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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Reincarnations and Tikkunim II

Why was Devorah HaNevia, a'h, called Eshet Lapidot [flames]? Because she reached prophecy at the level of Moshe Rabbeinu, zs'l. When she would experience prophecy, people could see flames of burning fire, literally, lightning-bolts of fire from above her tent.

In Shirat Devorah, a'h, we learn that "from heaven they fought -- the very stars fought from their tracks with Sisera." How exactly did the very stars miraculously transcend the normal laws of nature to bring about the defeat the Canaanites? It is thought that the miracle consisted in a sudden, totally unexpected tornado sweeping in from the region stretching from the Rift Valley (ARAVA) to the Kinneret east of the Lower Galilee, bringing torrents of pelting rain that turned the Kishon Valley into a treacherous muddy bog that totally incapacitated the iron chariots of the Canaanites and swept them into the river, forcing Sisera to flee ignominiously.

The miracle is not that there was a tornado – these occur periodically in this region – but that the tornado came exactly when it did.

The other heroine of this story is YAEL, a'h, one of the outstanding converts of all time. She was from the soul-root of Leah Imenu, a'h.

She was the wife of Chaver the Keini and she cleverly gave Sisera soporific milk, which caused him to doze off exhausted from the battle. She then took the tent peg and smashed his head. It was fitting that it should have been his brain that she dashed, since, as revealed by AriZal, Sisera's hold was in the brain and mind (DAAT).

With the destruction of the unholy husk, the holy spark was released from the union of Sisera and Yael, and Rabbi Akiva, zs'l, descendant from it, son of converts. Rabbi Chaim Vital, zs'l, says on AriZal's chidush on Devorah HaNevia: "And my master told me that my soul was there too."

A tremendeous hint that Rabbi Akiva, zs'l, descendant from Sisera is when Sisera asked Yael, "היש פה איש Is there a person here?". In Gematria value, יש פה is 395, same as Rabbi Akiva.

The Chaver HeKeini (Yael's husband) reincarnated from the wife of Yehoshua Bin Nun, z'sl, Rachav Hazona, a'h, a non-Jewish native of Canaan. She protected Pinchas and Calev, zs'l, and promised them that she and all of her family will convert to Judaism. Rachav and Chaver רחב חבר are same spelling.

Yael reincarnated into a male, Eli HaCohen, zs'l, (עלי is same spelling as יעל) whom served as Kohen Gadol (high priest) and judged the nation of Israel for 40 years in Shilo and became the teacher of Shmuel HaNavi, zs'l. Yael's husband, Chaver Hakeini reincarnates into a female, Chana, mother of Shmuel HaNavi, zs'l. This is the reason that Prophet Chana (gilgul of Chaver, Yael's husband) was unable to conceive because she reincarnated from a male root, until Eli HaCohen (gilgul of Yael) blesses her in Shilo.

Eli HaCohen was also one of the descendants of Itamar son of Aharon HaKohen, zs'l, and was the gilgul of Aharon HaCohen, zs'l. He died in a strange way for the tikun of Aharon HaKohen because of the sin of the golden calf. When the Philistines captured the Aron HaKodesh; he died upon hearing the news by falling backwards on his chair.

Yael also reincarnated into Yehudit, a'h, whom became an integral part of Chanukah. She was the daughter of Yochanan Kohen Gadol, zs'l, of the Hasmonean Dynasty.

The Greek commander led his army to put down a revolt that was beginning in Jerusalem. The siege was led by Holofernes, a mighty Syrian-Greek general, at the head of a huge army. Yehudit requested an audience with the commander. Her plan was to seduce him and then to kill him. Yehudit fed the evil Helefornes milk and wine and he became inebriated and passed out. Yehudit propped a pillow under his head and rolled him over on his face and uttered a silent prayer: “Answer me, HaShem, as You answered Yael, the wife of Chaver the Keini, when you delivered the wicked general Sisera into her hands. Strengthen me this once that I may bring Your deliverance to my people whom this cruel man vowed to destroy, and let the nations know that You have not forsaken us….” She then took his sword and cut his head off, in the same fashion Yael overcame the Canaanite general Sisera, by giving him milk...

Inspired by Reincarnations and Tikkunim
תורת ה' תמימה HaShem’s Torah is a perfect whole.




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