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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prophet Devorah Shining Sun

On 12 Kislev, more secrets from Prophet Devora's powerful song was given to me and it's so amazing, you are in for one of the biggest gifts from HaShem's wonderous secrets. It is connected to Prophet Devorah, a'h, song, Birkat HaChama (Blessing on the Sun) and Bet HaMikdash.

Tzaddikim are compared to the sun and Devorah Hanevia (a'h) hinted it in her amazing and powerful song:
... וְאֹהֲבָיו כְּצֵאת הַשֶּׁמֶשׁ - HaShem's Lovers are like the sun when goes forth in might".

The Malach told me 10 explanations* how the Tzaddik is the sun:

1. Without sun, the world cannot exist;
Without Tzaddikim, the world cannot exist.

2. The sun is untouchable and its חמה heat burns;
A Tzaddik is untouchable and if he is caused to be מקפיד strict on someone/something, he can burn it or him. (As we saw today what happened to El Al Measurement for Measurement)

3. The sun is burning hot for 24/7 and even without seeing the sunlight directly, we see its light reflecting on the the moon;
A Tzaddik lights the world 24/7, even if we cannot see him.

4. It's never possible to get to the sun;
It's never possible to find out who are the Lamed Vav (36) Tzaddikim.

5. The physical body cannot grow without sunlight;
The physical body cannot grow without nourishment from Tzaddikim (includes mankind and all).

6. The sun always gives light, even when hiding behind the clouds;
The Tzaddikim nistarim (hidden) always gives light; even when they are hidden.

7. The sun is round;
The 36 hidden Tzaddikim complete the whole circle of life without blemishes.

8. If the sun heat is very high, a person gets burned;
If a person insults or strikes (r'l) a Tzaddik, the person gets burned.

9. The sun is always present;
Lamed Vav (36) Tzaddikim are always present, in every generation.

10. The sun heals;
The Tzaddik heals (brachot and tikkunim).

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the power of saying Prophet Devora's powerful song.

There's more: The Malach said החוט המשולש לא במהרה ינתק - The triangular thread will not quickly be disconnected. It was said in reference to the third and final Blessing on the Sun and the third and FINAL Bet HaMidash.
The third and final time that we will bless the sun, Birkat HaChama will be on 14 of Nissan, 5769.

I wish to say more but not allowed - it's Razei Derazim but maybe, you will succeed deciphering 'the code' with the next secret...

Corn - yes - corn. Start eating corn - With HaShem's permission, I'm going to share only what is permitted on the secret of the corn:

In Hebrew, corn is תירס (tiras). When switching the letters of the word תירס, it spells Yud (*10 explanations sun/Tzaddik) HaShem's name, to - סתר Hidden - HaShem's hidden secret.

Corn's color is yellow, same color as the sun (Tzaddik). The corn needs lots of sunshine to grow properly, with the sun directly on it.

The corn is in the shape of the letter VAV. The Vav HaChibur (connecting VAV) thru eating it, connects to opening the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding gates (in Hebrew, roshei tevot CHaBaD).

Corn stalks are used by Jews once a year - for the roof of the Succah.

In Hebrew, yellow is צהוב (Tzahov). First letter is Tzadkik (sun) and the middle letters are Hey Vav (HEY VAV are middle letters of HaShem's sacred name YKVK). The last letter is Bet - connecting the third and last Birkat HaChama to the third and last Bet HaMikdash (החוט המשולש triangular thread).

The power of Prophet Devorah's song is infinite. HaShem always gives us the the freedom to choose. Please choose to say it daily. The song can be said anytime, but after this dream, I think it is preferable to say it during daytime (when the sun is shining :)...

To further enhance understanding of Prophet Devorah's song, please read the dream HaShem's Lovers Will Survive and if you still don't understand, eat corn :) ...

(Comment: Although I don't eat corn, I feed it to my family as side dish. In the dream I got so excited about corn/sun/Tzaddik, I verbalized that I'll search for the yellowest corn and start eating it, b'h).

Thank You HaShem for allowing us to bless YOU.
ברוך הטוב והמטיב - Blessed are You, Hashem, makes good and improvements.

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