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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Economy Turns Sour; Anti-Semitism Increases

Reb Gershon's Dreams of Sept. 26, 2006
...I was shown the US prior to the Holocaust. In the "vision", I saw a great rally where the president was basking in the glory of the US and boasting how great the USA country is.

Then I was shown a map of Europe and I was told that anti-semitism was on the rise and the map was rapidly turning into the color red - blood.

In the dream, the Jews of Europe were confident that they were safe and will not be harmed. They were convinced that nothing will happen, and if anything, somewhere else. But Europe was now being controlled by anti-semitism. American Jews were also feeling confident and kept saying, it's not going to affect us.

Then I was shown a a map of present USA. The country is becoming anti-semitic very rapidly. Arizona's state was in red and it was spreading from the south to the north and very rapidly, the entire map turned red. Jews were still in denial, saying it's not going to affect us. But, they are wrong. Anti-Semitism is growing and will spread all over, everywhere. Not only that, the economy is soon going to collapse and this will be ignite anti-semitism. I saw auto-makers going bankrupt, businessmen going out of business, and homeless Americans and all are so poor.

All over in America the blame was placed on the Jews. The anti-semitism fire was catching on and although the government attempted to calm the people, the American public went ballistic. They believed that the government was filled with Jews and this made them even angrier.

The Reality:
While the subprime mortgage crisis roils the market, a profusion of anti-Semitic rhetoric has exploded against companies like Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers Holdings on online message boards maintained by Yahoo.

"The Jews at Goldman are responsible for high oil prices," one user on a Yahoo message board for Goldman Sachs wrote recently. "Yeah, not one word from the media about how the greedy Jews have brought this whole financial mess on the world. Wonder why that is?" said another poster on a message board for Lehman Brothers Holdings.

On the site, banks that are attacked also include Washington Mutual, with comments like, "No wonder the Germans hate Jews so much. Just for making a dime, they are willing to destroy and ruin the country which gives them shelter."

A commenter calling himself hochithul said on a site for Goldman Sachs, "Jew banks will get destroyed by shorts," referring to short sellers. "Jews stick together like mud and love to pat themselves on the back," prudentman007 wrote on the same site. Lehman Brothers is also under attack, with someone named dontputsaltonmypepper noting, "Them Jews are sneaky bastards."




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