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Sunday, August 26, 2007

FC Communications: Shofar Sounds Began

Vav Elul, August 20, 2007
(Everything in parenthesese are additions that I added; Daniel's father)

Daniel: I want to say that all of us are doing tikunim, tikunim, tikunim, tikunim. The whole short time of this Olam is to do tikunim, tikunim, tikunim, tikunim.
Daniel (out loud): Till Moshiach arrives.

What are there so many Tikunim to do? HKB'H created Adam HaRishon (zs'l) in a complete way but, he had one weakness; he wanted to know too much and was attracted to know more than he was allowed to know. In creation, HKB'H created the Yetzer Hara and Adam HaRishon was attracted to it because of his yearning to know everything. Adam HaRishon was without the evil inclination, but knoe that it existed and wanted to make HaShem more holy and overcome (for eternity) also on this (the yetzer hara).

But (after) when he entered powerfully inside, Adam HaRishon was unable to get rid of it till today. And now the Yetzer Hara is (masquerades) in all sorts of materialistic shapes (yearning for materialism) - this is the Yetzer Hara that we fight against daily. These are the deep warped feeling, warped thinking, all kinds of wanting, all kinds of things that are not clear to us, that confuses us. The Yetzer Hara even causes us to think that we are complete Tzaddikim, and it looks like the person is 100% Tzaddik but it's not exactly true. He is like the Yetzer Hara internally, with functioning power over a person.

This is the problem of all generation. Now, we are trying to correct it with all sorts of things, in all various situations that we failed in the last thousands of years.

And now, it's the last tikunim, and this is the reason that the world is full of all kind of things, all sorts of events, and all is changing very quickly and suddenly, in lightening speed. We hardly finished one thing and already, the next one begins. This includes things in the world and in our private lives, it's tikunim, tikunim, tikunim.

Also when we reach the end, b'h, when all these tikunim will end, we are still not going to be yet complete. HKB'H will cause for situations (proceeds), and at the end, will personally purify us and bring us to completeness.

Be prepared, be prepared.
You, us, Am Israel; we are not going to be complete (Tzaddikim) that we deserve the Geula. Oh no.

But HaShem will have mercy on us and those people that are trying, He'll save. But it won't be easy. Those who make an effort have all sorts of worries (concerns).

The Tzaddikim will pass it much easier. The middleperson (not Tzaddik nor wicked) will suffer but at the end, will be saved. The wicked will disappear from the world completely, will not be. HKB'H will erase them, lo alenu, lo alenu, lo alenu (not on us).

Be prepared Jews, be prepared.

The Torah is real, honest and real good deeds, true prayers, prayers on Am Israel, pray that we will all be able to be granted atonement for our sins, and love each Jew.

Be prepared Am Israel, blowing of the Shofar has began. Be prepared. Prepare if you want to live, if you want to live for eternity.

(Daniel, he should be healthy, shocks me everytime anew, it took a few seconds for me to recover. The above message can be read in less than a minute and it was transferred to the FC communicator in less than 7 minutes. It took 2 hours to transcribe it...)

Aba: When did you prepare all this, today?, or was it formed in your mind from before?
Daniel: It arrives immediately. The FC communicator listens to my Neshama and writes.

Aba: I received 4 FC Communications from Rav Shin that were done in the past month, should I add them to the site?
Daniel: Yes, yes.
I'll tell you something more, Aba. When we take breaks between questions and answers, there should be notifications the entire week to be transcribed and entered into the site. Additionally, there should be all sorts of interesting messages such as Eliya's messages but not only from Eliya, additional messages of others too.

Aba: I saw that the 4 FC communications were with autistics I do not know. Can you tell us a few words on each one?
Daniel: Binyamin is 33 years old and he is our Tzaddik. He came voluntarily to this Olam only to help people. He doesn't speak at all, very quiet, does what he is told. But his Neshama is gignatic. It's a Neshama in the body of holiness.

Menacham is over 40 years old, comes from a respected family. His father is Rosh Yeshiva and he FC communicated close to 10 years. A very unique Neshama. Since communication, his behavior has very much improved. Before, he was violent and closed up. Now that he can communicate, he is much more open and much happier.

Shimon unfortunately comes from a family where 3 other siblings are damaged, total 4 damaged kids in the family. He is over 40 years old, very friendly, and ever since communicating, his self-image escalated a lot.

Ara'le, he is a Chasid in all senses. He has tremendeous fear of Heaven, and many times he says amazing things, things that he could not have known in a normal fashion. He succeeds many times to tell people things that occured, and it really occured. He is a real Tzaddik. Every day, he walks next to the shul and the Kotel, always holding on to his Tzizit.

Lipi is a Tzaddik from USA. He is appx. 30 year old and very pleasant. He used to be able to speak but suffers from Down Syndrome and slowly, it effected his capabilities. HaShem should save him. He is very gentle and sensative.

Israel is about 25 years old. He speaks and knows things that other do not know. He can suddenly say them.

Aba: I have began receiving material (messages) from Eliya, the one you mentioned before. He receives many messages daily. I saw that it contains much holiness and asked myself if I should include his messages to the site?
Daniel: He should create a site of his own, he has material (messages) of 10 autistics.

Aba: I think the material of Eliya that I received till now, a book can be published.
Daniel: (In his voice) You are right. You are right.

Daniel: (The FC communication is continuing). It's not possible to put so much on the site. It's possible to take some specifics from his material and enter it into the site. The need is to take all his material and concentrate it into one booklet.

Guest: I spoke to Eliya and he said that he has material to give to the religious, charidim, mizrachim (young Israel), secular, and to the Goyim (non-Jews).

Aba: Daniel said earlier that there are more people that received messages.
Daniel: HKB'H is preparing us. Reb Eliya is very important. He must stand alone with the material (messages). He needs his powers (people should help him) like autistics has their own strength. Therefore, Rav Shin, you must help him to collect all he has into a booklet. One, two, or three booklets, it's not important, and to show it to the world. It must interest people so it should interest them and also to create a website and call it Eliya.

Aba: You said in the previous communication that we should prepare enough food for 2 weeks minimum. I wanted to ask you, did you mean only for Israel or also for outside of Israel?
Daniel: I meant only for Eretz Israel.

Aba: Is Russia Edom?
Daniel: It's Edom and Amalek.

Aba: In connection to Russian Jews, what else can be added?
Daniel: As a Jew, I'd say to all Jews to get out of Russia, as fast as possible.

Aba: Should this be advertised in newspapers or all over the internet?
Daniel: No, only in our website.

Aba: Should Jews of Russian leave because its gate will close or because HKB'H will destroy Edom?
Daniel: Because HaShem will destroy Edom, but it will be impossible to even run away.

Aba: Should people continue working, continue with everyday life?
Daniel: Yes, when not working they should occupy themselves with more important things.

Daniel: The 4 boys that were killed were Tzaddikim according to our generation but Jeeps are not appropriate. What do you think? HaShem took them for nothing? HaShem took them not because they were good boys, they were Tzaddikim. They are an example for every generation, they are the sacrifice of this generation to other boys that are not so good that behave the same, that do much worse things. Taking trips without protection and without using the brain, and endangering their lives. HaShem always takes the Tzaddikim.

Question: Photograph of oneself is ok?
Daniel: I'm not a posek. I'll just tell you that to photograph yourself for nothing takes away from the Neshama. Who needs it? It's only egoism. Who needs a picture of a person? What does it proof? Nothing. It only causes descending. It's not for nothing that Gedolei Hador did not want to be photographed, and it wasn't because they were shy.

Aba: What is the meaning, "it takes away from the Neshama"?
Daniel: When a person knows that he is going to be photographed, it raises his pride no matter what. He looks at himself in an album and becomes aware how he physically looks and it damages the Neshama.

Name: Rav Baruch.
Q: The following was put on a Torah website where I am talking to people about Dani18.com. Rav C. is my neighbor when he stays in Eretz Israel. I spoke with him last night on the subject. He said that these children have knowledge that is beyond us but there is no way to rely on their predictions for the future. He also told me not to get involved with it because it is a waste of time.
Additionally, Rav C. was very involved in using FC communications with a young girl in France.
A book was written and many people read about it. It seems an odd thing for him to say that it is a waste of time, but I have no way to question Rav C. myself, to ask him about it. What might make him say that it is a waste of time? This is making others not so interested to look at Dani18 and I have no way to respond. Can you ask this question of Daniel? Thank you and Shabbat Shalom.

Daniel answers:
The reason that Rav C. and others became very involved with the FC communications is because it's very exiting to hear from autistics words of wisdom. As far as predictions are concerned, of course you can't depend on our predictions completely because we are only human being and HKB"H decides in the end what will really happen.
But since so many of our predictions have come true, so you can at least take this into consideration and know that it definitely is a possibility.
You ask, 'why did Rav C. say that it's a waste of time to be involve with FC?'. I don't know his reasons, but I do know that because we are waiting so long for Moshiach to arrive, people get tired and nervous, and they decide that what we say is not so important and not so true because the end has not come, yet.
But I want to remind everyone that prophet Yirmiyahu (zs'l) and the rest of the prophets, a'h, all prophesized for 80 years before the destruction of the Beit-Hamikdash.

Binyamin: To continue Daniel's answer from above, I would like to add that Rav C was very enthusiastic, full of fire but the fire must be fed with oxygen. When there is not so much oxygen, the fire extinguishes, and when the fire is extinguished, the excitement is extinguished, so what can be done? This is the time before Moshiach, it's the exact time before Moshiach. We must worry all the time that the fire will not burn very strong, but do not let it extinguish.

Binyamin: I bless all of us that we merit to be good messengers for Am Israel and for the world. And we merit together with Am Israel to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu. I want to thank all those that are loyally helping with the book, and it will help them and their families to be saved from all suffering of hardships in the days of Moshiach. We should all be able to greet Moshiach Tzidkenu together.

First FC Communication with Lipi:
Lipi: I'm very happy to write, my mother will be very happy, she's very happy that I'm writing. I am a Jew that was born in America and grew up in America. I want to ask every American Jew to open his eyes and see what is happening. Count the tragedies, (lo alenu, not on us) and worry for Jew that has problems. Look how many problems there are in Shalom Bayit and feel that Jews do not have bread. Look around you on all 'natural disasters', road accidents, (lo alenu, not on us).

Know that the end is approaching very soon and whomever is glued to the idols of the Egyptians, to the Goy materialistism, this Jew will not survive. What will be? He will stay, just as in Eygpt in the plague of darkness.

What will be? I love Am Israel so much, I love each and every Jew, my heart is broken when I think that even one Jew, even one finger of a Jew, will remain eternally without life.

Sweet Jews,
Pure Jews,
Holy Jews,
HKB'H loves His nation. But those who choose not to be part of His nation, even if they look like they belong, will not survive, will not live to see Moshiach Tzidkenu. This does not mean that they will not live in Olam Haze (this world), and will have a portion in Olam Haba (next world). No, also this (Olam Haba) they will not have, c'v.

Oy to Am Israel,
Oy to Am Israel,
The love of HKB'H.

Oy to Am Israel,
Oy to Am Israel.

do Teshuva,
do Teshuva,
return to the truth.

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