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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Seven Subterranean Worlds by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok Shlita

In the story of Thought You Know Everything?, HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok Shlita of Kosher Torah brought to my attention an error I had, as follows:

"...The two headed man is not an extraterrestrial... he is of this Earth.... INNER EARTH... and he is not of Tevel... we are. We humans are not alone in the universe, nor on our own world. The Shin-Dalets (demons) too are indigneous to Earth and they are not as "ruhani" (spiritual) as one might think!."

The Seven Subterranean Worlds; by HaRav Ariel Bar Tzadok

Is it possible that the world is hollow? Long before this became science fiction, many believed this to be science fact. This was a theory proposed by no less a scientist than Sir Edmund Halley, the discoverer of Halley’s Comet. We Jews did not need Sir Edmund to tell us about the hollow earth theory. The ancient writings of the holy Zohar are replete with stories and details of what lies beneath the surface of our earth. While many modern oriented Jewish scholars will scoff at what to them sounds like a preposterous idea, nonetheless Jewish tradition holds to the belief that we humans on the surface of this world are not the only civilized beings on (or in) this planet.

According to Jewish tradition, there are seven levels to the earth, one on top of the other. Some Rabbis have wanted to interpret these seven to be the continents of which we all know. Other Rabbis have been insistent on taking literally the language that says that these lands are stacked one on top of the other (Zohar 2, 30B; 3, 10A).

Yet it may be that these seven lands are actually other dimensions. The Zohar (1, 254A) states that the seven earths are like the seven Heavens. The seven Heavens are known to be other dimensions, so maybe so are the seven earths. However, the impression given by the Zohar is that they are physical domains that underlie the earth that we know, which is the seventh level, called Tevel.

In the holy Zohar (1, 40B) it states that there are seven earths and that each one is inhabited by human-like people. In the 17th century Kabbalistic classic Hesed L’Avraham (2,4) the author, Rabbi Avraham Azulai, states that there are 365 different species of creatures in inner earth which are half-human/half-animal, similar to the ancient centaur.

In the Tikunei Zohar it states that Adam had visited all of the seven earths and that he left progeny in each one. Just who the mothers were is not told. The Zohar (3, 10A) states that the Garden of Eden is at the center of these lands. Gehinnom (hell) is said to be located in the fourth subterranean level called Gey. In the second subterranean level called Adamah (which in Hebrew simply mean “land”) the Zohar (1, 253B) teaches that Cain and Abel were born.

In the fifth subterranean level called Nishiyah, the Zohar (Z.H. Ruth 109A) teaches that the dwellers there are all male, and that they have no females. The Zohar (1, 254A) also teaches that the dwellers in Nishiyah have no noses, only two slits through which they breath. These beings are said (ibid.) to be of small stature. These descriptions sound very similar to the malevolent alleged extraterrestrials called the “greys.”

The Zohar says that in one realm called Arka there dwell a people with two heads. One of them was spotted by the Sages Rabbi Hiya and Rabbi Yosi (Zohar 1, 157A). They witnessed him come up from an underground cave and held a conversation with him.

Stories like this abound throughout Jewish literature. One thing is certain, the Sages were not joking. They believed that there are subterranean worlds, and they believed these worlds to be inhabited by a number of different types of life forms. The Rabbis and Kabbalists believe that the “mazikin” demons and the fallen angels today have their domains in the subterranean depths beneath our earth.

Maybe these dwellers in Nishiyah are the mazikin demons, I cannot say for sure. One point must be made clear: these other-worldly creatures of whom we speak may not be corporeal within our world. Remember, demons can see, but cannot be seen. However, they may be corporeal in the context of their own worlds. Other worlds (planets) and other dimensions may not be so far removed from one another. They really might be one and the same thing.

Throughout Jewish history, there have been numerous records of man’s contacts with the demons. From King Solomon's famous struggle with the King of the demons, Asmodeus, to present day possessions presented in the writings of Rabbi Yehuda Fatiyah, the Rabbis and Kabbalists have always known, as it says in the Tractate Berakhot of the Talmud (quoted above), we are not alone!

We now have a number of options to help us recognize who our visitors may be: extraterrestrial visitors from another planet, angelic watchers, fallen angels and demons. Each of these entities have specific identifying characteristics when they interact with mankind. It is now time to delve into some modern UFO and so-called alien abduction literature to see what is going on, and, if possible, identify who is doing what to whom.




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