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Thursday, September 18, 2008

In The Merit of Children

It was in the year 1944 when the Ministering Angels (מלאכי השרת) asked the Creator of the World, "When is Rosh HaShana?" and HaShem answered, "Why do you ask Me? Only the Bet Din of the lower world rules when Rosh HaShana begins."

The angels descended to Yerushalayim and heard the Rabbanim of the Bet Din announce that Rosh HaShana will commence Sunday night. They returned to Shamayim and began organizing for the Day of Judgment. They took out all the books, in it are written each person's actions and presented it to the Heavenly Throne. They requested the prosecutor, the Satan, as well as the defender, Angel Gabriel, including all witnesses to be present for the first day of Rosh HaShana, Monday.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, one of the angels heard songs of Rosh HaShana prayers "ותמלוך אתה הוא ה' אלקינו מהרה לבדך על כל מעשיך בהר ציון משכן כבודך" And Only You HaShem our King, will rule quickly on Har Zion, the seat of honor".

Upon hearing this, the angel marveled why Rosh HaShana prayers began Sunday morning when clearly, the Bet Din of Yerushalayim pronounced that Rosh HaShana would begin Sunday evening.

The angel went down to Yerushalayim and was surprised to see all the shops open and people purchasing food, getting ready for the Chag but yet, he continually hears prayers of Rosh HaShana! He wondered if the prayers are coming from far away Europe. But at the time, Eastern Europe was occupied by the German Nazis and who could be praying at such a time?

The angel flew to Yugoslavia and thought the praying is coming from further away, perhaps Italy. When he arrived in Italy, it seemed to the angel that the singing is coming from Germany - the capital city of the Nazis.

The angel flew over Munich and heard the praying songs undoubtedly coming from the Cathedral. He entered the Cathedral and saw the Bishop, but it was not from his throat the prayers were emerging from. The angels heard children's voices and followed these voices until he entered a small room.

Inside, he saw 2 young children dressed as choirboys and singing prayers of Rosh HaShana. The angel became visible to the children and asked them why they thought that Rosh HaShana is now. They told the angel that their parents placed them inside the Cathedral in order to save their lives and they promised their parents they would never forget they were Jewish and will try to observe the Jewish holidays. But because they had neither a calendar nor any contact with other Jews, they were unsure when Rosh HaShana begins. They assumed it is today, Sunday.

The children's devotion to their heritage genuinely affected the angel, and he flew directly to Shamayim to tell all the angels what he witnessed.

The angels were excited and inquired, "When does Rosh HaShana begin? Is it when the Bet Din of Yerushalayim ruled or is it today, the day the innocent children are singing praises to HKB'H inside the Cathedral?" The angels were unsure what to do because they didn't want to disappoint the children. After a short court deliberation, one angel got up and said, "I know what we will do! This year, Rosh HaShana will be 3 days". All the angels unanimously agreed.

When the Satan heard this, he chuckled: "Nonsense! Never was such a thing heard of. Rosh HaShana will begin as the Rabbanim of Yerushalayim ruled!" Thus, the Satan decided not to be present at the Bet Din of Shamayim till Monday.

The innocent holiness of children is very important to HKB'H and as a result, HaShem administrated the Bet Din of Shamayim without the Satan on Sunday. That year, in 1944, the Judgment was rendered with total mercy, the most merciful judgment delivered in centuries. HaShem decreed that Hitler (yimach shemo) will die and the Nazis will lose the war, and Am Israel will begin returning to their homeland, Eretz Israel.

Mekubalim tell us that in the year 1944, Rosh HaShana was 3 days; Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday and they say that the reestablishment of Eretz Israel was in the merit of the loyal commitment of the 2 children that were praying Rosh HaShana prayers inside the Cathedral of Munich.
Translated from http://www.moreshet.co.il/kahana/tavnit2.asp?x=493&kod_subject=1300&kod_subjectm=1333&pg=




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