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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gog UMagog Weapon of Survival

Dovid Hamelech zs'l Chai Vekayam asked HaShem for one thing 'אחת שאלתי מאת ה. What one thing did he ask for? אחת is Roshei Tevot for א Eretz Israel, ח live in Olam Haba, and ת Torah. These are the best gifts from HaShem but cannot be given without pain and tests.

והיה כי תבא אל הארץ - And it will be when you come to the land - in the End of Days, 5 Amalekim will fight Israel - HaShem and Moshiach and in these 5 Amalekim are mixed in the Erev Rav. HaShem will erase the entire Amalek.

Chazal says don't lose hope in the End of Days by thinking [+/-] show/hide text
how will the Erev Rav (Unholy Mixture) be destructed when they are leaders of Israel, have power, money, weapons, etc. Remember the words והיה כי תבא אל הארץ - these are words of happiness and there is no happiness like Israel in the holy land, keeping Shabbat, Torah, modesty, etc. Or HaChaim HaKadosh zs'l says "when is it permitted to be happy? בשוב השם את שיבת ציון אז ימלא שחוק פינו because the leaders will be great Tzaddikim.

Prophet Daniel zs'l hints from the words "עת צרה היא ליעקב, וממנה יוושע Time of trouble is for Yaakov and from it, will be saved" that Gog Umagog is forced to happen.

In the end of days, many of Am Israel will do bad and the world will destruct and 3/4 of the people will also destruct and this will be because of the sin of Bitul Torah that the Erev Rav leaders will cause. In the Zohar HaKadosh it says that the Erev Rav will transform Jewish children and Yeshivot into secular. Very few will remain with authentic Emunah in HaShem and in the Torah.

The Erev Rav will claim the Torah is not from Shamayim c'v and Rabbanim wrote it for business, c'v, and they will make fun of of Chachamim and Shomrei Torah and Mitzvot.
Because of Bitul Torah, 70 nations will prosecute Israel and anti-semitism will grow and they will war against us. Then the final Birur will happen and not one of the Erev Rav will survive. Who will merit to survive? Baalei Torah and Baalei Teshuva.

Who will merit to see the fall of the enemies? Those that merited thru good deeds but not thru Zchut Avot.

Who will not need to fight with weapons to survive at the End of Days? Those who do Kiddush HaShem in public. HaShem will fight for them.

The many pain that will be caused will awaken Jews to do Teshuva and when the pain is frequented, know that it is a sure signal of the Geula.

In Tchiat Hametim (resurrection), those that merit will resurrect. The complete Tzaddikim will resurrect without defects. People who sinned in private or in public and went to prostitutes c'v and didn't do Teshuva, will resurrect without legs and it will be a big shame for them, as it says סוף דבר הכל נשמע. Those that spoke Lashon Hara, will resurrect without a tongue. It will be a tremendous shame for those that didin't do Teshuva because they died in the Galut perfectly healthy but resurrected defected.

Chazal says that a child that leaves Judaism and turns secular, the pain the parent feels is harder than Gog UMagog war. Those that intermarry, c'v r'l, even if the parent merits Gan Eden, the Chafetz Chaim zs'l says the parent is pulled out of Gan Eden upon the death of his child and is placed at the gate of Hell to watch his son suffer. The child pains the parent in Olam Haze and Olam Haba.

The Rashash zs'l (Rabbi Shmuel Shtarashin) was a big Lamdan (learner) and did much charity work and was very careful with money when lending it by keeping a neat account. One time a Jew asked for 100 rubel loan for 4 months. When the 4 months ended, he came to the Rashash's home to return the loan but didn't find him. He went to the shul and saw he was occupied with learning Gemara. The man approached the Rashash and not to bother him, placed the envelope with the returned loan on the Sefer and quietly said he is returning the money owed. The Rav was immersed in the Torah and nodded his head as in recognition.

When evening arrived, the Rav forgot about the returned money loan and put the Sefer away in its place. Before going to sleep, he would check his books to make sure everything was in order and saw that the man who borrowed 100 rubels did not return the loan. He sent someone to call the man to pay and when he arrived, he told the Rav that he paid back the loan. But the Rav totally forgot and said to him "Stealer, return the loan". Meanwhile, the following day the whole city of Vienna heard what happened and could not believe that this man lied to the Rav and is unwilling to return the loan and not only that, he's a thief, and .... Of course everyone believed the Rashash. The employer of this man fired him. The man's son was so ashamed, he left the city.

Time passed and the Rashash needed the same Sefer to look for a Medrash. When he opened the Sefer, the envelope fell out and the Rav remembered... He immediately called for he man to come to him and when he arrived, the Rav stood up for him and asked how can he ever merit for forgiveness? I ashamed and embarrased you. First, I will ask for forgiveness infront of all the congregates of the shul and then I'll invite the whole town and publicly, apologize and will clear your name.

The man answered, "Forgive me but it won't change anything. People will think you have pity on me and are doing it as charity and it will cause me more pain. In their hearts, the impression that I am a thief will remain. Meanwhile, my son ran away from shame and left me to die alone so what good is your sorry?

The Rav knew the man is correct. He said, send a message for your son to return to Vienna and he will be a husband for my daughter and this will purify your name completely from any suspicions. The man kissed the Rav's hand and his all being filled with happiness. A week later, the engagement took place and the Rashash publicized his mistake.

This story teaches us that Tzaddikim make mistakes but not only do they admit their mistakes, they go a step further to correct their mistake. They don't just talk, they operate.

How much is our Father merciful? In the End of Days HaShem will hide His Face from us but together with that, it will not be hidden completely. HaShem will protect the worthy Jews.

HaShem commanded Yehoshua Bin Nun zs'l after Moshe Rabbenu's passing zs'l:
לא ימוש ספר התורה הזה מפיך, והגית בו יומם ולילה, למען תשמור לעשות, ככל הכתוב בו כי אז תצליח את דרכך ואז תשכיל
The Sefer Torah should be on your lips and in your thoughts day and night, so that you may keep with care everything in it; then a blessing will be on all your way, and you will succeed.

All of the above was translated from "Ahavat Chaim", a sefer written by the Mekubal Rav Menachem Menashe zs'l. He describesEnd of Days and every war the yet-to-be-reformed nation of Israel would experience. When I purchased the sefarim (set of 2), the salesman said to me "Wowowoowow, this sefer is so interesting, I read it for pleasure". I asked him if it's hard to understand and he said "No way. The words are very easily understood and it has nekudot. I read it over and over again for pleasure". I recommend every house to have this amazing Sefer. One can get so much chizzuk and revelations from it.

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