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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Melave Malka

David HaMelech, zs'l, asked HaShem to tell him when he'll depart from this world. HKB'H answered that his decease would occur on a Shabbat. From then on, David HaMelech, every Motzei Shabbat (Saturday night), would celebrate the fact that he was still alive after yet another Shabbat.

The term Melave Malka literally means “Escorting the Queen”, the holy Shabbat. There are many secrets in this Seuda (meal) of "escorting" the "Shabbat queen".

Segulut (merits) of Melave Malka:

Melave Malka is a segula for protection for the coming weekdays.

Dovid HaMelech promises that whoever observes Melava Malka, he will come to him in a dream before passing away from this Olam.

Segula for complete health in mind and body. During the meal, when eating bread, say 3 times:
פת חמין במוצאי שבת סגולה לרפואה שלמה לנפש לגוף
Pat chamin be motzei shabbat segula, lerefua shlema la'nefesh la'guf

Segula for complete happiness during the week. During the meal when drinking hot fluid, say 3 times:
חמין במוצאי שבת מלוגמא לשמחה בלב לכל השבוע
Chamin be motzei shabbat melugma, le'simcha balev lechol hashavua

Powerful Segula for Parnassah is to eat a garlic tooth, not peeled (should be peeled in the mouth with teeth, like sunflower seed).

Before Birkat HaMazon, tell a story of the Ba'al Shem Tov, zs'kl - this is a tremendous Segula for Parnassah.

Melave Malka - Segula for painless birth.

Melave Malka has a great influence for health, wealth, spiritual gain, strengthened faith, and happiness.

The neshama yetera (added soul) exits after Melave Malka, giving us extended pleasure with the 'added Shabbat soul'.

Melave Malka meal is specially important because it nourishes a special bone known as the NISKOI, aka LUZ from which the body is reconstructed at the time of resurrection at Redemption.

What is the connection between the LUZ and melave malka? The Eliah Rabbah, zs'l, points out that originally, the entire body was indestructible; Adam and Chava, a'h, were meant to live forever. Death was decreed for them only because they ate of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. However, one tiny bone was not nourished by this fruit – the LUZ, which is only nourished by the Melave Malka!

Chibut HaKever (purgatory of the grave):
When a body is buried, immediately come four angels, who (spiritually) open up the grave and expands it. The soul and body are rejoined, and the Klipah (impurities) need to separate from the soul. Each angel grabs the soul from every angle, and beats him until the klipah has been broken and removed from the soul. The separation from the body can be even more painful than Gehenom. Chibut HaKever for the wicked is like removing cotton from thorns.
Chibut HaKever for the Tzadikim is like removing a strand of hair from milk, since they don't indulge in pleasures of this Olam.

Observing Melave Malka is a segula to avoid Chibut Hakever.
A tremendous Segula for not suffering Chibut HaKever is before eating the Seuda of Melave Malka, say Tehillim Perek 23.

Make sure to include Melave Malka in your itinerary by seting the table with white tablecloth and prior to the Seuda, light 4 candles - acronym ADAM:
A - Eliyahu HaNavi
D - Dovid HaMelech
M - Rabbi Meir Baal HaNess, zs'l (ask for 1 thing and put money in a charity box)
and the 4th candle for the Baal Shem Tov, zs'l.




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