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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

End of Days Prophecies Materializing...

When the great Tanna, Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma zs'l was asked by his students when Moshiach will arrive, he replied, "When the gate of Roma will fall, rebuilt and fall again."

According to many, Rabbi Yossi ben Kisma was speaking about the Statue of Liberty. It broke a few years ago and was rebuild. How is it connected to the gate of Roma? The Statue of Liberty is located right by Ellis Island, the entrance gate to America. During the 1800's till mid 1900's, all immigrants entering America, needed to go thru this gate even if their destination was California, New Orleans, or Rhode Island.

In Nevuat HaYeled, Nachman Chatufa, zs'l, prophesied:
...When the avodah zara in Rodus (Statue of Liberty) will be destroyed, shortly afterwards Rome will be destroyed;

A video was created last year in relation to Nevuat HaYeled's prophecy explaining the connection of the destruction of the Statue of Liberty to the Messianic era.

Extremely interesting signs that Moshiach is very close are world events:

1. A new motion picture movie will be coming out January 2008, starring the Statue of Liberty. The poster shows the severed head of the Statue of Liberty crashing to the ground on the streets of New York ...

2. We are all aware that very soon a war will soon begin, aka Gog uMagog, and many say that it will begin sometime in the Fall 2007; according to the Jewish calendar, 5768.

3. Many people/Rabbanim have concrete proof that USA President George Bush is the Gog of Gog uMagog. Unconsciously, he confirmed it when he delivered a major speech on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict Monday, July 16, 2007, Rosh Chodesh Av. His presidency term is scheduled to end (forever) November 2008...

(Sandhedrin סנהדרין צ"ז)
באמר רבא: מתוך שעתידין ליגאל בשביעית, לפיכך קבעוה בשביעית. והרי אמר
בששית קולות, בשביעית מלחמות, במוצאי שביעית בן דוד בא
In the 6th, voices of war -5767
In the 7th, war (7th is Shemita year) 5768
END of 7th, Moshiach Ben David Arrives - 5769

All End of Days prophecies are coming true at a breathtaking pace.




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