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Friday, April 13, 2007

Dreaming to Build a Tzion for Devorah HaNevia, a'h

21-22 Nisan my husband had an amazing dream about building the Tzion for Kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h:

Donation money was not coming in as fast and as much and we were not sure how to raise the missing amount. We decided to open a small restaraunt, made of tin. For electricity we used an electrical generator. We placed the tin restaraunt next to Devorah HaNevia's kever and all monies from purchased food of the resteraunt went into building the Tzion. My husband was the waiter and I was the cooker.

Although the restaraunt was not making much money and we saved shekel to shekel, we were glad that more and more people would come to the area and would pray to HKB'H by Devorah HaNevia. One day walks in 2 girls and a guy. One of the girls, dressed very fashionably, sits at a table by herself, calling the waiter to bring her food. While waiting for the waiter to take her order, she places both legs on the table. My husband, the waiter, comes over to her and tells her that he will be glad to serve her but she must remove her legs off the table. She demanded the reason and he told her that a table is holy, mizbe'ach to HaShem. She made a face and smirked but obeyed.

She ordered food and continued ordering, as if an entourage is arriving soon. While the waiter is trying to keep up with her by writing down the order, she continues to order more and more food. Finally, she finished with her order and demanded that we hurry it up cuz she's starving. Quickly, I prepared all the delicacies she ordered while my husband kept rushing back and forth from the kitchen to her table.

After placing all the food infront of her, we were watching to see others coming to join her but saw no one. She was eating by herself and I was wondering how she stays so slim. Meanwhile, the other couple were also eating and my husband came towards to kitchen to write the bill.

At that moment, all 3 jumped up from their tables and ran away. My husband, not losing sense, dropped everything and ran after them. The 2 girls got away but he caught the boy, about 15 years old. He brought him back to the resteraunt and tied him up. He told him that he will release him when he pays for the meals. About 10 minutes later, the girl who ate so much food retuns to the resteraunt to save her friend. My husband told her that he's not releasing him till the bill is paid. When she asked him to have the bill, my husband turned around to get it, she somehow undid the ropes and released the boy and they ran away, again. This time the boy got away but not the girl. My husband caught her by her hair and dragged her back into the resteraunt, locking it behind them.

He tied her up very tight and she began crying. My husband, determined to collect money to build the Kever for Devorah HaNevia, paid no attention to her tears and told her to keep quiet and he will release her when she pays the bill. He told her that the only reason we opened this restaraunt is to collect money to build a proper kever for Devorah HaNevia and people donate from their free will, without eating, and how dare she eat and steal from Devorah HaNevia???

She asked him how much the bill was and he told her, without turning around to get the bill, 1,500 shekels for all 3. She asked him to release her right hand so she can write a check. When my husband looked at the check, he saw that she wrote 40,000 US Dollars and signed it Christiana. My husband was surprised that she is a non-Jew and yet, speaks perfect Hebrew. He released her from all the ropes and told her that the amount she paid was way above what she owed. She told him that her father is a king and if he ever finds out that she was abducted and held, he would bring his army and kill all the residents within the 1,000 mile radius. My husband looked at her and said, "You think I'm scared of your father and your threats?. My only concern is the real King and if one penny is unaccountable for, I will lose this Olam and Olam Haba".

Christiana asked my husband to explain and he did, telling her that we collected from people all over the world to Donate to Build Kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h and each penny is more important than a million dollars.

She started crying and told him that although her father, the king, is a non-Jew, her mother is Jewish. When she was a little girl, her mother taught her to make Brachot before eating but she forget them completely. While tears streaming down her face, she told him that her Jewish name is Sarah and she will start learning about her heritage. At that point, she asked my husband to give her back the check and when she handed it back to him, he saw she added another '0' to the 40,000, making the amount $400,000.00 and disappeared.

My husband looked at me, while all this time I kept quiet and did not interfere. We stepped outside the restaraunt and looked up towards heaven and with tears streaming down my face, I quietly said, "Aba, Father in Heaven, thank you for meriting us to return a lost soul back to You".

There is only ONE true charity is considered true charity and that is proper burial! It is every Jew's wish, to be propely buried. "ועשית עמדי חסד ואמת" - And you will do with me benevolence and righteousness" - Yaakov Avinu, zs'l, commanded his son, Yosef HaTzaddik, zs'l, and made him swear that he'll bury his father properly.

A big Zchut (merit) is appearing to you. It should be the will of HaShem, our Father in Heaven, to bless you and your family all wishes of your heart, for your interest in this great matter and assistance.

If you prefer not to donate via paypal, please email delfinesamuel@hotmail.com. Thank you.

B'h, very soon I'll have an update on the status of Prophet Devorah HaNevia's Tzion. She is the last of the Tzaddikim and Tzadkaniot that does not yet have a proper Tzion: PREPARING FOR MOSHIACH'S ARRIVAL!!!!!

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