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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Nutty Iranian Threat

President Bush pledged to fight global terrorism and promised Americans he knows how to handle these evil people, "The best way to keep America safe from terrorism is to go after terrorists where they plan and hide." Bush asked the congress for $294.8 Billion to fight terrorism and pledges to make the U.S. homeland safer.

Plan A: Operation Iraqi Freedom
Plan B: Focus military response on Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda
Plan C: Free Afghanistan via military operations
Plan D: Force Israel to pullout from Gaza to "work alongside the Palestinians to fight terrorism".

Bush failed combating terrorism miserably so now he came up with the latest, strangest, weirdest, most-bizarre, and NUTTIEST strategy how to combat terrorism.

After expressing anger over a new Iranian terrorism threat, Bush came up with a new plan;
PLAN E: Bush administration is demanding that Israel combat terrorism and crack down on illegal Iranian pistachio imports.

The US Under-Secretary of Agriculture Mark Keenum has urged the Israeli Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon this week to combat terrorism on Iran's pistachio. Simhon agreed, but asked for guidance on how Israel might proceed. "We will immediately do anything the US suggests, we will cooperate preventing the terroristic pistachio imports from Iran." he said.

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