Dreaming of Moshiach

Friday, December 28, 2007

Devorah's Street

by Akiva of Mystical Paths

I once asked a Jerusalem taxi driver, why even straight streets change names after a bit (a Jerusalem trait that can drive you crazy when you don't know the city). He answered, Israel is blessed with so many tzaddikim (throughout the ages) that we do it to make sure to honor them all, even if it makes it a bit inconvenient for us now.

The above street honors Devorah HaNavia, zt"l, Deborah the Prophetess, and runs behind the Israeli Ministry of Education building, up to the ancient Jewish neighborhood of Meah Shearim (100 gates).




והיה השם למלך על כל הארץ, ביום ההוא יהיה השם אחד - ושמו אחד ישתבח שמו לעד לנצח נצחים בכל העולמות Blessed is His name for eternity in all worlds אין עוד מלבדו