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Monday, September 11, 2006

War of Religions - Time of Redemption

These beautiful and extraordinary Chiddushim (discoveries) is said by HaRav Yoel Schwartz Shlita in Hebrew. (All in parentheses and italicized; not said by the Rav). To see and listen, click here,

In Shoftim, Perek 17, Pasuk 14, says "כי תבא אל הארץ, אשר יהוה אלהיך נתן לך When you have come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you" This is a hint that Zionism , the anti-religion are in power in the Eretz Israel and it is a secular "state". The hint is hidden in the last letters of the 4 words, read from the back to the front: אל הארץ, אשר יהוה Herzel, "father" of Zionism.
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Malbim says that the last war is war of religions. Nassralah claims their win is credited to Islam. The Chafetz Chaim says that 3 Gog UMagog wars will break out - WWI, WWII, and the last war, the war of the religions - during the time of the last war, people will commit suicide in the name of their gods. HaShem does all this to wake up the Jews.

Eretz Israel was always bought with pain - with mesirut, dedication. The Meraglim, spies did not want to enter Israel becuz they didn't want to have mesirut for Eretz Israel. The year 5766 is the year for the Tikunnim of the 2 sins committed in the Midbar, desert: sin of the Meraglim and the sin of the golden calf.

Parshat Chukat speaks about the Meraglim, as it says "כי בא ישראל דרך האתרים וילחם בישראל Israel came by the way of Atarim; and he fought against Israel". The passuk continues, " וישב ממנו שבי and took some of them captive".

The Mergalim were sent to Eretz Israel 29 Sivan, same day Gilad Shalit was abducted to Gaza. The Golden Calf was created on 17 Tammuz, same day Ehud and Eldad were abducted to Lebanon.

וישב ממנו שבי in Gemartia is 766 - The following words are also Gematria 766 - tashsav (5)766; the name Hassan Nassralah; Tammuz; and Gilad Shalit. This is a clear sign of what what happened during the year of 5766. One cannot say this is a "coincidence".

It says in Gemara "אין בן דוד בא עד שתכלה מלכות הזלה מישראל , שנאמר " וכרת הזלזלים" - Ben David does not come till the "cheap" Kingdom of Israel ends, as it says "to destroy the Zilzalim" - what are the zilzalim? The name of Scuds (used during the Lebanon war).

On 9 Av, Am Israel accepted the Meraglim's Lashon Hara about Eretz Israel. They all died 17 Elul and till today, the Mekubalim and Tzaddikim fast on this day with special Kavanot.

In Ireland, a 1,000 year old Sefer Tehillim was found, opened at Perek 83. This is a "direct telephone call" from HKB'H to wake us up. There were many miracles during this war, over 4,000 missiles were shot at us and it's a fact that no other land or state would have ever suvived this war.

The Gemara says that the Galil will destruct. When? When courts will act like whores. When did the war break out? Parshat Pinchas - Pinchas fought the Midyan prostitution. The Haftara of Parshat Pinchas: From North the Bad will start... North in Hebrew is צפון, gematria 226, same as - ladies and gentlemen - מצעד הגאוה including the 2 words, 226 - THE GAY PARADE.
When will Moshiach arrive? When the gays will be removed. (226 in gematria is also מה יהיה הסוף What will be at the End).

HaGaon from Vilna a'h says that in the Torah, where there are letters of 3 consecutive words that have the letters MEM BET YUD- it is Moshiach Ben Yosef and if we are in holiness, Moshiach will come thru holiness. If we are not worthy, Moshiach will come from pain, turing the letters from end to start: YUD BET MEM.

When will Moshiach arrive? When the ARMY of Israel will be holy, shomrei Torah and keep the Mitzvot. It says "מנחל בדרך ישתה על כן ירים ראש He will take of the stream by the way; so his head will be lifted up". In the Israeli army, there is one religious troop - they are called the IDF Nachal Hareidi troop. Together with the holiness of the IDF Nachal, this war completed the necessary Tikkun for the sin of the Meraglim.

During the war, there were so many soldiers that put on Tfillin. prayed, (proudly wanted to wear Tziziot). It was a tremendous Kiddush HaShem and the tikkun of the sin of the Meraglim. בדרך in Gematria is 226, same as North and Gay Parade - HaShem wants us to turn the impurities 180 degrees to Holiness!!

WWII broke out 17 Elul, the same day the Meraglim died. Before WWII, the attitude of Jews was to hide their Judaism, wanting to be "Europeans". The Holocaust woke up the Jews and gave them no choice but to act and behave as Jews.

During the Lebanon war, the war name was changed to "Change of Direction". This is the direction HaShem wanted us to do; for the JEWS to wake up do a "change of direction" and b'h many did Tshuva during this time. Gematria of שינוי כיוון is 468, "Change of Direction" equals בכתום in the ORANGE, (In the dream Galut to Geula on Eagle's back, many Jews wore ORANGE).

The dual war happened becuz we gave parts of the North and South of the Holy Land to the Goyim. Lebanon and Gaza are part of Eretz Israel and in both places at the same time, wars broke out.

Shlomo HaMelech, a'h, gave away 20 cities in the Galil to King Chiram and called the 20 cities Eretz Kavul. ויקרא להם ארץ כבול עד היום הזה The word כבול equals in Gematria 58, same as Hizballa. In the Gemara, Hizballa is spelled חיזבלא. (Israel's existance is also 58 years old).

The Gemara says that fire is caused by Chillul Shabbat - desecrating Shabbat. The Galil was burning down during the Lebanon war. When will the houses of people who do Chillul Shabbat burn? Hopefully, they will do Tshuva or otherwise, the Gemara says "When there will be no men to put out the fire".

In May 2000 Israeli troops scrambled out of southern Lebanon, bringing back all weapons - it was on the holy Shabbat. Now we are paying the price. We were lucky that the fires were in the forest, and not in houses. Our Merciful Father giving us last chance to do Tshuva.

Eretz Israel in Gematria is Taf Taf Lamed Bet 832 - (same as - George Walker Bush) and קטיושות, including the word Katyushot. If we don't fulfill HaShem's commandments with Lamed Bet - LEV Loving HaShem, katyushot and Gog will fall on us, c'v.

In the Midbar, HaShem gave us the Manna. Whatever taste a person wished, the taste became alive in his mouth. What if the person did not wish for any taste? He did not taste anything. The Chafetz Chaim says that the same will be in the Days of Moshiach. If you didn't wish for its taste, you will not taste anything.

What will be prior to the Days of Moshiach? We are now in the prior Days of Moshiach. Our Beautiful Eretz Israel gives plentiful fruits, Jews are returning to Eretz Israel, HaShem is opening our hearts to do Tshuva. Eretz Israel is like Gan Eden; it has the sweetest and healthiest milk, fruits, and vegetables; as it says ארץ זבת חלב ודבש, land of milk and honey.

NK's comments: I transcribed while listening and if there are errors, please let me know.

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