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Friday, November 03, 2006

Prevent the King's Wrath

To all Lovers and Servants of HaShem, in ALL Locations:

A rumor I heard, Friday, 19 MarCheshvan, 5767, corrupt people from our nation are planning again to march in a "Pride Parade" in Yerushalayim, our Holy City. Thousands of revolting people, who do acts of Sodom and the generation of the Great Flood, want to come to the Palace of the King to show and exhibit to the entire world as if there is no King in His Palace. They think there is no Judge and no Judgment and can do as they please.

Such a parade in Yerushalayim constitute a very clear war against the Kings of all Kings, inside His palace. Imagine if such a revolting parade will pass in Yerushalayim, where most residents are loyal to the King, and there will not be protests to stop this with bodies. Is it possible that symbolic protests are enough? The whole world will see the tremendous desecration of HaShem and will see that the King does not have even one loyal and loving servant that is ready to die for the King. Are the Jews impersonators, only concerned with this world and the next world for oneself benefit.

This will cause enormous wrath from enemies of the Jewish nation if such a parade is allowed to pass in Yerushalayim.

Know that we are in the very difficult time of the footsteps of Moshiach. The Sitra Achra is fighting and sacrificing with all its might to distance Moshiach, together with the impurities of Amalek and its 50 gates. And the King, HKB'H, is demanding us to counterattack with total devotion and self-sacrifice for the Holiness and in this merit, we will be redeemed.

THIS IS THE BIRUR (clarification)!! HKB'H is testing each one if they are loyal or not. This is not the time for us to sit comfortably in our homes,. Each person is obligated to love HKB'H more than his own body, soul, family, and money. The weak one will say "I am a hero - and without considering others, will influence others without considering himself and will fight the war of HaShem Elokeinu with sacrifice with his body to stop the enemies of HaShem that are breaking into His palace.

Prevent the King's wrath from yourself, your family, and Am Israel.

Strong and stronger protect the Holy city of Elokeinu, and HaShem will repay you with goodness. And all Am Israel will merit to be signed and delivered to a good life with the final redemption THIS YEAR - AMEN!!

Translated from http://hydepark.hevre.co.il/topic.asp?topic_id=2074854
Activists that want to build headquarter in his neighborhood, call central headquarters 02-6298195. Separate headquarters for men and women.

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