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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

End of 5766 Beginning of 5767

5766 was one of the most dramatic year in Israel's history[+/-] show/hide text
Many Tzaddikim passed away, including Zaken HaMekubalim, Harav Kaduri, zs'l;
"Most dominant" PM Sharon dismantles Likud, suffers a massive stroke and becomes a veggie;
The Israel Gov't showed its true colors after disengaging Gush Katif, followed by Amona's head-bashing disengagement;
SMolmert took office;
Fundamentalist Hamas ousted the secular Fatah Party;
Despite personality disorders, out-of-control Israeli government officias were elected Adar 5766 and became dictators;
The Israel government is rightfully attacked by scandals on several fronts - rape, sexual harassment, bribery, embezzlement, perjury, forgery, fraud, nepotism, financial corruption, illegal payments, smuggling drugs, tax evasion and dishonesty;
A huge sex scandal of 35 Israeli air force soldiers at Nevatim Base accused of raping an 14-year-old girl;
Iran President popped out of nowhere threating with nuclear warheads;
Israeli Army Chief of Staff Dan Halutz accused of selling stock shares 2 hours prior to the Lebanon War II;
3 soldiers were abducted and not yet returned;
Gog fighting terrorism with terrorism;
2 wars - in the North and in the South;
Over 4,000 rockets slammed into Israeli homes for more than a month;
157 Jews were murdered during Lebanon War II;
Over a million Jews ran away from their homes;
French Jews and others made Aliya;
After 20 years, a video of Ron Arad suddenly surfaces;
Lebanon/Israel border being patrolled by nations that made our life miserable for 2,000 years;
1.6 million Israelis, more than one-quarter of Israel population, living below the poverty line, and;
Many Jews around the world did Teshuva voluntarily;

The conclusion of 5766 - One word - SURPRISE. We did not think that the year 5766 would end this way. We were so sure Moshiach would arrive. Every month of the year there was a Mekubal, Rav, Rebbe, dreamer and scholar who had a clear vision that Moshiach will arrive, today.

That's why this coming year, during the 10 Days of Teshuva will be such a signifant time for the biggest and most important self-search . What did we do, what did we think, what happened, whose fault is it, who needs to forgive, who needs to be forgiven; who will choose life?

We don't need for the final war to restart and have "snakes" fall from the sky to help us with the answers. Look at the remarkable similarities of leaders of Edom, Aravi, and Israel:
Gog Bush is appx. 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, 60 years old, married;
Ehud Olmert is appx. 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, 60 years old, married; and
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is appx. 6 feet tall, 190 lbs, 50 years old, married.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Gemateria מחמוד אחמדינגאד = 219
Ehud Olmert - Gematria 302 = אהוד אולמרט
George Bush - Gematria 520 - גורג בוש
Total Gematria: 1041 = same as 10 plagues =עשר המכות

Ahmadinejad - Gemateria 121 = אחמדינגאד
Olmert - Gematria 286 = אולמרט
Bush - Gematria 308 - בוש
Total Gematria: 715 = same as Incense and Destruction of Bet HaMikdash חורבן המקדש and קטורת

YEAR 5767 - Gematria בית יעקב לכו ונלכה "Family of Jacob, come and let us go"
We must come to the conclusion that our Merciful Father in Heaven loves us so much and never gives up on His children. We need to choose Torat HaShem and His commandments because the End of Days are quickly approaching its end and heading towards the Geula.
בית יעקב לכו ונלכה באור יהוה

Don't lose faith - Moshiach will come; let us bring him on the clouds of heaven because we deserve the redemption and have merited it. Let's help the world get ready for Moshiach and HaShem will send hm even faster, with joy, happiness, and complete Achdut. HaShem will gather us from the exiles; restore the religious courts of justice; will make an end of wickedness, sin and heresy; rebuild Jerusalem; restore the Kingdom of King David; resurraction; and restorate the Bet Hamikdash.

Le'shana tova u'metuka techatevu! "Let only good be written this year".
May HaShem the Almighty bless us with peace, security, strength, happiness, joy, health, and significance, and the want to do Tshuva.


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והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו