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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wake Up!

16-17 of Kislev (Nov. 26-27), my husband dreamed that it was Pesach and we were in Israel driving towards Tel Kadesh. When we got there, we approached the kever of Devorah HaNevia, a'h, and we see a gigantic spiritual light appearing from her kever.

In reality, my husband was never in Tel Kadesh and did not yet merit to go to kever Devorah HaNevia, a'h.

In the dream, we were both standing by her kever, saying Shirat Devorah HaNevia. When we got to the part "URI URI Devorah", I started weeping and could not stop. My husband knew that my crying was very sincere, and he also started crying, "URI URI DEVORAH!".

As I was crying, I am asking Devorah HaNevia "Why are you not waking up? Why?? We say your shira everyday, sometimes even more than once a day. We ask daily for you to wake up, why do you not wake up already??? What must we do in order to wake you up, Devorah HaNevia??? We need you. Please wake up!".

My husband wanted to comfort me but didn't want to distract me because it might cause me to lose the spiritual focus. As I'm standing over her kever crying and asking Devorah why she is not waking up yet, he suddenly hears my voice from Shamayim. He looks up and sees millions of Malachim (angles) holding a world-wide screen. It was like the clouds turned into a mega-screen and on the screen, a movie was being shown. The movie was showing me sitting in a car, crying very very hard, asking HKB'H why Moshiach is so delayed.

In reality, this 'movie' really happened. Last year, while we were driving from Miami Beach towards Key West, right before the 7-mile bridge, my husband tells me that he remembers that he brought 1 cd from home, Mordechai Ben David's "Let My People Go". I put the CD inside the player and although I was not famiar with the music offered in this CD, I wanted to hear song number 2. The song "I Believe" began to play and I highered the volume to the maximum.

On the 7-mile bridge, the song was blasting and I began to sing and cry together with it, over and over again, until we got into Key West, "Moshiach, where are you? Why are you so delayed? We believe you will come, but WHEN? How much longer do we need to suffer before you will redeem us? What can we do to bring you? What should we do to bring you????? HaShem, please please please send us Moshiach Tzidkenu!. When will he come already? I will wait everyday till he arrives, but when will he arrive??? שיבוא כבר".

Inside the car, no one was talking. The kids were in the back watching their mother crying to HKB'H to send Moshiach Tzidkenu and my husband didn't talk so not to distract me from the spiritual prayers, crying, and singing.

In the dream, this is the movie the Malachim were showing in Shamayim and the whole world was watching and hearing it, its volume was mega-high. Then a VOICE was heard, "Why is not everyone crying and asking HKB'H to send Moshiach to redeem you?"

Then my husband turns to look at me but I was laying on the ground, on top of Devorah HaNevia's kever and my hand was over my ear to hear what she was saying. She was talking to me and I was answering, "Yes, um um, yes,..".

I got up, cleaned myself and said to my husband, "Change of plans!!! We are all going RIGHT NOW to Yerushalayim, straight to HaRav Israel Herzberg Shlita. There must be NO MORE delay. The tractors need to be here already!"

The song "Ani Maamin" was composed by Reb Ezriel David Fastag, zs'l, HY"D, on the way to Treblinka, 1942. This story, based on "The Singing Train", a story by P. Flexer in M.S. Geshuri, can be read at I Believe With Perfect Faith in the Coming of Moshiach

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