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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Overwhelming Excitement

Guest Post from Reb Yonasan Shlita of Yerushalayim:

There's actually so much going on it's impossible to describe. The niggun that you were taught in Shamayim, is incredible.

The revelations are overwhelming exciting. The word תירס comes from שמש תירס in את בש it is בן דוד. This is a sure sign that Moshiach will soon be revealed. Both corn and the sun are yellow, but the corn is concealed in a peel but is grown above the ground, like Moshiach who can be seen but is still concealed as well as David Hamelech is like the sun.

צהוב with the collel is gematria אמונה. that is the main trait of a צדיק.
אמונה is משה in את בש with the כולל. The main thing right now is to believe that Moshiach will appear any moment in any way.

It is also amazing because the sefer מגילת סתרים which is a sefer written by Rav Nachman, zs'l, in Ra'ashei Tevot is all about how the geulah is going to unfold was just recently published and is being sold here. מגילת סתרים can be translated as revelation of secrets, like the תירס.

Then there's all the amazing revelations going on in mamash people's houses from Devorah Hanevia, a'h. It's mindblowing. Whoever heard such a thing before. Be'H I will be zoche to say Shirat Devorah with yishuv hadaat and kavana.

All this point to revelations about to occur very soon this year mamash, even by chanuka when the כד קטן was found.

There's so much to say... Be'H we will be zoche mamash to see true revelations soon, AMEN!

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