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Thursday, January 10, 2008

HaShem's Treasures

In the dream of Tevet 2-3, I was in Shamayim, in an ultra holy Heichal and was physically shaking with fear. I was speaking with the Sh'china (Divine Spirit) and said to HKB'H that in order to build the Tzion in honor of Devorah HaNevia, a'h, we need money,
"הקב"ה, תשלח מאוצרך הטוב. אני מבקשת את זה רק לשם שמיים"
"HKB'H, send from Your good treasure. I am only asking this for the Sake of Heaven".

In reality, I have no interest in money. It's not anything I accomplished thru internal work, I just never had any interest in money. When I was a young girl, we lived in Israel and one day, my mother gave me coins (lirot) to buy myself ice cream. When I reached the store, it was closed (in Israel, stores close during the afternoon for 2 hours). I didn't feel like waiting for the store owner, so I threw the money on the street and went to the park. When I returned home, I got spanked for dumping the coins... But it didn't effect me and I continued disliking money.
When I became an adult, my parents gave me a large amount of money (over 6 digits) and I gave it all away, keeping for myself less than $2,000.

This is the reason I was so shocked when I asked HKB"H to send from His good treasure, money. Everyday, I beg HKB'H to allow us to build the Tzion for Devorah HaNevia but I never thought to ask for money. Maybe Shamayim wanted me to verbally ask from HKB'H to send money from His good treasure...

About half an hour later, I was again in Shamayim and was begging to be allowed to see how the Tzion will look when it's built. I begged about 8-9 times, "כבודם, Please show it me. I want to see it so much...", finally, b'h, my wish was fulfilled.

My soul was elevated into un upper Heichal, and I saw it. There was so much spiritual light around it. During the dream, I physically raised my hands to cover my eyes because the spiritual light was too powerful to look at. I asked if a curtain מסך can be placed between my eyes and the Tzion so I'll be able to see it because its holiness shine was too powerful for me to look at it directly.

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