShem promises that He'll bestow another miracle on this person.

Devorah HaNevia said URI 4 times; the first two URI are to thank HaShem for the great miracle of winning Sisra and the last two URI is for the miracle that HaShem will bestow on her. The Chida HaKadosh says that in the last two URI (wake up), she asked HaShem not to bestow the promised upcoming miracle in her lifetime but to transfer her promised miracles to the last generation at the End of Days. She asked HKB'H that the final redemption should come easily for the last generaion, with many miracles, just as HaShem did for her generation and they easily won Sisra and the land was quite (no more wars) for 40 years.

Devorah HaNevia was so humble and cares so much about Am Israel - she humbly transferred her guaranteed miracles, 3,000 years later, to us, TO US!!!!!!

This is even more proof that Moshiach is closer than ever because it is our generation that are zoche to build for her a Tzion, after 3,000 years.

In the zchut of Devorah HaNevia, HaShem will bestow on our generation the promised miracles.


The dream DONATE TO BE REDEEMED makes so much more sense now and can be easily understood:
In the dream, I was told that Moshiach's arrival, Moshiach ben David, is depended on Devorah HaNevia, a'h and that Moshiach will arrive right after the Tzion for Devorah HaNevia is built.

Why is Moshiach ben David's arrival depended on Devorah HaNevia?
The reason is because HaShem promised her that He'll transfer His promised miracles to our generation for the final redemption.

Why will Moshiach ben David arrive right after the Tzion for Devorah HaNevia is built?
It says that Tzaddikim will resurrect first, from their kever. If Devorah HaNevia does not have a kever, and in her zchut the redemption will arrive with many miracles, how can HaShem send Moshiach ben David????? Can the redemption come without a kever for Devorah HaNevia to resurrect from??????

I was also told in this dream that "IF YOU DON'T PARTICIPATE IN BUILDING FOR DEVORAH HANEVIA A PROPER KEVER, YOU ARE DELAYING MOSHIACH'S ARRIVAL!!!" - truthfully, I never understood this but now it's also very simple to understand.

If the delay to build a proper kever for Devorah HaNevia is because lack of funds, and Devorah HaNevia does not yet have a kever, Moshiach will be delayed!!!

To sum it all up with the Chida HaKadosh's explaination and the message of the dream : By participating in donating for building the kever for Devorah HaNevia, HaShem will bestow on YOU His promise to Devorah HaNevia and merit you to see and live the great miracles of the final redemption!!!!!!

In gratitute to Devorah HaNevia's song of praise to HaShem, HKB'H will not send Moshiach till Devorah HaNevia has a kever. We need also to show Hakarat Hatov (gratitude) to Devorah HaNevia for transferring her promised miracles to us for the redemption to come with much miracles.... Renovations of Kever Devorah Hanevia, a'h.




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו